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  1. Thank you. My point exactly (only I said the same about a year or two earlier, Sebastian).
  2. No kidding. How many years again it took you to arrive to this conclusion? Well, better late than never.
  3. D/T 2021.09.23 15:54 CEST Sebastian is staying positive, therefore it's perhaps time for me to do the same. He believes in podium and P1, and that should be good enough for me.
  4. D/T 2021.09.22 13:02 CEST That's the way to do it, if they are planning to stay with the series. I am impressed.
  5. D/T 2021.09.22 09:37 CEST Is there need for such excessive and at the same time inaccurate headlines? UK media at work...false flag one after another, hallmark of the industry. Fact is, Seb has taken environmental concerns to his heart, and when he was asked about ongoing discussions regarding desirable specs for 2025 engines, he presented his personal views as coherent, and relevant opinion. Technology should have relevancy be road cars, he said. If one takes time to read what he actually said, his concerns make a lot of sense, and it is certainly conversation worth having.
  6. When I thought ... they always prove me wrong. It has not been clarified yet how this change affects Tobias Moers (who is there about 5 months). Fact is, being responsible for a racing division together with road cars business is a big bite to chew on, but ...Seb, bees are waiting for you; run while there is still time. Do know now why it took Seb so long to think about it?
  7. I think following article just scratches surface (IMO) of deeper problem, however contains element worth the thought. It's not only issue with media, but that style permeates management of whole F1.
  8. D/T 2021.09.21 12:08 CEST Sounds like something Seb is dreaming about for years.
  9. Last time I've checked, McLaren has the same (client) engine which AM is mounting on their chassis. Read following:
  10. D/T 2021.09.21 08:50 CEST Mercedes is still fastest engine I have very little in my hands to doubt Ralf's expertise on this subject, however fact is, Mercedes engine was on the podium at Monza. And AM..?
  11. It depends on your preferences. Win by skills, or win due to misfortunes of your rival, especially if not of his making.
  12. What makes sense to one, might not makes sense to his fellow man. In which country you live that this would be news to you? BTW, aren't you afraid of mental degradation while on the path back to hieroglyphics sending smoke signals on what is probably latest technology creation? I am getting somewhat exhausted by wasted time and energy when I have to google for explanation of meaning what I am reading.
  13. D/T 2021.09.19 17:09 CEST Why one-shot qualifying should replace F1's new sprint event I am not on board with the idea that one-shot for qualification will solve anything. I do actually like style which was in the play when Schumacher was racing. To me 3-shots should be just right amount. Fastest lap for each car counts. 1st lap - warm up 2nd lap - heat / timed lap 3rd lap - cool down / pit For yellow or red flags clock stops. Three attempts, that's all. Current elimination makes no good sense to me whatsoever. Teams have their reasons why they cannot go at it in Q1 and then whole weekend is messed up. Secondly, in rapidly changing ambient condition, some drivers are eliminated not because they are not good enough, but because their lap was timed in bad conditions, and that's not fair at all IMO.
  14. D/T 2021.09.18 18:48 CEST Lord help me, otherwise I will end up liking this man. Unfortunately (I think) Brawn and his crowd wan't listen to a reason. Alonso is referring to Sprint races, which already were given thumbs down by several drivers and TP alike in public. How many more remain in silence is of course another matter.
  15. Race, track time 26SEP | 15:00 - 17:00
  16. ...last thread in Part 1 Provisional 2022 F1 calendar. 23 races. Germany is not on the list. At least we can watch attractive football together with Paris Saint-Germain it's going to be blast. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi might just make up for some car races in far lands. (Selfish me.)
  17. D/T 2021.09.18 08:51 CEST “The switched-on intelligence of Vettel and the domineering boss persona of Stroll are not the most natural fit Interesting read about Vettel's prospect at AM. Stroll Jr. is not playing clean, whether deliberately, or as result of combination of aggressiveness with clumsiness, and it will take a lot on part of Seb to work this out. I've enjoyed reading it.
  18. Can someone explain to me why AM needs for days justify to media why Vettel will be driving for them next year?
  19. Aston Martin detail reasons behind Vettel retention I'am not sure if that's enough, or there should be more. It's enough for me, but then, I am racing only between 2230 - 0600.
  20. My own happiness is really not that important. Question is, whether Seb is because he got what he wanted, or they park him because that's best option for them. That delayed annoucement most likely holds more secrets than was announced. Point is, I have my reservation about that organisation, and trust they treat Vettel fairly is not on the top of my list. I think Seb was forced to take what they offered. I am not sure whether he is happy. Stroll Jr. basically killed Vettel's last race, as being first in the chain who did some damage on his car-postion (I think Seb lost 4 places), then Ocon and Schumacher took swipe at him, yet I can't find a moment when TP would say something critical about Junior. Imagine Bottas would do something like that to Hamilton. War planes would be heading towards Finland by now.
  21. D/T 2021.09.16 11:09 CEST Sebastian Vettel is confirmed by AM for 2022. There is no explanation available as yet which would touch on contract terms, money, what was hold up about, 2023...etc. So, I will endure another year in this so called sport.
  22. Should be rear right tire. The thing on his head was probably inflicted by Verstappen little later after race with a soup spoon.
  23. D/T 2021.09.15 12:20 CEST Robert Kubica - might be in the running for Vettel's seat. He can't say anything yet? It is noted he didn't say this is all nonsense, as AM claims. I am lost over whole affair. Someone is not telling the truth. There is unexplained delay, and so on. The only plausible explanation I have on face of it, that Sebastian remain uncommitted, and Kubica is only one who is available for next year to replace him. My second guess is that sticking point is probably length of new contract. I think Seb wants 3 years, and offer is probably for 1 year.
  24. D/T 2021.09.15 08:23 CEST With this kind of attitude I look for more interesting crashes coming to us in near future. On second thought, maybe Hamilton seeks some new style haircut by RB wheel? He is into fashion after all.
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