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  1. As expected this morning, Stroll was faster of two. I am confused by the game AM was playing with Vettel.
  2. Catering to Hamilton for too long? That's a problem alright.
  3. Mick Schumacher is not having a good day.
  4. Sainz had a spin in Ferrari? Imagine that.
  5. I had to do something away from a computer... What's going on, and why Vettel is driving in Stroll's slot? There is some deviation from submitted advanced plan. Seb is slow. Hard to understand team's strategy. Maybe they saw the same what I did in the morning, and now they are in panic that Vettel needs more time to find his sweet spot.
  6. Bottas had a terrible morning, that's true. Ferrari - couple of minutes before session end. Bottas, Schumacher, and maybe Vettel - not a good start.
  7. Date 2021.03.12 Time 9:09 (UTC) I don't want to jump a gun, but I will jump a gun. I am disappointed with AM/Vettel (despite anticipating exactly this scenario long time ago). I am not sure where this is going. My prediction - Stroll will be faster this afternoon. F1 official site - rhetorics hard for my stomach, as usual. Schumacher - in similar situation. The guy gets in his maiden year 1.5 days to get ready for extra long season, and he starts by sitting in the garage 1/2 day waiting for a new gearbox to be mounted. "Excellent" job: Haas, Brawn, Todt. Seb: 1 hr 19 min to go - car stops.
  8. I am not sure why Vettel was placed into slow testing period when systems are usually checked. Having said that, he is driving slow in early hours in contrast to his peers.
  9. Verstappen spins in Turn 2. No personal ERROR reported.
  10. I think you have misunderstood that point (stated n-times in the past). Cars, even under best intentions to prepare them THE SAME, for practical reasons are de facto never the same. Differences between cars in the same stable are from minute up to massive, and significant.
  11. Interesting His former sponsor Peter Mücke: Mücke', who is very close to F1 in tangible way, his comments are very close what was said on these pages for vast chunk of last season. A tenth here, or tenth there, and a driver looks like idiot. Claims that Vettel is bad are not new. As far as I can tell, I am hearing it for past 10 years+, but he is still My Driver.
  12. Vettel and his driving style. I am not sure if this was posted already, but I find the linked article interesting. It corrects my perception which was having Seb on more extreme side (where Perez sits). That of course begs a question about 2020 - what the **** was going on there? Wolf apparently admitted having his hand in hiring saga of Vettel by AM. So now we have BE, and TW on the same page. Dr. Marko - advised Seb to take sabbatical. Practicality of that is hotly debated subject. We know that Seb is not favouring sitting out, said he. Once you are out, you are out for good. (His opinion).
  13. I thought he always look that way. I think it would bring into F1 new dynamics, if MB ends up with new drivers line up next year.
  14. Interesting. That would give credence to Brad's op. Do people change their mind (or have someone change it for them)? Stroll was drooling about Hamilton at AM. I am very much in doubt that Junior would give up his seat.
  15. It would be helpful (at least to me) if you could cite an example where "creative freedom" of posters was suppressed on this forum, rather than merely talking in abstract terms. In respect to Renault and public lynching of Cyril Abiteboul; I am not going to deal with that. I feel differently than most, because that's not a man I heard about (a lot) in the past. In respect to his relationship with RBR, there are two sides of the story, and there is enough in public domain about RB' behaviour towards its engine supplier. If it didn't make some people happy, I am not surprised. You of course see only one side, at least that's my perception of your position as stated. It's very creative, but that's fine. I am however done with that subject; no minds would be changed.
  16. There seems to be ongoing certain dynamics between Stroll's and Otmar Szafnauer's rhetoric. Stroll is quoted about chasing title, OS is talking about challenge just to stay at the top of midfield. I am still listing them out of first 5 teams, but we will get some indications soon who is who, and what is what. What's with the engine Wolff is complaining about? How, if at all, it affects MB's customers? Beats me what type of political pressure Stroll applied (on anybody) that he was awarded getting AM to join MB as a SC and MC. Ferrari would have been far more deserving brand IMO, including McLaren and Renault if it comes to it.
  17. This forum allows for "creative freedom" more than most public bulletin boards I know. Some referenced language concerning Mr. Abiteboul seems rather incendiary and substantively libellous. I am in genuine doubt that Mr. Plooij would win that court case, if it came to it, and I have no intention to test my theory about it in here. Having said that, I doubt about veracity of linked claims. French company would not tolerate such behaviour for so many years. Mr. Abiteboul was placed into no winning position from GETGO. Oversold team Renault purchased in UK was nothing more than badly managed warehouse. Add all restrictions on development, low budget he was working on, hybrids, ... I can add all up and think - better him than me. With restructuring, now Alpine, move signifies a symbolic and structural change how business is managed under new CEO. People come, and people go. That's F1, such is business world. (BTW, so I read about Mr. Binotto's future coming soon - maybe as soon as next week.restructuring)
  18. Being aware of the past, living fully today, and have, or working on a plan for future. (Adopted Eastern Philosophy on Pragmatic Way of Life). Being aware off, but not living in the past seems sensible to me.
  19. I rather guess different reasons. It's not past, but rather future which influences his decisions. From his general attitude towards life, he understands that F1 is not the end of his life journey. He has some other plans what to do after he hangs his helmet on a nail. Besides, he wants to be next to his kids before they are all grown up. Chilling at home on a couch, and having kids climbing all over him is one of those blessings he loves that much.
  20. Both AM driver's favourite track is Suzuka, especially first sequence of several corners. So is mine, altho Spa is close second. Nordschleife is unique, with history preceding F1, and nothing IMO can compare to it.
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