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  1. If quoted accurately, I would consider Sebastian's assertion quite alarming. He is usually so early in a season very mild mannered, avoiding critique of his team or a car, and hopeful, but this tone is new. UK press is launching speculations about Vettel being fired by mid season (and definitely not on the grid next year). And life goes on... I have only one or two questions - after all this BIG talk from AM side how they understand what Vettel needs, and they have tools to adjust to his preferences, what happened to that blah blah? Tost meanwhile judged Vettel's car as unstable and nervous. A lot to digest right in first month of this season.
  2. Hello, KM. Nice to have you back, in modest portion as it is. Ageless optimist you are, but that's good. Someone has to be in midst of that misery of March 2021, if you are/were fan of that certain driver.
  3. Season even did not started, and Seb has already 3 demerit points. What was he thinking?
  4. OK, and when we are planning to get on the top of it?
  5. Yeah, it's amusing, but there could have been a potential risk that he will damage equipment with far reaching consequences if he continues. The engineer on the line despite wanting to keep private issues private, he should have been maybe more forthright why box was essential, in that instant when he realised Kimi is toying with him.
  6. I think that's reflection how some people view Mr. Brown: Dr. Marko: Amusing.
  7. Not too long ago someone on this forum suggested that F1 is boring. IMO extending agony of it to 23 races is not going to change anyone's mind. Liberty are working for prosperity of their account, not worrying what makes fans happy, which is a strategy that in some form might blow up at some point into their faces. In simple terms, I like ice cream, but I doubt I want to eat it too much and too often. F1 for me is the same. Quality of quantity was always preferable for this fan. Many times in the past I've suggested that 16 very competetive cars would be preferable to more "also run". (Numbers suggested were 35 and more). People obviously watch too much NASCAR, where one needs graphics on screen with names just to know who is where on track. Not my cup of tea.
  8. No, I haven't. I think couple of drivers logged 6 laps, but most had 4. Saving tires, or equipment..? Either way, if anyone, small group of drivers could use more track time in their new office.
  9. I think this is very first time I do agree with Brown, actually on anything. His predecessor RD once stated 18 races was more than enough, but those were different times and conditions.
  10. Mazepin is taking a lot of heat from fans. ...and many more similar. Is he a new bad man of the F1?
  11. Don't you find strange, that after admittedly short on laps testing, they managed only 4 laps in P2 hour? As most teams. Why so few?
  12. How did you validated said fixes to really know that correct solutions were applied, and same problems will not re-appear in least convenient time like when a race is on.
  13. Fact or pre-emptive excuse?
  14. I don't agree with Jacques too often, but I do on this topic. Enough of one driver, and it is MB who needs to step forward.
  15. Too many races Not sport, but money, money, money... I hope Dome will stop that madness at some point of time in the future. Ignore people like Brown, and use common sense instead.
  16. Something to think about. Jacques Villeneuve: I might be isolated with this, but in the room full of diverging thoughts, I think MB has done mistake keeping this driver on for so long, and definitely he should have been let go this year. British media building his frame into something only we read and tell about in stories for children, whereas a car is added only as afterthought. For a driver who contributes about 20%, surely something is out of proportions.
  17. Modest he is not. Hate him, or love him, he really likes to steer sh*t wherever he goes.
  18. Sounds like Dome is a man close to my heart. He speaks and does what Europeans do (for now). He will need more time to steer this Titanic-F1 away from the iceberg, but I trust if anyone, he can do that. He certainly has right qualifications, demeanour, knows right people, and has proper idea what Grand Prix means in traditional sense.
  19. Gasly, how could I forgot him? I think he was little bit mistreated by RBR/sister team. I tend to agree that he needs an opportunity to carry French flag. Ocon is also not as bad as optics suggest, but he was pushed back for benefit of DR. I don't want to go there, but I was quite angry a few times over what I saw. Start over, do better, but with Alonso...
  20. Ferrari period all over again (Kimi vs. Alonso). I've understood that. Alpine will need to make their mind which driver fits into their future. What puzzles me are choices Alpine has made so far. Are they telling us they didn't do their due diligence to find out what Alonso has done while at Ferrari and McLaren, or they do not care how situation will affect future of their own young French driver? So, where or what is their future?
  21. My honest opinion - after posting this, you should be banned permananetly from this forum. You need Hollywood made up hatefull stories to conduct conversation why Germany should have its own permanent place on F1 calendar? I find it disgusting, and offensive.
  22. Really? My question: Are the alleged issues intrinsic to a driver or to a machine? The same people who are excusing Alonso (I guess from not performing better) told Vettel repeatedly that a good driver should be able to drive anything. Anything they said. So, they implied Vettel is not a good driver. According such decree, Alonso then has no case. He should receive the order from a team manager - get in, get strapped, and drive without excuses, please. Pronto. -- or -- Maybe a lot of people on sidelines were/are just ignorant or mean, perhaps both. I've seen more than once claims by insiders how little driver really matters these days. 20% driver's influence on race performance is a value posted often. Seb has not only to deal with a lot buttons, but at his new office, he has them on all "wrong" places. I guess fun never ends. Where are machines from Schumacher era, as his son said, with steering wheel having very few buttons, and it was up to driver how he scored. I am missing those times.
  23. ...and when two instincts collide, internet goes broke with volumious blame and ridicule.
  24. Ms. Garloff: Conversation with Mick Schumacher Thoughts before a season beggins. On subject of overtaking: According this it is clear that on a mike commentator with his interjection about unsuccessful pass - "I don't know what he was thinking" is then widely off mark.
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