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  1. Date 2020.09.29 Time 15:09 (UTC) Ugh It's all about him (and not him+MB)? Mercedes should not have issue to find another interested driver.
  2. Date 2020.09.29 Time 10:31 (UTC) grandprix: No further comments are necessary.
  3. How is Jordan's "crystal ball" prediction fits into that scenario?
  4. There is time in ones life, when your experience is not needed, your life stories were told one too many times, and that's time to step aside and let new blood in, because you become boring old fool. Problem is, some people don't get it, and making outrages comments keeps them going.
  5. Date 2020.09.24 Time 13:26 (UTC) What's wrong with this man...interfering in German sovereign matters.
  6. I seems to remember a few years back that he was first TP whom I heard stated in public that complexity of the job is not a workload for one person, and do so well.
  7. Date 2020.09.16 Time 7:05 (UTC) Indication Mr. Wolff might stay with MB after all. A capable man.
  8. Date 2020.09.14 Time 10:07 (UTC) by James Clifford: Mr. E. Jordan seems to be mistaken (most likely again, as a few times in the past).
  9. Date 2020.09.13 Time 12:50 (UTC) Rumor Date 2020.09.14 Time 4:14 (UTC) Rumor corrected Lessons learned: When you read NEWS, don't rush to discuss it. Wait a day or two, sometimes just hours. There will be another NEWS.
  10. I'am not so sure about that. LdM was once a (worthy IMO) candidate to replace BE, and Ferrari blocked his nomination. (Concern of bias).
  11. I don't get this. If it is wrong today and it requires regulatory amendment, why it wasn't wrong several years ago?
  12. Date 2020.08.12 Time 9:46 (UTC) News. If factual, MB has done right thing IMO.
  13. Date 2020.08.08 Time 10:40 (UTC) ...(unbreakable) "foursome". (Mercedes, Torger, Bottas, Hamilton). Are you sure about that unbreakable thing?
  14. I am sorry, but I have been offered a link to another speculative story, but nothing more. Could MB pull plug on team ownership? Yes they might. Is there a buyer? It was not publicly confirmed as far as I am aware. Will they leave? It was not confirmed. The most telling indicators that team may after all stay together in my interpretation was: 1. Ola stating that both current drivers are good for Mercedes and that should continue. 2. Torger just a few days ago said, we are (unbreakable) "foursome". (Mercedes, Torger, Bottas, Hamilton).
  15. ...and I think we were told it's all Hamilton, so it should not matter then who is constructor. Ot will he..? Where did you get that?
  16. How many times we need to come back to this topic when mostly Hamilton fans are trying to defend indefensible? Facts are the same, interpretations vary, that's not in dispute. Mercedes is ahead of everybody else, and until reg. change, they, under normal conditions, they will stay there. The car, and consequently their drivers are circulating race tracks in the world of their own. Freezing or suppressing (corrective) developments on rival's equipment is not something useful in the name of fair game, however Hamilton is looking for WDC trophies 7 and 8, and that's the true objective, isn't it? Those are the facts as I dare to interpret them. I am not in full understanding what's going on with the Racing Point which suddenly came to life from nowhere, however claims the team had access to Mercedes owned design are ongoing with no end in sight. That's rather new exception to the rule. I was not going to comment on this, but fact is, it's more people who are not on board with golden boy, not just myself. This is not new, just latest in series of other incidents, almost always excused, and short lived especially when history if dusted off..
