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  1. OK, and when we are planning to get on the top of it?
  2. No, I haven't. I think couple of drivers logged 6 laps, but most had 4. Saving tires, or equipment..? Either way, if anyone, small group of drivers could use more track time in their new office.
  3. Don't you find strange, that after admittedly short on laps testing, they managed only 4 laps in P2 hour? As most teams. Why so few?
  4. How did you validated said fixes to really know that correct solutions were applied, and same problems will not re-appear in least convenient time like when a race is on.
  5. Fact or pre-emptive excuse?
  6. I don't agree with Jacques too often, but I do on this topic. Enough of one driver, and it is MB who needs to step forward.
  7. Too many races Not sport, but money, money, money... I hope Dome will stop that madness at some point of time in the future. Ignore people like Brown, and use common sense instead.
  8. Something to think about. Jacques Villeneuve: I might be isolated with this, but in the room full of diverging thoughts, I think MB has done mistake keeping this driver on for so long, and definitely he should have been let go this year. British media building his frame into something only we read and tell about in stories for children, whereas a car is added only as afterthought. For a driver who contributes about 20%, surely something is out of proportions.
  9. Modest he is not. Hate him, or love him, he really likes to steer sh*t wherever he goes.
  10. Gasly, how could I forgot him? I think he was little bit mistreated by RBR/sister team. I tend to agree that he needs an opportunity to carry French flag. Ocon is also not as bad as optics suggest, but he was pushed back for benefit of DR. I don't want to go there, but I was quite angry a few times over what I saw. Start over, do better, but with Alonso...
  11. Ferrari period all over again (Kimi vs. Alonso). I've understood that. Alpine will need to make their mind which driver fits into their future. What puzzles me are choices Alpine has made so far. Are they telling us they didn't do their due diligence to find out what Alonso has done while at Ferrari and McLaren, or they do not care how situation will affect future of their own young French driver? So, where or what is their future?
  12. Really? My question: Are the alleged issues intrinsic to a driver or to a machine? The same people who are excusing Alonso (I guess from not performing better) told Vettel repeatedly that a good driver should be able to drive anything. Anything they said. So, they implied Vettel is not a good driver. According such decree, Alonso then has no case. He should receive the order from a team manager - get in, get strapped, and drive without excuses, please. Pronto. -- or -- Maybe a lot of people on sidelines were/are just ignorant or mean, perhaps both. I've seen more than once claims by insiders how little driver really matters these days. 20% driver's influence on race performance is a value posted often. Seb has not only to deal with a lot buttons, but at his new office, he has them on all "wrong" places. I guess fun never ends. Where are machines from Schumacher era, as his son said, with steering wheel having very few buttons, and it was up to driver how he scored. I am missing those times.
  13. That's it! Nothing more. This headline is replacing news. Does anyone has more about this topic? I for one think it's highest time for season cannot start soon enough to stop the madness. Here
  14. It is true that people associate Vettel with 4 x WDC, but he is also one who has 11 victories under his belt while driving for Ferrari. Under normal conditions it would be rather poor and shameful performance, but point is, since 2014 we didn't have "normal" conditions. Superior performance by MB motors had them all those years in class on their own, while others were in left behind as "also run". There was no balanced field to be defeated. Strange management by FiA and Commercial Owners precluded others from even remotely challenging frontrunners. The gap 0.5 sec to the front was always there, and as other started improving, MB simply press pedal little more, and 0.5 has not been erased. We on sidelines waited and waited for miracle, or at least until MB defeat itself by being too c#cky. We waited 7 years, and maybe, just maybe now we might see it this week, that waiting is over. BTW, how many more drivers can say we fought MB, and I have more than 11 victories during that painful period?
