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  1. Maybe he should. I didn't know Russel is that much arrogant and unplesant. Russel's head is growing in size. Especially after he was names into driver's association. He speaks maybe a tad too much.
  2. Under most recent discussion two aspects of racing are getting mixed up. Complain that racing has been for far too long static due to lack of overtaking is old as my memory, and even under best of time, at the front seldom more than two or three drivers were in contention. So much is true. Winning on Saturday meant often race was very predictable. Point is, this aspect was not discussed initially. There was another topic on the table. lipstick initially refused to accept, that drivers in their new cars need a seat time. She has complained they have contract and must drive, because cars are easier to drive than in the past. Discussion then evolved from her proposition until she started mixing the other issue into it. I can only repeat my opinion, there is significant difference between being able to just circle on a track for whatever reasons, and actually race it to full potential by both, a driver and equipment to his disposal. Getting most out of both, driver and his car is not easy. Some succeed, some have equipment below their capabilities, and some drivers are just not that special. (Only Alonso get 120%. Oh well, people say darnest things sometimes). Having contract to drive is enough - as lipstick says - has actually nothing much to do with performance. To excel and getting into that top zone takes time. If I recall correctly, I think it was DR who said recently it has taken him almost a year (full season), before he got hang of it (got use to his Renault).
  3. I didn't say cars and drivers are at their best, however that special place at the top is a target of every team and every driver. Target stays regardless how screwed up the F1 is. (Oh I know, it's all Ferrari's and Todt's fault - as one UK fan wrote, and he meant it).
  4. How long do you watch F1? There is significant difference between Sunday drive in a racing car, and race the racing car to its full potential. Of course, only Alonso drives 20% over full car potential (according to him and his disciples). Famous 120%.
  5. I am no sure. The article had Vettel in its headline, but I bit my tongue and refused to read it further. I have to assume it's the same for both drivers. Unfortunately I was unable to find that article again. It might had been taken down and replaced with rolling news...
  6. Noted. There were a lot of promises made once...
  7. There are associate problems under budgetary restrictions. Accident and trashing a car can make huge hole in your cash. Can you rebuild a car for Sunday? - In global travels teams need to carry more parts (=>travel cost increases) - Overnight assembly is risk of making errors which might emerge on Sunday - Races / points lost will adversely affect end of the year income. There are consequences of bad ideas. This - as currently defined - is a bad idea IMHO.
  8. I am not going to surprise anyone in here with my rejection of it as just another gimmick from gents Brawn and Todt. It is terrible to be negative all the time, but F1 has to meet me half day, and make sense from time to time. Jerking up with rules, rather than to issue simplified, sensible one page instruction is probably too complex idea for some thinkers on the keyboard. I blame computers for it. It's too easy to expand simple paragraph-long instruction into a major dissertation work. Solution: let Japanese write it. I guarantee you it will come out on one page A4 format cigarette thin paper, and it will cover substantively everything. No gimmicks.
  9. Where did you get 99.99%? Is it some kind of a made up figure to diminish actual physical disparities? Good for you. I would not dare to put any figure on it. It would be colossal waste of time, and result not totally accurate anyway. Suffice to say, differences do exists. In racing maybe differences are really small, however you may have different weight inserts distribution affecting car balance and tires, different setup, floor flex, etc. Cars aren't true duplicates one of the other in physical sense. In world where hunderds of a second make difference on a score board, small speck yields enough of disappointment for a driver. Again, for some unspoken reason you choose to ignore match-factor between car design philosophy with a driver, which could span from minor (Vettel/Räikkönen case) to massive (Alonso/Räikkönen case). It is one the most important influences upon how is driver effective in competition. You may dislike Vettel, but will DR convince you?
  10. Above is precisely a reason, why I do consider claim within a team that cars are the same as nonsense. Even if you had 100% accurate duplicate (which it never is), at the end car's design might not be compatible with the driver who sits in it. To put it differently, to compare teammates as racers based on their skills, each of them would need uniquely them suited machinery (which never happens). Claims that cars are the same are made for simple minded fans. Teams are usually seeking compatible drivers with similar driving styles. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In 2014 machinery suit DR more than to Vettel, yet people claimed how DR is superior to Vettel. Than came Leclerc, car changed and now Seb is again in trouble. I agree with you, that unless new car design will suit him (assuming he will still have a job), then his career might end on a sad note. There are claims how some drivers can drive anything. I really doubt it too. Take this much celebrated and revered driver Alonso - he can drive anything? Yeah, so why then his current teammate Ocon is in panic and screaming loud for Alpine not to ignore him, and stop changing their car to suit Alonso, rather than both of them. Alpine is making mistake with their misplaced thrust where and with whom their future will be. There is a lot of tosh tossed to fans.
  11. Why it will take time for Ricciardo, Sainz, Perez, Vettel and Alonso to adapt and get up to full speed A few more thoughts on the subject. Interesting comment about DR and how long it has taken him to adjust to Renault. (A year?) Conclusion: I am not sure there is one, but from various utterances when drivers come clean, it seems that they all need their time to adjust. In some equipment longer than other, and they aren't reacting in the same speed. That could explain why Vettel had his problems in 2014 with a car which was detrimental to his style. Vettel seems not as adaptable as perhaps some other drivers are. Driving it is one thing, excellent in it is another. There was recently an interesting comment about Hamilton, and how many mistakes he makes, but his car seems forgiving and covers it up. Some other cars simply fly off the road. It would be good if FiA start paying more attention to their job and help drivers being better prepared for a racing season, by letting them drive more over longer period.
