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  1. Are you sure or just guessing? I doubt about what you are stating. I was mistaken. In two weeks I thought we have first qualifying race (3/season), but that's not a case. There will be usual 3 practices. AM can verify repairs on Friday, March 26, and qualifying speed on Saturday morning. Today I have humongous headache. What a crappy start of a season.
  2. You can replace parts, and put a car back together before racing starts, however where are they planning to test it that there is no error in re-assembly? More critical - what's up with the new chassis? Seb must be thinking - for that I gave away 40MM? Is chassis a dud? People saying - he is experienced driver and he will get over this. Really? Yuki is new, machine is new, and where is he? Not at the bottom. Nico came off his sabbatical and beat heck out of several people in totally new car (for him). Foreign c#ckpit wasn't an issue. Seb has a problem they are hiding from us, that's what I think.
  3. Do you recall 2014? All misery was concentrated on one car, whilst DR was driving. Seb got pi***d and gave up on that year.
  4. Yuki is where Sebastian should be, if I am to believe Stroll's rhetoric how AM will challenge fo championship. Problem is, some people just like to talk big.
  5. This is why I had them on my scale ahead of AM. It was half joke, but now I am not sure. He is a new guy, new machine, no excuses.
  6. Initial test? There is no other test, just racing for points. This is it. I am assuming: Reliability should had been carry-over. The only new is chassis, as I understand it. So, it is all about speed. Should be better than last year, but we have no means knowing right now with those times and some weird strategy. Stroll should be among top 6 or 7 drivers to confirm AM as a serious contender for WDC P3. After today - WTH? Sebastian - OK he is new, but so was Nicolas Hülkenberg, and he was just humongous when opportunity knocked on the door. No excuses, no explanation, just GO, and so he has. I have no idea what's going on, but I am confused and fearful. Situation was expected to exhibit different dimensions. Rivals improved, massively. Grid tail: Haas, Williams, Alfa...could be AM.
  7. I didn't suggest broken car is Vettel's fault. We will know more this evening, but my first impression is, that AM is vastly overrated, and oversold. We can talk about different testing programmes, but I am not so sure of it. Rivals simply improved, and are faster. Seb will need more time to settle in, than just 1.5 days testing. Much more, that's what I feel. Beats me how many hours is needed to replace a gearbox? Do they have only one and they were fixing it (as opposed to replacing it)? Construction of the car must be such, they had to take it literally apart. RBR once has taken less than 3 hrs to have it replaced and send driver back on track.
  8. Sebi, you have 3 hrs after today, to make it happen this week. You can't drive where you are today. I've predicted AM to be about 7th best team on the grid, and I have seen nothing yet to change my mind. but, I am flexible on that. It will take miracle to come close to top four. I've told you guys the 1.5 days reserved for testing is not enough. You didn't believe me, and now you are getting it directly from the horses mouth.
  9. It seems times were up in comparison to D1. Stroll is fine with the car, however two cars are needed (to state obvious). Mess in AM camp will have undoubtedly some knock off effect. Alonso must be happy with his return. I am happy with Mick Schumacher turning a few laps, and crawling forward. D3 I expect to be most interesting, as serious times will be sought. Yuki - a guy to watch. He is an interesting prospect.
  10. Ferrari engine is much better over one from last year. So much has been now acknowledged. Kimi seems to think so. Is it to soon whether it can slot between Honda and MB? Alpine seems very drivable. So, it's a toss for me.
  11. Perez explains (my theory much better than I can). At least he is driving. Vettel's beginning with AM remind me 2014 season when he was also watching a lot paint to dry, and we all know how that ended.
  12. Based on testing, I fear there might not be any points available for taking (by AM).
  13. Sad 2nd day of testing for AM and a driver. Looks like gearbox related "minor problem" of yesterday was not that. Morning is gone, and paint is happily drying under driver's watchful eyes.
  14. Hamilton went off track. Like Verstappen, and Sainz, and others. No problem. Vettel off track. Problem. BIG ERROR by him.
  15. AM has gearbox issues. (Like yesterday). Is it surprise? No, those things do happen, and that's normal in motor-industry. But what is NOT normal, is to ignore such potentiality, and plan for 3 days, 1 shot testing. It will bite the team for a while into a season, as racing kicks off.
  16. Testing in Spain: cold, wet Testing in sands: sand-storm Isn't F1 capable to find some place where people can just focus on job in hand without worrying about weather, as hours are ticking?
  17. 1:5 hrs into testing - very static. AM has done whole 6 laps. As lipstick said, it's not about testing, but showing colours (and maybe a lot of talk how great they are). 2 hrs into testing - AM has done 6 laps with T. Makes me wonder what are they doing to Vettel's car? Did Stroll underwent the same or similar program?
  18. Well sooner or later we will be running our of explanations why Mazepin drives faster than Vettel. Tomorrow Seb, and bellowed a lot of talking AM have to show us qualifications speed, and potential race-time.
  19. Vettel is on track. 1.25 hrs late into testing. Alonso after 2 years is comfortably on the top.
  20. Oh I don't know Brad. People make excessive claims how sim replaces track. In that case, after he ad about two weeks on sim, where are the results? Today again, people are on the track for 45 min or so, and where is Vettel? Siting in the garage, watching paint to dry?. Yesterday I was expecting him in top 5 or thereabout due to need for fine tuning, yet he was in the bottom of the scale. Must be one heck of the AM program what he is going through, or, shoe doesn't fit. I think he said so. Language evening was far too familiar from his Ferrari days. If he doesn't put stamp on his teammate, then I would say it's over.
  21. Sounds like simulator - again - hasn't really replaced on track driving. Seb is talking about experiencing a new power unit, controls layout, etc. One would have thought it all can be learnt on the sim, but now we are hearing how it was found and go for him today. 3 days testing allowed for teams is obviously not sufficient. It might be for well established teams with undisturbed continuity, but others could use more time.
  22. Seb bomb out in his first day. There is no doubt about it, and he admitted that much. Alpine is OK so far. Mick Schumacher - poor show. Yuki - very good. Stroll - OK. Verstappen - good start.
  23. As expected this morning, Stroll was faster of two. I am confused by the game AM was playing with Vettel.
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