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  1. Brad, care to take a shot how teams will end up this year? (I've made mine today.)
  2. You have calming effect on me, Brad. Come to think of it, I would not mind if Vettel would return to RBR for about 2 years (should Verstappen leave for better pastures). Not that RB is desperate, not at all. They have young blood coming up, and there was talk about securing their future. Perez might stay more than one year, and Gastly is impatient. I am however puzzled why Seb is committed to only one season. Was he offered only short stay? Was he seeking option to get out, if the car is dud? Has he been talking to his long time mentor (Dr. Marko) and he knows something we don't? RB admitted that Verstappen might leave, so the consequences are rather obvious. I think Seb would like to stay another 3 years, and retire by the end of 2023, but he cannot have another year like the last one.
  3. Is that's what Vettel signed for and invested purportedly 40MM? Needless to say I don't see Stroll Jr. quitting any time soon. I had a few nightmares in which knife in back played a prominent role, so I am hoping this is just simply one of those and I will wake up.
  4. F1 makes claims it is top shelve motorsport, yet its principal actors aren't allowed to train on a race track. F1 is boasting WCC, yet actors aren't allowed to work on WCC related stuff as they deem necessary. So, what's value of that trophy?
  5. How many low end teams have their boss walking around and saying we should win some races this year, yet car is parked, untested? Where I live, first you do sensible things, then you win, and then, and only then you talk. Not the other way around. (I do not live in UK).
  6. I am reading how this driver or that driver (Perez with RBR) had a chance to try his 2021 car after changing teams, yet nothing from AM, despite that ownership of AM is aiming to finish high this year. I wonder who gave that idea whilst a car is sitting in the garage? Over-reliance on sim seems to be over the top, and hardly justified IMO. I used to get angry over such stupidity, but these days there is no more anger left in me, just bitterness.
  7. I am not sure that I understand your question, but the thread which is being replaced is hereunder bearing following heading: Technical issues were reported by a poster, but not analysed and identified beyond offering following simple solution. It is hoped that a new thread will address and resolve amicably the issue in hand whatever that is. No need to speculate now about all options beyond that.
  8. This thread replaces previous one, which was closed for technical reasons.
  9. The new Aston Martin F1 car will be launched on March 3 at 1500 GMT,
  10. Haas went to UK first, and now they are moving into EU. UK quarantine has been imposed. I thought Haas could anticipate that much, and install countermeasures much earlier. It will be interesting what teams will do returning home from Bahrain.
  11. Date 2021.02.01 Time 9:08 (UTC) COVID in action. As if FiA hasn't done enough of damage to the sport already, now add Brexit and COVID, and you have really one big mess. Poor Mick.
  12. Date 2021.01.29 Time 9:16 (UTC) This year it will feel different not starting the season at Melbourne. (Scheduled for Nov). Instead we have: Two months to go. Vettel is yet to drive his car out the garage, whilst others got some track time under the belt already. I don't want to complain about it, but surely it feels that something is wrong with this system.
  13. That's your opinion, and nothing more. Brits are masters on developing new rules in the middle of loosing a game. Not everyone cares what he (or him alike) has done outside of F1. Manipulative and artificial rules: - must win against teammate - must win with a weak car from back of the grid - must win with a weak team - must this or that, etc. All BS. (My apology). 1. We play according to FiA rules, and not according to some artificial rules, set usually with aim to defame (put down) a driver. None of the above are rules mandated to the grid. 2. There is a scoreboard to tell us who is where. We do not need Brundle's or anyone else like him to tell us that. Comparisons between Hamilton and others, like Schumacher, stupid as those are, were mostly generated in UK. Some fans, self included, added then comments to remind overly enthusiastic Hamiltonians, what car he drives in a league of two cars. At the end, it doesn't really helps, morons do continue with their mantra, despite whole discussion is pointless, IMVHO.
  14. I think with that one we need Wes to assist us. I forgot earlier to thank Ruslan for suggestion to relocate thread from a racing section to Cafe, so I will do it now. We are lucky to have him.
  15. Date 2020.04.10 Time 7:53 (UTC) The thread has been moved from a racing section. Its purpose is, as the heading suggests, let you express on these pages what's on your mind (big thanks to Wes for allowing it). I have to thank everyone who has contributed in positive manner to earlier thread, and I have to apologies for not being able to transfer all posts. For the record, posts aren't deleted, just out of the way, so we stop adding to it. This was another thing, I could not "freeze it", but that's OK. We can carry on happily in here. I have to also thank to my partner Brad (a gentle fellow). Sakae @BradSpeedMan @Sakae
  16. Did you quite from the forum?

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