  12. Russell has discovered America. What he is stating is nothing new but reiteration of something old which has been subject of critique for years. Problems of this kind was a reason behind why Brawn established his group of advisors at his office (notably there, and not at FiA), and why we will have new specs next year and definitely in 2025. Whether Brawn has a solution drivers seek, is not certain at all. Vettel, Hamilton, and few other drivers continue to have their doubts. I also think until we have all cars converted to new specs and test them on track, we are left guessing. What is good however, that people are trying to do something about it, which wasn't a case for very long time.
  13. Suzuka stays... Well put; I couldn't say it better. One of my favourite tracks (and so is Seb's; what a coincidence). Given a chance, I will attend again, despite hellish effort to get there and back. I continue maintain that a tablet (data screen), large TV screen and your favourite commentator is best (most informative and enjoyable) viewing experience, but being there, exposure to noise, smell, and crowd energy is also very unique. With Yuki in a car - this could be awesome outing this year.
  14. Definitely chicken. In brief summary of your thought, once I quoted someone, and despite properly citing sources, I own that quote, stock and barrel, content and all, whether I agree with original author or not. That's what you are telling me, right? Interesting point of view. I am not sure however what happened to copyrights in that conclusion, once I assume quote ownership (as you say I do). Citing the original source I gather is then totally unnecessary in your theory. What a relief. On just as important matter, have you bought a bigger phone yet, so you can see large reading area when you visit forum?
  15. No, I didn't travel at all in past couple of years. I am hoping for return to Japan. Chances however are less than 50% for variety of reasons, yet I want to be ready just in case...
  16. lipstick, you need to get yourself a bigger phone. Above is not my quote; go back and check it out. I've posted someone's else quote. To state obvious, Wolfgang Porsche's secret - his love of GP racing - is secret no more. I think you have understood that well. How about getting iPad mini? Would that help for reading whole posts?.
  17. Dr. Marko is busy these days with not being overly happy with his new flock. He has let us know how both, Yuki and Sergio managed to make him mad at Imola. I would remind Helmut not to forget that Yuki is younger version of Max, whereas Sergio needs time to grow into RBR systems. Yeah, it was disappointing for him to lose big way from the front row, but that's F1. On the other hand, Perez cannot have too many of those, otherwise there will not be 2022 for him with RBR. The team wants obviously both titles, and Sergio is in both a fish bowl and pressure cooker at the same time. He is in one of the most contested seats on current grid. His journey is really something for me to watch. I have my fingers cross, and if he manages to take Max a peg down, more power to him.
  18. I am hoping to travel, and I don't have much choice. I would not get on the plane nor off the plane without certification. On my location conditions remain the same as they are for rest of the year, so there is no point to delay what is mandated by governments.
  19. On personal note - I've applied at national registry for EU vaccination passport. Now I am awaiting for appointment date to get a shot. (Pfizer-BioNTech.) There is no point to delay it any further, if I want to travel, that's a part of the deal, like it or not.
  20. Forgive me, but this is just another silly post of yours. Technology series is not in your grasp of understanding, I got it. Maybe you could stop telling people like Seidl and Szafnauer to stop complaining. It's not their fault that after many months (years?) of watching F1 on a smart phone, you still didn't get jest how things really do work (or suppose to work) on a thingy they are calling a CAR. Getting used to a new car has nothing to do whether a driver signed contract to drive it. It is a question of mastering the equipment to its full potential, and that's the zone both TPs are referring to. Driver's skills and equipment potential must meet at the top. Drivers like Vettel, Ricciardo, Alonso, Perez and others are working on that as we speak. No one is complaining, but they are asking for patience. It may take a while for some, whereas other will not reach the summit, regardless how hard they try.
  21. How Aston Martin's "biggest regret" has severely hampered Vettel Before testing began, I have expressed concerns about very short indoctrination period driver was afforded. 1.5 days was simply unrealistic, despite assurances I heard how an experienced driver needs only hours to slip in. Well, no, not really. Vettel is behind Stroll, Ricciardo is behind his teammate, Perez has his issues, and so it goes. In Vettel's case as if testing misery wasn't enough, now he is haunted with reliability beyond, yet so called "experts" on sidelines consistently blaming Vettel and Vettel alone, fair or not. Talking about tinted glasses. How about ignorant glasses? Szafnauer: Precisely. This didn't take Ph.D. to figure it out. After imposing cost capping measures, also a reason for FiA to remove testing restrictions IMO. More time will also stamp how future will looks like. Now, finding calming assurances in voice of the man at the helm, I am still unsettled why Seb resides in P14, instead top 5 or 8. That is another matter and question is, is it all down to him, or him and his car? Alonso also admitted much of slow running is up to him. Seidl:
  22. Unfortunate. Too soon to read anything into such unfortunate incident? Pit lane start was only begging. Additional time penalty to Vettel was his bonus for the day.
  23. Vettel will not join Williams. He stated more than once that his current position is a last one before he retires. He wants to win, not building another team from scratch. I do however think that people like Dr. Marko, Tost, Ecclestone and Wolff have enough of a relationship with him to potentially change his mind. I have no doubt that Sebastian was under impression he will take over where Perez ended up last year, and now that shock. What's his state of mind today is a good question. He could use a mentor right now (Marko, Michael), but it is impossible. Times are difficult for him.
  24. I seems to remember complains about bias and inconsistent stewarding for as long as my memory allow me to recall into past (40+ years). This year especially some stewards should be probably locked into cages with key thrown away for good. Hamilton, Alonso, Russell, Leclerc and a few more cannot do wrong. Problem is, no one does anything about it. For teams this is a hot potato. It is scandalous situation, but for us on sidelines it is either to accept such favouritism, or walk away from this so call sport. I don't see any other solution.
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