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  1. If someone would ask you to prove it, would you be able to do so? This is merely a rhetorical question, don't panic. I am not planning to embarrass you asking you to elaborate.
  2. To clarify, I've not accused Merc from cheating. My intent was to document confirmation of long standing rumor, that MB had massive jump in hybrid research in comparison with others, especially Honda. BE was aware of it, and he was the one behind those rumors dating back a few years. Token system and some other regulatory stuff, enough said. I really wonder whose disgraceful idea was that. Having on hand track results of 2014, I am not sure what it says about general wisdom of RD at McLaren, and I would include Alonso, what they were thinking when they must have realized hight of the wall they had to climb. (...or did they realized it?)
  3. Date 2020.11.13 Time 20:46 (UTC) Press conference It was impressive that Honda, despite being keenly aware of the gap they had to overcome, they did not back off. I am short of words to express my admiration for them. Based on above admission, it is also very likely that MB was in conceptual planing stage at least in 2009, if not earlier. With others, in early meetings with FiA, I bet MB was already ahead (of course by 0,5 sec LOL).
  4. There is no a job for him at AM. One should not forget that he was a point away to lead whole F1, hadn't been Ferrari in his way. Between that job and TP at tiny organization like AM would be like demotion. (CEO at AM is a new German guy).
  5. Date 2020.11.10 Time 10:47 (UTC) Good. They should pull Andreas Seidl in a put him in training to replace Torger.
  6. Date 2020.11.04 Time 8:22 (UTC) OneStopStrategy: Oh that's good news we need right now. I am "hoping" FiA with Brawn will find even more ways how to put brakes on corrective work rivals need to close a gap.
  7. Date 2020.10.31 Time 11:21 (UTC) One Stop.. My apology for being succinct after reading news. WTF?
  8. Date 2020.10.16 Time 10:06 (UTC) Strange headlines. What is that suppose to mean? I have nothing against Gasly, but I didn't know that Ocon is an endangered species at Renault. One French man replacing another? Why not take Alonso out from line up? Lord knows Alonso is in age when he could sit on a bench, enjoy the movie, and play with his grand kids.
  9. Looks like Alonso likes F1 car. Pity we cannot get full story how he feels about new Renault. (Maybe first question today should be - how is your neck?)
  10. Nobel prices are gone, Brad. When Cyril Abiteboul (TP) said about experienced Alonso will help them to built a better car, which would be noble aim under any circumstances, however based on his historical patterns building better cars, I thought Ocon should be deeply concerned.
  11. Date 2020.10.07 Time 18:14 (UTC) Alonso is suppose to test 2020 vehicle on the German track. Is Renault going to built now a racer around Alonso (as he had it in Ferrari), to the detriment of Ocon, or they will find balance between those two drivers?
  12. Date 2020.10.07 Time 6:12 (UTC) Perceptive, as always. Unfortunately F1 is not a rich target for daily news, and far too many individuals are trying to make living on sidelines of the sport, and running out of topics to write about. Jordan is however not one of them. He is well off, and can write when there is a reason for it. I thought we have already too many speculative articles on the internet, and therefore people like Jordan could choose voicing his opinion more carefully, avoiding ambiguity of misleading headlines. He apparently (as I understand it) insisted on the story-line about the MB team being on the market for sale, despite MB' denial. The revelation by the German automaker suggests, this decision is result of long internal marketing analytical process ending with shareholders voting to allocate funds for next CA period. This is not something which was decided over night. Anything Jordan heard was therefore not very credible, and consequently perhaps not helpful to his credibility as well.
  13. Date 2020.10.06 Time 18:05 (UTC) Mercedes F1 team set for greater AMG branding Sounds like a plan, and puts BE in error when he discarded F1 technology as irrelevant to road cars. Interesting turn of events, and decisive move. Differential thinking from Honda. I am not sure where E. Jordan got his secret news that MB is selling their F1 business, but maybe he needs more credible sources. This guy is rich, yet he still needs to live on rumors. I was also among those who thought already early this year, that they will pull out, but looks like they had found new life line in spreading the word - AMG is here, AMG is to stay, get used to it! So, I will.
  14. The truth always comes up. You just have to wait for it.
  15. Date 2020.09.30 Time 9:33 (UTC) Is Renault going to move up on the grid? They have some interesting results on their score card.
  16. Date 2020.09.29 Time 15:09 (UTC) Ugh It's all about him (and not him+MB)? Mercedes should not have issue to find another interested driver.
  17. