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  1. Who is the future - the future IS Honda

    It looks BAD at the moment - can`t even finish a race.

    But for McLaren to walk away NOW would be a WASTE
    Honda are not in F1 to promote a fizzy drink - Honda R IN F1 to WIN
    It HAS taken Honda 2/3 years to get this far with McLaren.
    To walk away from  Honda with NOTHING would have wasted the last 2/3 years

    Honda ARE showing real progress,  even before the Sauber supply deal is implemented.
    Honda previously could NOT even get to the LAST few laps.
    That IS progress.

    Mclaren ARE obviously in F1 for the long-term.
    Honda HOPE to be in F1 for the long-term - that is Y they WILL supply Sauber in 2018

    A Mercedes CUSTOMER would be a BACKWARDS step for McLaren.
    A Mercedes CUSTOMER would be a short term solution, NOT a long-term  

    1. Sakae


      All articles I've read claim, that it is McLaren who wants divorce from Honda. Whether that is good or bad decision I think we need to leave to them. Honda of course knows more than we on the outside do, and maybe not to be left hanging dry, they do seek collaboration with Sauber.

      On the second point, I am not sure what McLaren wants to do, but rumor has it, that they want to move into Indy business. Whether they will continue to race in F1 after year 2019 they had not confirmed yet.

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