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  1. AM has a strong package? OK, so we are good for a podium next week?
  2. Well, I don't expect we will agree on everything Brad, and this seems to be probably one of those occasions. I have special relationship with Canada. Lived there for bunch of years, actually in the same town where he had a family house, and in my recollection Marchionne in one of those "home/Canadian" interviews was grilled about Ferrari's design. From that specific interview I recall him talking about absolute and top freedom Allison had over design, whilst shielded from operational day-to-day issues. Car under his management was a dud IMO regardless what anyone thinks about it. Data do not lie. 2016 was not a good year. I would ignore opinion by UK media. Negative bias against anything made in EU, especially Ferrari, and overly fluffy rhetoric at the opposite end precludes me to take them seriously. Historical data is a better source.
  3. Is Allison really that good? I am sure my friends in here do think so, but I don't. He owns IMHO failed project at Ferrari when leadership gave him over a year free hand, and protected him from daily rash pressure, so he could concentrate and produce a winner. His car was dud, and until today I think he has left Ferrari (admittedly under rather unfortunate circumstances) before he got fired. At MB I think he sat long time on success, harvesting fruits of his predecessors. Now there is really significant change in specs, and MB has aero problems. Who is the man behind it? It's his problem (again). MB is a place to watch how they will resolve that issue with rake. AM probably will face similar challenge. Some opinions on the web making claims that rake has nothing to do with show during testing. Interesting. If that's so, what's then problem? The best aero man on the job, new Newey so to speak, rumour has it, is James Key. Some are going even so far, marking Newey as a "spent force". Well, we will see soon; in a week or so. Fact is, MB and AM are on display, measured against RBR, and there will be a lot to talk about before end of this month.
  4. Good pace would have been recorded. Vettel did not have any, and Stroll had some good laps for P-something. Assumption among so called "experts" is, that Stroll will beat Vettel on Saturday, and Vettel will get upper hand on Sunday. My own expectations are on ice for now. I have seen nothing yet which would convince me they are good to go this year.
  5. Some people aren't capable to face reality. World seems full of it in recent years.
  6. Like McLaren, they have to complete new plant just to keep up with upgrades through the year. At least that's my understanding.
  7. After testing he hs disappeared from PR scene. The quote was before testing.
  8. Well, my guess is, I have to wait for that.
  9. Vettel in first person on disastrous testing with his new team. Well, good luck, Seb.
  10. Whatever the issue AM is having, it is going to be most likely slow and painful recovery process. There are six teams IMO which are significantly ahead of AM after testing. I would agree with the notion that last season might have been fluke of some sort, and AM was looking much better than they really were. After winter however likes Mercedes, RBR, Ferrari, Alpine, McLaren, and I would include AlphaTauri in that group improved a notch or two, and they will not move out of way easily as AM will be trying to move up. One can only wonder how long before announcement that AM has decided to focus their resources onto 2022 season. AM got taste of honey last year, and now they want the same. I don't blame them, but for that they cannot have one of their drivers in P12, and the other one almost 5 sec off the pace. Now, having said that, I am not going to get angry should I have eggs all over my face next week, when suddenly miracle happen, but I doubt that.
  11. Not sure that's how papa Stroll see it.
  12. Ralf Schumacher's comment: Well, that's a new one. I wonder how Ralf got hold of it. Fact is, he has enough connections to hear background noise. If true, Seb has no choice, but get use to it. There is no other way out of it, other than quit, but that he will not do, not now. Turning 10000 km on various tracks could help...
  13. True, however I don't know whether McLaren configuration is comparable whatever AM has, so, there is no point for me to dwell on that. As the matter of fact, recorded data place Sebastian to last place (only Nissany was slower), whereas his teammate was in P12 out of 20. WHY???????? Explanation that it's all new to Seb doesn't sits well with me, especially after so much blah blah we can tailor a car setup to Seb's liking. So, has Seb really lost it or he is with wrong people? We have to wait. Clarification is coming soon. (I was hoping for at least P7 if not better).
  14. Dr. Marko: Maybe this was the unreported issue behind slow times, yet being last is really off charts and beyond explanation.
  15. I cannot speak about MB (I've studiously ignored anything related), but why we should believe AM didn't show us what they can do. I think they tried, but it added to nothing much. Worst performance from them all. Both AM drivers had some limited time on track, and as far as I can say, there was nothing seen or reported, which would hamper driver's performance. Either AM, or driver were just slow. Vettel turn in about 117 laps, and recorded slowest lap time from all active drivers. Moreover, there was no progress in his speed as laps were accrued, so we could say, he is settling in. It was just static. Has Vettel run with detuned power plant? When I think about Haas (Mazepin) or Yuki, newcomers, and how quickly they settled in, my head hurts about what was going on with AM.
  16. Exactly. I am hoping that my expectations for improvements will not go wasted. I wish they would less talk about having Sebastian fight for championship, and rather making sure that the car is capable of punching above its weight.
  17. Barretto's assessment of testing winners and loosers: Maybe Mr. Barretto didn't have to frame it that way, but he is from UK, and he cannot help himself. He used such designation for Vettel quite often through past a year or so.
  18. So, what about sim? Brown once claimed that sim is as good if not better than running on the track. Here is what Vettel said after last weekend: So, whom I should believe; a racing driver with decade of experience in top racing series, or a PR/commerical person?
  19. FiA acts under pressure from people like Brown and others - to cut cost. The cost - not racing quality - is in forefront of those dicussions every time we learn from latest news. F1 however needs people who do understand racing, nature of the machine, and can think strategically. Not expensive, not cheap, just right amount. Seidl for example is one of them, but he is alone at the moment. Spending 400 MM per season is perhaps too much and not really useful, but now they went to the opposite extreme. Neither is good.
  20. Ranking was probably done by the PR person Strolll hired. There isn't simply any basis for such ranking claims.
  21. At the end... I would like to see this optimism converted into something concrete. I think we should end this hip-hip-hurray blood churning festifities, and get going for real stuff. We have heard all of similar fluff somewhere else, and we know how it ended. Fool me once, shame on thee; fool me twice, shame on me (but it's not going to happen).
  22. Yeah, you think? Ask AM guys (later). Right now they are speechless.
  23. Seb's comments resemble description of similar situation at other places. He will not finger-point anyone, but after a decade or so observing his life in F1, he is not happy. That's my impression. Having said that, I am not sure what the problem is. What is certain, to be in P3 from the place they ended up in the only testing of this season (thanks Todt, Brawn - NOT), they have long and steep path to walk. P7 out of 10 teams is all what you guys deserve and get from me.
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