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  1. Rosberg seems to talk too much lately.
  2. In speculative terms, I think there is a primary goal, savings, which is propagated teams like McLaren and Williams. Side effect, which some might see as benefitial for increasing F1 popularity (waking races from boredom) is grid positional variety, when good drivers end up in midfield, and have to fight their way back. Thing is, I would like to see MB drivers in lesser cars, so we can have some fun for a change, but that did not happened. LH drives the same car for ages, and he can close his eyes and make a race. Car design will change in next a few years, and whether towards better or the same remains to be seen. Vettel is one of those drivers who do not totally trust that specs are going into right direction.
  3. Perez: Limited track time makes changing teams harder It would be nice if someone who can initiate change would actually pay attention. I fear they will however leave it as it is just to shuffle deck of cards (in the absence of overtaking on the track). Sainz, who is mentioned in the article, I think is just lucky, as he find car in synch with his driving style. His success thus far doesn't however negates fact, that change of teams and equipment can be hard sell.
  4. Oh well, point is, I can relate to that. In a second language usually one doesn't experiences coarsness of words as it is often in mother tongue language, especially if it is in later stages of life. Those are just words, but for listeners of course it might not be that pleasant. Yuki is being sent to Italy by Dr. Marko for supervised training under Tost. Reading data, how factory works, European culture (explained), self-control, etc. For now - potential for Yuki being great racer is there, it just has to be cultivated and brought to next level worthy F1.
  5. No need for it. Clint became active when he was 25 (not 35+). It was a different era then, when age was not at the top of requirements list, and his impressive physical stature represented western style image which was then in demand. Today he is more than an established actor, which is why at 90 he is still active as director, etc.
  6. Well, someone has a plan. That's a good thing. I am not sure whether he knows it, but Hollywood dosen't hire old people to act, that is who starts after 35 of age.
  7. So, goofy weekend at Monaco was all MB's fault, not driver's. Some articles do suggest how Hamilton will hold "constructive meeting" with Mercedes (probably to address his bad mood). I wonder if someone had temerity and told him where was Bottas on the track in relationship to him before a mechanic saved Hamilton's pride by taking Bottas out of the race. Blaming a wheel-nut is nice touch.
  8. FiA to do something what makes sense? Are you kidding me? When was it last time something like that happened?
  9. When a car, like a new shoe, doesn't fit, then it doesn't fit. I am not blaming Alonso. Not at all. This year, more than ever, we see this phenomenon across the grid. Usually it's a single driver, and media dismiss his plight mercilessly. This time we have quite a few. What I find frustrating, when it happens to Vettel, then we get truckload of so called expert opinions how Vettel is "spent force" and the other usual rubbish. Seb in 2014 also could not fit into that car, whereas DR did. Today the same DR is struggling in McLaren, for a change. He has admitted it's him, not a car. He needs more training, that's all, despite one could hardly call him greenhorn. Situation casts spotlight on how important it is for drivers to train before a racing season begins.
  11. Date 2021.05.27 Time 6:40 (UTC) here Talking about spoiled child MB, you have what you sowed. This is not first time we have seen this circus. Happened when Rosberg was teammate as well. Toto had to then reshuffle bunch of mechanics from Rosberg side ("better ones") to Hamilton side.
  12. On speeds circuits they will face challenge to stay in top 10. That car is not speedster, so much is obvious.
  13. Date 2021.05.23 Time 19:43 (UTC) I have to add praise (for change) for pit-wall support. They really went on my nerves in almost all races since day one, but today all is forgotten and forgiven. Good job today, and they deserve chunk of glory attached to P5 for Seb. I am hoping team's mood was lifted up.
  14. Oh good, and I was worry it was him who was driving a car.
  15. Date 2021.05.22 Time 14:28 (UTC) Monaco Quali. Is Hamilton upset and sulking because he doesn't has best car in this race? I thought this would be the opportunity to show whole world that he can drive anything, and he is that driver what his fans say he is. After small spec change, MB had to revise their aero. Today comments from drivers - it's terrible. Was comment addressed to Mr. Allison who is allegedly the aero genius?
  16. Date 2021.05.22 Time 11:24 (UTC) FP3 Sebastian Vettel too estimated initially that he might take about 5 races to decide whether he will adapt to his new car. So far his prediction has been validated by better placing in practices on streets of Monaco over earlier races. Fingers cross he will move forward from now on. This is a guy who drove on streets of Singapore close to 300 km/hr in his RB, while about 1/2 m adrift from a wall. Monaco however for him in a new car is something else. Much can go wrong very quickly.
  17. Date 2021.05.22 Time 9:10 (UTC) Latest - we (Daimler) will keep 1/3 ownership. Internal organisation is being negotiated between partners. Very confusing initial publicity; probably due to initial statement that team is for sale, and their shares were held under lock. Hard to say where this is leading into. In my own opinion sale will ultimately happen when conditions are right. I am in serious doubt MB will play second fiddle to a chemical company. I think what happened is there was no possibility to finalise sale at the moment, so, they wait until a buyer is available.
  18. Date 2021.05.19 Time 10:32 (UTC) I believe this is more than just idle speculation. Team ownership was always a subject of internal controversy. Not all shareholders were happy about F1, and I think Covid-economy slump was the final straw. First sign that not all is going well as some (intended calming) rhetoric suggested, was selling of team's ownership shares. I have always thought that MB wants full control, or nothing, and reducing their voice to 1/3 of full control indicated something is on behind the scenes. Voices were heard from MB' insiders wanting leadership to follow BMW path, as global markets for years working well, suddenly for past 5 years were badly damaged by combination of Force Majeure, and hostile politics. Then, there is push for new approach in vision of green world requiring technology shift. Laws are on the books already. In addition, I have no doubt that F1 paddock politics played by some made a lot of people in Stuttgart sick. This is all speculation on my part, but I would be really surprised if MB will stay a minute longer after a buyer is available in this what's now seems really toxic environment. BMW had made their move long time ago, Honda is tapering off, and MB is next in line. I am really sorry, because formation of pure manufacturing series was always my dream, but it was not meant to be. Not at the moment. Future of motoring is here? Well, I am not sure. For me this is still transitional technology. Producing electricity is killing green vision maybe more than hybrids do. I am still stuck on hydrogen as source we should be shooting for.
  19. Now when you mention it...
  20. Someone arriwed for a race in Monaco..
  21. Date 2021.05.17 Time 8:31 (UTC) Hamilton deal only possible if Verstappen isn't at Mercedes Why? Scare from a bubble bursting and we might learn the truth?
  22. Date 2021.05.14 Time 8:01 (UTC) Wolff: '15 guys and an empty building won't do it for Red Bull Well, that's exactly my point. Intent is one thing, and it generates good headlines for some on sidelines, however people with even remote experience in this kind of industry know size of the challenge. I said this before, and I am willing to repeat it again, Alpine was a safer solution for RB. Until they return to old style of motors, hybrids are expensive and sophisticated killers. Just ask Honda. (They must be scratching their heads back in Japan).
  23. Date 2021.05.13 Time 14:32 (UTC) Is it a new edition of Alonso? Paraphrasing, from his lips, when he said even my 100% is not enough to match Ocon. As we know from the past, he likes to throw percentages around, but his comment surprised me. It sounded like an admission of a man who faces his own life in moment of truth, and realises it is an end of his own era. Surely we can see him gradually progress somewhat towards front from where he is today. but it was first time when I felt sympathetic to his mental struggle, with clear eye understanding that everything comes to its end. Progress is one thing, but to be a player who can impact results of races is something else, and I think he knows that well.
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