  17. Our recollections obviously differ, but to be frank, I am tired of getting back and pulling out the same topics repeatedly. Hamilton is sheltered internally and externally, that's how I see it, and I've read nothing to change my mind about it. It is debatable whether it began as intentional strategy, but it ended this way. FiA failed to step on the (regulatory) brakes by mid 2014 when it become apparent, that F1 is facing huge problem having one team monopoly in offing for years to come. Ecclestone commented more than once that Mercedes was working with FiA on power plant specs and development for very long time before anyone else, yet it was not enough to let other teams to catch up, and close the development gap? Why not? Take just the latest set of restriction pertaining to work on car. It is mandated under cost saving initiative, yet in reality who will save what? Ferrari looks almost certainly being in doldrum for next two years due to design errors (power plant and vehicle) which cannot be corrected to full extend needed. They can forget big pay check end of this year. And who will prosper most from having Ferrari out of the way? Brown certainly will not complain, and neither will Mercedes or RBR. So much for competition and merit based winning. RBR is rising and has huge potential, so it seems, but there is big difference between coming close to the line, and then crossing it. Prost thinks they will be not able to make that last step. Mercedes is again saved. Ferrari was the only team which had any chance to wreck Mercedes monopoly for owning podium, had FiA permitted early track testing so mistakes could be identified early and in time corrected. (As it used to be in times when Schumacher was there.) To make mistakes is part of human activity, it is old as human race, but now we live in era when we are prohibited to make mistakes? Who came up with that rubbish? We can go on along those lines for very long time, but it will not change reality, that cumulative effect on regulatory sides help some teams, damaged others, but at the end the only one which will be hurt least is Mercedes, and F1 brass has done nothing to put stop to it. Mercedes drivers are safe again from competition. This of course might change in 2 years when downsizing comes in effect.
  18. Wow. KM, when you warm up, we see you in really new light.
  19. Date 2020.07.15 Time 16:33 (UTC) I have no idea what you are talking about. I wonder if you can prove that, or even suggest where and when it happened. I want facts, not rumors perpetuated by fans. I do watch races religiously for quite a while, and I don't recall seeing anything of that kind you are suggesting. What I do however recall is that this (basically nonsensical) mantra has been repeated ad infinitum for very long time. Alonso had always cars designed to accommodate his driving style, often to the detriment of his teammates, especially Kimi, a reason why he often was perceived like a candidate for Nobel price after races, while Kimi was experiencing difficulties. It made me actually quite violently ill to hear Alonso's (BS) claims so often how he got out of the car 110%. Hamilton never won in a car that didn't suit him, and which was at least equal to others. In fact, even smallest deviation on setup from his style ended with his hysterical blow out to media after the race. In fact Hamilton had McLaren which Paddy Lowe assessed as good as RB on majority of tracks. Guess who however won WDC. (Hint, it wasn't Hamilton). Spin that Vettel had BEST car followed. It was the only way how to excuse McLaren's driver. That's my take on those claims.
  20. There is no doubt that Hamilton is protected species. Internally they don't dare to do anything to make him angry (they will even steal teammate's crew for him, if necessary, as they have done, just to stop his very public whining). Externally, there is no way regulatory conditions permits competining teams to work on their cars and make necessary improvements. If you don't recognize this as a protection racket, then I am afraid any further explanation is not possible from my side. Hamilton's car was faster in last weekend than slower, much slower RB, you say, and that's sign of what? Hamilton's superiority? Let them switch seats, and if Hamilton will generate again a such huge gap, I will take all back what I ever said about this guy with huge apology on top. Problem is, from history we know, that when Hamilton has the same (McLaren years), or even slightly lesser car on some circuits, he will not win, at least no always, which is why Vettel has his trophies, and Hamilton has his, because he won (sort off) six seasons with that car. It is not as surprising and impressive for everyone, as his fans would like to be. And that's a guy who once said, that he wants to win deservedly, not on "cheap" like Schumacher. He makes really hard for some of us to like him with his superiority complex.
  21. Good design, a few, if any, errors in development, protection from competition by all kind of devilish schemes Brawn and Todt can come up with, what do you expect? Tokens, limits on work directed towards countermeasures rivals need badly, and more. Whole so called "cost savings" campaign looks and smells really fishy to me. No wonder it makes Hamilton unbeatable being protected and insulated from external, and from internal pressure points.
  22. It has to be news to him, if you tell him that.
  23. 💘 for not being scare to say what everyone else thinks, but not saying.
  24. Date 2020.06.21 Time 18:19 (UTC) Will Mercedes share with us their plans for next commercial cycle before first race kick in? For me at the moment that is as much if not more exciting as first race without fans by the track side.
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