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  1. On 2021.06.25 18:31 (UTC) I don't wish to be vulgar, but this is BS. As of this moment, he is not of use to RBR. I would put him on gardening leave with immediate effect until Dec 31, and that's that. Nothing more.
  2. Short answer, as in previous post, I don't really know. What I do recollect is in one of his statements Sergio Marchionne (or was it one of TP?) said, that Vettel should concentrate on his driving and let car development to engineers. I gather that set the tone. Certainly different when Schumacher was there.
  3. One of the UK based website made fun of it and termed as longwinded Vettel. Basically shot it down as "unnecessary". I was lacking understanding why they would say that, since intended audience of such feedback seems receptive to it. I cannot recall what Ferrari said about it, if anything. RBR, like AM, was also OK with it.
  4. Brad, in my recollection he has always done it, that is, work on race setup optimisation in preference to shine on Saturday. At RB he was that good on both days, however today I would like to see better placings through the weekend. P15 which is where he is so often these days, to make long story short, simply makes me nervous. Staying in P15 after as many races is not what I would call progress. I do not expect P1 (yet), but P8 or thereabout would be nice.
  5. On 2021.06.18 14:46 (UTC) AM: For once, just once I would like to hear Friday evening, we are ready for qualifying, and this evening we will have nice cold beer. That's the only job ahead for us left today.
  6. On 2021.06.18 14:08 (UTC) Friday after FP2 in a word, ouch.
  7. You don't know much about complexities of aerodynamic engineering, do you?
  8. On 2021.06.18 4:51 (UTC) Until downforce and front wing stop being a subject fo daily discussion, people with Ph.D in aero engineering have job in the F1. Turbulence caused by various aero parts is tied to lack of overtaking. You may call it "whatever", but I say that "whatever" never went away, and it is still with us. Newey knows about "whatever" a thing or two, which is why he could be a good voice to have on the team. If you don't want him, I take him.
  9. On 2021.06.17 9:14 (UTC) Hum, hum, Ok. For some reason my heart would beat on higher frequency if the headline would rather read as follows:
  10. Will Seb stay another 5 years i) with AM, ii) in F1 to have a car capable (maybe) to win WDC?
  11. Date 2021.06.14 Time 6:25 (UTC) Mazepin: Well, when all fails, maybe Seb has future left on that team. 😇
  12. Date 2021.06.14 Time 6:04 (UTC) Vettel won't copy Federer in twilight of career This article is probably of interest just to fans of Vettel. Despite being a hard core one of them, and I will be sorry to see him go, but as usual, his intent makes sense.
  13. Date 2021.06.13 Time 10:50 (UTC) Berger continues to write Vettel off, that is, he thinks Seb is on decline. Gerhard knows more about racing than I do, so I have no counter-intelligent argument to lay down. I just hope Berger is mistaken. Age of 33 in F1 is not that old, and despite Sebastian's difficulties in recent times, I think it will depends how much he can reconstitute his fighting spirit. I am hopeful.
  14. Date 2021.06.12 Time 5:46 (UTC) Whilst I reject @lipstick79 article on several levels, marketing angle is however most likely one plausible aspect of her case. Successful drivers (photogenic, racey, sociable) do promote team's brand as its label is consequently quoted more often in positive terms in media over less fortunate labels further on the grid. Decals plastered all over the car aren't there by accident. MB keeps someone who can deliver podium, and the star is then seen on TV. Otherwise they could simply hire Mr. Mazepin, and be done with it, however since they don't, lust for podium, champagne, lights, baloons and laugh is undeniable. Mr. Penske - well known American personality and businessman - used to say, win on Sunday, sell on Monday, and that man knows one or two things about it.
  15. Date 2021.06.11 Time 17:33 (UTC) Not necessarily. There are many ways how to promote owner's son in the background. I am just hoping I will not live long enough to see it.
  16. I would have to search for it, however I didn't made it up. I am not sure anymore who, there was number of negative comments about him, but (I think it was Rosberg) jubilant team of course were happy after last race, regardless how they felt after previous races. The good car placement, earned or inherited, doesn't matter. It was balm on the pain they all felt since race 1. I hope they can carry some of it forward. I was of course wrong with my own prediction, that Vettel would be in P7 or P8, but I take P2 with grin on my face. Race was chaotic. To be fair, I am not sure if anyone in the paddock, or on the team would have predicted race results.
  17. Perhaps working with Vettel yields early positive indication they are on correct recovery strategy.
  18. On speeds circuits they will face challenge to stay in top 10. That car is not speedster, so much is obvious.
  19. Date 2021.05.23 Time 19:43 (UTC) I have to add praise (for change) for pit-wall support. They really went on my nerves in almost all races since day one, but today all is forgotten and forgiven. Good job today, and they deserve chunk of glory attached to P5 for Seb. I am hoping team's mood was lifted up.
  20. Date 2021.05.22 Time 11:24 (UTC) FP3 Sebastian Vettel too estimated initially that he might take about 5 races to decide whether he will adapt to his new car. So far his prediction has been validated by better placing in practices on streets of Monaco over earlier races. Fingers cross he will move forward from now on. This is a guy who drove on streets of Singapore close to 300 km/hr in his RB, while about 1/2 m adrift from a wall. Monaco however for him in a new car is something else. Much can go wrong very quickly.
  21. Date 2021.05.14 Time 8:01 (UTC) Wolff: '15 guys and an empty building won't do it for Red Bull Well, that's exactly my point. Intent is one thing, and it generates good headlines for some on sidelines, however people with even remote experience in this kind of industry know size of the challenge. I said this before, and I am willing to repeat it again, Alpine was a safer solution for RB. Until they return to old style of motors, hybrids are expensive and sophisticated killers. Just ask Honda. (They must be scratching their heads back in Japan).
  22. Date 2021.05.13 Time 14:32 (UTC) Is it a new edition of Alonso? Paraphrasing, from his lips, when he said even my 100% is not enough to match Ocon. As we know from the past, he likes to throw percentages around, but his comment surprised me. It sounded like an admission of a man who faces his own life in moment of truth, and realises it is an end of his own era. Surely we can see him gradually progress somewhat towards front from where he is today. but it was first time when I felt sympathetic to his mental struggle, with clear eye understanding that everything comes to its end. Progress is one thing, but to be a player who can impact results of races is something else, and I think he knows that well.
  23. Date 2021.05.13 Time 10:10 (UTC) Crash Vettel commented after race: What's going on with those people? Slow pitstop for him (fastest for his teammate), and lousy strategy. Repeated theme. Iconic - my foot.
  24. You have a point, which actually tears me apart. Like you, I am (rather selfishly) happy to continue and follow his racing, yet on the other side, I am not sure whether he deserves the toxic commentaries on sidelines.
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