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  1. Forgive me, but this is just another silly post of yours. Technology series is not in your grasp of understanding, I got it. Maybe you could stop telling people like Seidl and Szafnauer to stop complaining. It's not their fault that after many months (years?) of watching F1 on a smart phone, you still didn't get jest how things really do work (or suppose to work) on a thingy they are calling a CAR. Getting used to a new car has nothing to do whether a driver signed contract to drive it. It is a question of mastering the equipment to its full potential, and that's the zone both TPs are referring to. Driver's skills and equipment potential must meet at the top. Drivers like Vettel, Ricciardo, Alonso, Perez and others are working on that as we speak. No one is complaining, but they are asking for patience. It may take a while for some, whereas other will not reach the summit, regardless how hard they try.
  2. How Aston Martin's "biggest regret" has severely hampered Vettel Before testing began, I have expressed concerns about very short indoctrination period driver was afforded. 1.5 days was simply unrealistic, despite assurances I heard how an experienced driver needs only hours to slip in. Well, no, not really. Vettel is behind Stroll, Ricciardo is behind his teammate, Perez has his issues, and so it goes. In Vettel's case as if testing misery wasn't enough, now he is haunted with reliability beyond, yet so called "experts" on sidelines consistently blaming Vettel and Vettel alone, fair or not. Talking about tinted glasses. How about ignorant glasses? Szafnauer: Precisely. This didn't take Ph.D. to figure it out. After imposing cost capping measures, also a reason for FiA to remove testing restrictions IMO. More time will also stamp how future will looks like. Now, finding calming assurances in voice of the man at the helm, I am still unsettled why Seb resides in P14, instead top 5 or 8. That is another matter and question is, is it all down to him, or him and his car? Alonso also admitted much of slow running is up to him. Seidl:
  3. Unfortunate. Too soon to read anything into such unfortunate incident? Pit lane start was only begging. Additional time penalty to Vettel was his bonus for the day.
  4. Vettel will not join Williams. He stated more than once that his current position is a last one before he retires. He wants to win, not building another team from scratch. I do however think that people like Dr. Marko, Tost, Ecclestone and Wolff have enough of a relationship with him to potentially change his mind. I have no doubt that Sebastian was under impression he will take over where Perez ended up last year, and now that shock. What's his state of mind today is a good question. He could use a mentor right now (Marko, Michael), but it is impossible. Times are difficult for him.
  5. Enlighten us, please. Reasons for his hire were by the team's TP and the owner explained somewhat differently. Vettel, due to his accomplishments, were hired among others to elevate team's spirit from mid-field mind body of men to a team with winning attitude. As long as AM fulfilled theirs part of bargin (which they definitely did not). Despite all noise and BIG advanced talk, what this English iconic team delivered is bad, smelly joke of a car. There is no other way to put it. I could consider your statement as a serious proposition, however based on all what transpired since day one in testing until today, it is too soon IMO for drawing conclusions about future after two races. Some improvements might be expected, but probably just enough to save faces at AM, rather than to make dent in the championship. Sure, there has to be change. Current situation is not sustainable, but change to what..? Maybe you know (but, again, I doubt that too).
  6. 4 hrs ago I've posted the same in MB thread. Kolles's words regarding risk for Vettel are open for interpretation. My perception of what he is suggesting is, that Vettel will be sacrificed, if necessary, in money-plans Stroll is playing. He will explain it to Seb afterfact as "investment risk" which did not worked out or something to that effect. Sebastian has several cards in the game. 40 MM. Advancement of his sporting career. Hulk could drive for AM in 2022, thus Seb has no guaranteed he will drive next year. Legacy image. Seb could lose all of it under certain conditions which I can envisage. I am not saying that will happen, but it was risk I have understood when he undersigned contract, and Kolles just saying or confirmng my earlier thoughts. I have however nothing specific right now which makes this worst scenario imminent. Mine is just guessing, and I don't know how much inside Kolles has. FiA punishing AM last year indicated separation, and potential messy ride with impaired car in 2021. This is why I've slot them in P7 as a team before season started.
  7. What is FiA up to? Destroying Vettel psychologically? Voices were heard in Bahrain and Imola how harsh FiA is treating Vettel. This malpractice has been noticed for number of years. Most painfully I felt about it in that race in Mexico when Seb handed on the radio recommendation to his team what Whiting can do...
  8. RP was able to built a reliable car last year. The same team (albeit under a different name) should be able to carry the same level of reliability forward. Mandated changes to a car should not be related to reliability issues. The car needs to be however sorted out, and that may take time and greater millage. Unfortunately some bad problems are playing out mostly on my favourite driver's car.
  9. Stroll Jr. has done well at Imola. Seb had trouble already before race start, and then DNF. Another day to forget. I am not suggesting anything dark, but Vettel seems to have more problems on his car than his teammate. (Similar situation in 2014.) I am not sure what AM will do about it. TP was talking again about Seb needs more running in the car, which is fine, we heard that before, but I am not sure he explained in post race interview why Vettel had that many pit stops at Imola. I doubt that has anything to do with how much millage he has in that car. Not really satisfactory explanation from Otmar. Some, but not all problems: - Failed tire gamble - Brakes - FiA' penalty - What else?
  10. Team quotes: Szafnauer seems less excited over q-results than Vettel is.
  11. Yes. This is a small sample why I am fond of the guy. From the interview with TPs, Szafnauer continues to insist that Sebastian needs more time. I tend to agree with that position, however occupying P15 seems off by any standard in my book. It goes beyond a different powertrain explanation why he was slow. They tried new upgrades yesterday. Again, good explanation, but not enough. How he will go from that far back to top 5 (where I want to see him at this point of time) seems an impossible dream.