  15. SC Iconic, famous, unrivalled...a lot of language about a car which is yet to prove it can get actually out of garage on time to catch Start-test time. I don't know how Stroll managed to push Mercedes aside and get his foot into what is already crowded SC garage. We will have two more SCs to join races, but looking at them, surely they are acquired taste. One has to be an old fans of such body work, but as someone who is used to German designs, I am experiencing stomach pains just watching the front mask. Not my taste. I guess there are people who do like it and find beauty where I failed. On Sundays before lunch, I usually scan digital pages, glossing over certain sections, but this time I've check what (supposedly top) 25 famous American sport of movie people (crowd with money) drive. Next to Italian jobs in large numbers, one can find Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes SUV, Mercedes AMG, BMW RR, VW Audi, VW Bentley, one VW Porsche, one Tata Range Rover, but not a single AM. I must be probably looking at "wrong" people then. Stroll needs to ramp up bloated rhetoric even more than it is already, if he wants to penetrate that crowd's buying habits. Let's hope money spent on F1 will help him more than just talk, talk, talk,,, That last part, cheeky as its is, would help Sebi, and that's all I care right now.
  16. Yeah, that's one plausible theory. Whether that is all what is to it, I of course don't know.
  17. Hard to say what happened. People have all kind of opinions. Hill says this, another UK guy say Vettel is "spent force", and so it goes. Sitting by the race track, I have my opinion as well. I think Vettel suffered incremental, sectional losses, which cumulatively created really bad optics and bad outcome. Without in depth analysis of data, it is near impossible for me to know where he could do better, and where he faced the wall because of car he drove. We know that it doesn't take much to lose time and push you back on score board. Drivers are close to each other. In this year testing people can talk about times mean nothing (BS, if they mean nothing, why we then bother to collect them?), but his 5.5 sec or whatever it was off the pace could use some explanation (for benefit of fans).
  18. After testing I think any thoughts Verstappen had for running to MB are probably quickly vaporizing. I think he will stay where he is. At MB, one current driver will be retired, and one might retire. Sebastian would have chance only if Stuttgart will press for a German driver, and Wolff would support it. Remember, there are 3 shareholders now. I know of course nothing about how much weight each carries regarding choice of drivers. There is of course the Williams guy... At MB ... there is the man you like, Brad. Now, when specs changed, it is time for him to prove that your trust wasn't misplaced, as Wolff is slowly withdrawing from day-to day operations.
  19. I cannot say all teams have done it in one time or another, but we were assured by former or current drivers, that such practice exists in many teams, be it RBR, MB, Ferrari, McLaren, name a few. At Williams, despite stone faced denials, it was Hill, who has contradicted owners.
  20. Really? I seems to remember we were told there is no such thing as team orders at MB. I am confused (not).
  21. From recent, pre-season rhetoric by AM leadership, each in its own careful way admitting, they do need time to progress into position of legitimate rivals for front running teams. Numbers like 3 to 5 years were floating around. Whatever it is, I am however confused over Vettel's position. Sebastian on more than one occasion stated he doesn't want to stay for too long in F1. (Was he thinking about Alonso and some others..?) Is he ready then just drive around and watch grass grow as the team is rebuilding? During initial pre-contract talks, this subject of building the team must have, safe to assume, come up. What are his thoughts? I don't know that, but he sunk some money into this (as rumour has it). Stroll must have done really some big talking. Stroll has certain expectation from Seb, namely, assisting with elevating team's mindset from back-marker, or mid-fielder team to a frontrunner, hungry for podiums on regular basis. When asked, Stroll admitted having thoughts about Hamilton, should he knock on the door. I believe him. So, where does this leave Vettel? Probably hanging dry. My thoughts - Stroll will toss Vettel to the curb for Hamilton as PR stunt. For that reason Seb needs to be careful with those people, and leave ASAP, if the opportunity for him should arise. RBR, MB, or retirement with his head high, but get out. That's my recommendation. A few more thoughts. On the level talk...
  22. It was said that AM is building a new facility, and it is supposedly be finish in a year or two. Then calibration, etc. What happened this year before testing leads me to believe, they are bone dry on resources right now. They will be in tights with upgrades be it quantity or expediency. I think we will hear from them soon - we are concentrating on 2022. That's my prediction, but, again, I will be happy to be wrong.
  23. Speaking about unreasonable targets, where did I hear the same just recently. Just where...hmmm. There are many stories about Allison.
  24. I need to sh** up now, because I am most negative about their prospect around here. I think they are overrated, last year was a fluke, but in a week or so, lets actual racing do the talking. What is getting to me, that I think I have seen this movie before. Rhetoric, poor training, and I also do remember how it ended. I am however also flexible and open minded to accept success and admit I was wrong, if they give me reason for it.
  25. That many? Totally unexpected on my part.
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