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  1. Well, we will find out. Right now his new role sort of vague. As in my earlier (above) post, I thought too he might be groomed for taking Wolff's position, and I am sure English media are trying to put best face on it, but there are some discrepancies in that potential promotion I've noticed. Forgot where, but in one article Allison claimed he needs and wants rest, which is why he is stepping away from his current role. Well OK, but if he wants Wolff's job, I am not sure how restive that role is. Second thing which seems out of place in his path to TP role, if he wants to be groomed as Torger's successor, he needs to be attached to Wolff's side, tagging alone with him day and night. Being closed somewhere back in the basement office and claim you are learning to be a leader is funny way to do it. So I don't know what's with him. There is a job opening however. When time comes to replace current PU with new generation (in 4 years?), that should be planned right now. I thought however that job should go to Cowell, not Allison, so I still don't know what's going on. Allison is an aero guy; Cowell is needed back. Admittedly there is the job focused on scaling back current operations to compliance with new rules. That function requires certain know-how, but I would say you need to be ready for it. There is no learning period. (You have to be fully "groomed" for it already).
  2. Your explanation is plausible. Hulk is a good fit as a replacement driver (as proved when COVID struck or will strike again), and also a development guy.
  3. I have to be careful with my response. It should not be surprise to those around me, that I am not an admirer of Allison. Based on publicly available bits and pieces of information, explicit or implied, and observing his impact over several years on products under his care, I think he was overrated and not as good as media tried to portrayed him. I think the move might mean following two things. He is demoted without stating so, and he will fade into background, or, he was moved aside for reasons stated (not a big loss), and he will be groomed on organisation side as potential replacement of Wolff. Maybe he will be better there (however I doubt that too; probably another Binotto). Do you remember just a few weeks back we had this discussion already, and I've told you that car was basically brainchild of people before Allison has taken his job. He was riding somebody else's coctails. It is only now when specs were changed, and as at Ferrari, this year car has suddenly issues. It is his baby. So much for that. We have to wait, what this all means. There is no other way. We know Torger wanted out of this daily grind, but for some reason he was convinced to stay. I was always wondering what actually went on in that room which ended him saying OK, I stay.
  4. planet F1 I thought changes were supposed to bring teams closer together. I guess Alain knows what he is talking about. It might still happen, but he sounds sceptical (as some other drivers).
  5. Brad, you are following the same media outlets as I do. You must have noticed ongoing attacks on Vettel already, learning about his car or not. He has to get a grip on his horse ASAP, there is no way around it. Today Hulk got confirmed as a reserve driver. Just literally minutes later I read already that he is probably replacing Vettel. Seb is in a fish bowl, and that's the way it is. Honeymoon was over rather quickly.
  6. You are free to interpret "better" any which way you wish. From my selfish point of view better is meant in terms of my enjoyment from entertainment, for Liberty it is perhaps all that plus totality of viewership (gate, TV, on the iPhone, etc.). I thought it is self-explanatory, and no Ph.D dissertation is required what "better" means to each of us. Liberty is planning 3 such events this season. I am at lost to understand how they are going to draw reliable long ranging conclusions based on such small test sample, which is also pretty much hindered by COVID-19 restrictions.
  7. Assuming he would hold upper hand, Sebastian probably (I am guessing) has way out only end of the year. Would that be a sensible solution? Maybe under weight of some hidden factors but otherwise... probably no. Next year will be fielded a new car, which may or may not be better over current one. Sebastian has nowhere to go, unless Verstappen and Hamilton make their moves, and Dr. Marko invites Seb in. (All very doubtful). IMHO Seb has very limited options right now. Stay and hope for the best, or retire. I am still short on accurate understanding why there was collision with Ocon. Was it a racing accident, or Seb misjudged car reaction, and what needs to happen to avoid future reoccurrences. Is Seb loosing it?
  8. Will changes of this kind generate dividing line between traditionalist (as I am one), and new generation forming their likes and dislikes with the sport? Liberty is not happy with current qualifying format, and looking to spruce it up? I don't know what was wrong with the system we had when Murray Walker was on the mike, but I was perfectly fine with that. Not every change is towards better.
  9. F1 official website: The end for Sebastian? Some latest articles already do suggest exactly that. I don't think that way, but I also fear, should he continue to struggle as he has in Bahrain, I would not totally dismissed such possibility. How much time AM will give him, is anyone's guess.
  10. There is a lot of nonsense appearing on these pages lately. Theory of judgement and perception teases various philosophers for ages since age of Descartes, if not earlier. Perhaps some basic definitions could help. Terms are available everywhere, as long as you are willing to look for them, instead just filling void with trash between real news. Definition: Perception refers to the way in which you sense of a situation. Judgement refers to the way in which you make decisions after analysing and evaluating your perceptions. Sequence: Perception occurs before judgment. Judgement occurs after perception. Classification: Perception can happen through the five senses or the intuition of a person. Judgement evaluates information through a logical and impersonal process or personal beliefs or morality. It doesn't hurt to stick just with facts.