  12. Money, money, money... There is nothing better than Grand Prix series full of, if not only, automakers (IMO). This mix of Investors (make money) vs Racers (car people promoting a product - a car) in series is simply no good.
  13. Hello Is Otmar put under pressure to perform or else..? I would be actually surprised if that is true. My perception is, that Szafnauer is performing very well with resources to his disposal.
  14. Your explanation is plausible. Hulk is a good fit as a replacement driver (as proved when COVID struck or will strike again), and also a development guy.
  15. Brad, you are following the same media outlets as I do. You must have noticed ongoing attacks on Vettel already, learning about his car or not. He has to get a grip on his horse ASAP, there is no way around it. Today Hulk got confirmed as a reserve driver. Just literally minutes later I read already that he is probably replacing Vettel. Seb is in a fish bowl, and that's the way it is. Honeymoon was over rather quickly.
  16. Assuming he would hold upper hand, Sebastian probably (I am guessing) has way out only end of the year. Would that be a sensible solution? Maybe under weight of some hidden factors but otherwise... probably no. Next year will be fielded a new car, which may or may not be better over current one. Sebastian has nowhere to go, unless Verstappen and Hamilton make their moves, and Dr. Marko invites Seb in. (All very doubtful). IMHO Seb has very limited options right now. Stay and hope for the best, or retire. I am still short on accurate understanding why there was collision with Ocon. Was it a racing accident, or Seb misjudged car reaction, and what needs to happen to avoid future reoccurrences. Is Seb loosing it?
  17. F1 official website: The end for Sebastian? Some latest articles already do suggest exactly that. I don't think that way, but I also fear, should he continue to struggle as he has in Bahrain, I would not totally dismissed such possibility. How much time AM will give him, is anyone's guess.
  18. There is a lot of nonsense appearing on these pages lately. Theory of judgement and perception teases various philosophers for ages since age of Descartes, if not earlier. Perhaps some basic definitions could help. Terms are available everywhere, as long as you are willing to look for them, instead just filling void with trash between real news. Definition: Perception refers to the way in which you sense of a situation. Judgement refers to the way in which you make decisions after analysing and evaluating your perceptions. Sequence: Perception occurs before judgment. Judgement occurs after perception. Classification: Perception can happen through the five senses or the intuition of a person. Judgement evaluates information through a logical and impersonal process or personal beliefs or morality. It doesn't hurt to stick just with facts.
  19. This sentence has its advantages, namely, if you read it backwards, it still says the same thing. Choices are always good.
  20. Thinking about your life in a fast lane in every moment you are awake is not unique to Alonso. The article is to certain degree redundant. Such state of mind has been confirmed and re-confirmed by many drivers before. I still think that three race weekends in succession is a burden for teams, racers, and perhaps not too liking of fans as well, but long gaps between races is also no good, because then we come across all kind of articles such as this one is. Proper news cycle is 1.5 days (said an expert). When news became business, and broadcast never stops as we have it today, then we get opinions and trash as fillers for absence of newsworthy material. No wonder people distrust CNN and similar outlets. F1 should learn from mistakes of others.
  21. This situation is so complex, that (IMO) it almost requires legal analysis just to figure out step by step what was and wasn't possible for AM to react in best way. I am puzzled by claims that whole change of specs was in breach of current agreements on the books. At least 3 teams protested, but the change was rammed through (allegedly) nonetheless on safety grounds (so I heard). AM is doomed this year, and my initially in part cheeky low rating of them (P7) might not sound anymore that far fetched. What will happen with Seb is really not clear.
  22. Aston Martin warned FIA impact of rule changes Oh well, that was a point, wasn't it? Maybe not implicitly hurting AM, but MB (as is Wolff alleging, if I read him correctly). Saving MB (or AM) was not on a priority list with said changes, so it seems. I am not sure what Szafnauer was hoping to accomplish with his complains. What I would be rather interested to hear when exactly AM realised they are in trouble? Before the PR campaign how they want to fight for podium, before testing, after testing... Did they see it on their sim, or only once they hit track and observed their house of cards falling down? Thick on rhetoric, weak on substance. This change of specs, and limitation on permitted work on a car puzzles me, because I am assuming once the spec was issued, and impact assessment was executed, in theory AM (and MB) should have built immediately a new car. That obviously didn't happen. Why not? Is it because tools in hand weren't sophisticated enough to raise a red flag? Was it due faulty analysis? Budget issue? Time? Wolff is pretty mad right now, as evident from some interviews with him, and a step beyond unhappy with some of his colleagues in the pit lane. The way it was done, I am actually on his side; dirty, underhanded games never impressed me. Last question - if this is an attempt to stop MB, why it wasn't done a few years sooner? I am of course mindful of the fact, despite all of the above, MB has done relatively well in the first race. AM - copy cat of MB, as penalty they incurred alleges - not that much. Their front man became a joke of the pit lane, and being last from them all will not bring any points home. "Legal steps for changing specs weren't followed", alleging AM. No one is bothered by it but very few?
  23. More of (distance) psychoanalysis of Vettel. ...maybe he should hire shaman to dispel evil winds... There is large class of microphone-held talkers who make comfortable living from just talking sh*t about others.
  24. Not so fast. If it happen at all, it might not happen next race. Sebastian already said after testing it may take 4 or 5 races before he will adjust to the car and settles in, assuming it's all upon him, and nothing is wrong with his car. Race 1 is now history. I was not surprised he wasn't anywhere near below podium, but the truth to be said, I was in shock how bad that whole weekend developed for him. I need to watch my blood pressure, so I won't talk about FiA's role in whole weekend full of misery for No. 5.
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