  11. Actually both, in my recollection. Concerns were about him being dumped into very much different environment from Ferrari, and that will not end up well. Some snotty English technical staff conducted undeclared hostilities towards him from day one. This all was in print. Since I was, and still am a fan of Michael, I did follow those kind of news. Today I am just tired of it.
  12. Some say he shouldn't come out from retirement at all.
  13. Schumacher remebered (not by LH) Better late than never.
  14. This sentence has its advantages, namely, if you read it backwards, it still says the same thing. Choices are always good.
  15. Thinking about your life in a fast lane in every moment you are awake is not unique to Alonso. The article is to certain degree redundant. Such state of mind has been confirmed and re-confirmed by many drivers before. I still think that three race weekends in succession is a burden for teams, racers, and perhaps not too liking of fans as well, but long gaps between races is also no good, because then we come across all kind of articles such as this one is. Proper news cycle is 1.5 days (said an expert). When news became business, and broadcast never stops as we have it today, then we get opinions and trash as fillers for absence of newsworthy material. No wonder people distrust CNN and similar outlets. F1 should learn from mistakes of others.
  16. This situation is so complex, that (IMO) it almost requires legal analysis just to figure out step by step what was and wasn't possible for AM to react in best way. I am puzzled by claims that whole change of specs was in breach of current agreements on the books. At least 3 teams protested, but the change was rammed through (allegedly) nonetheless on safety grounds (so I heard). AM is doomed this year, and my initially in part cheeky low rating of them (P7) might not sound anymore that far fetched. What will happen with Seb is really not clear.
  17. Aston Martin warned FIA impact of rule changes Oh well, that was a point, wasn't it? Maybe not implicitly hurting AM, but MB (as is Wolff alleging, if I read him correctly). Saving MB (or AM) was not on a priority list with said changes, so it seems. I am not sure what Szafnauer was hoping to accomplish with his complains. What I would be rather interested to hear when exactly AM realised they are in trouble? Before the PR campaign how they want to fight for podium, before testing, after testing... Did they see it on their sim, or only once they hit track and observed their house of cards falling down? Thick on rhetoric, weak on substance. This change of specs, and limitation on permitted work on a car puzzles me, because I am assuming once the spec was issued, and impact assessment was executed, in theory AM (and MB) should have built immediately a new car. That obviously didn't happen. Why not? Is it because tools in hand weren't sophisticated enough to raise a red flag? Was it due faulty analysis? Budget issue? Time? Wolff is pretty mad right now, as evident from some interviews with him, and a step beyond unhappy with some of his colleagues in the pit lane. The way it was done, I am actually on his side; dirty, underhanded games never impressed me. Last question - if this is an attempt to stop MB, why it wasn't done a few years sooner? I am of course mindful of the fact, despite all of the above, MB has done relatively well in the first race. AM - copy cat of MB, as penalty they incurred alleges - not that much. Their front man became a joke of the pit lane, and being last from them all will not bring any points home. "Legal steps for changing specs weren't followed", alleging AM. No one is bothered by it but very few?
  18. More of (distance) psychoanalysis of Vettel. ...maybe he should hire shaman to dispel evil winds... There is large class of microphone-held talkers who make comfortable living from just talking sh*t about others.
  19. Not so fast. If it happen at all, it might not happen next race. Sebastian already said after testing it may take 4 or 5 races before he will adjust to the car and settles in, assuming it's all upon him, and nothing is wrong with his car. Race 1 is now history. I was not surprised he wasn't anywhere near below podium, but the truth to be said, I was in shock how bad that whole weekend developed for him. I need to watch my blood pressure, so I won't talk about FiA's role in whole weekend full of misery for No. 5.
  20. True. Risk - both ways. Had he taken sabbatical, there might not have been a (winning) seat for him, unless RBR would have given to him, but I didn't read anywhere they would have such inclination.
  22. Perhaps your post explains, why you are not in charge. Monaco BTW went through changes, limited as they were, but thinking and efforts were exhibited and do continue. At some point F1 will reach new levels, when some track cannot keep up, and have to be taken off the calendar. I am not predicting this will happen to Monaco, but such situation is not out of the question. F1 leadership either will modulate technology, or seek new grounds, but there has to be degree of compatibility to keep viewership intrested.
  23. Australian GP I am sure someone around here will be assess changes to the GP circuit in technical terms, but I have something else on my mind, namely, passing praise where praise is due. I don't praise Australia as a country too often, and for good reasons, despite their heavenly beaches where KM writes his contributions to this forum, but this is something else. Every circuit should follow (some do) Oz example. Cars are changing, racing lines are changing, and tracks cannot stays sterile, and they need to go with times to accommodate current racing techniques. Mango is awarded for thinking and effort.
  24. This issue has been confirmed by former staff. What is kinda misplaced is the never-ending trust by his fans in all good and beautiful around this driver, despite various reports how divisive, and difficult it is to work with him. Even Hamilton touched on the same issues when asked why he never wants to be Alonso's teammate again. People should do little more research.
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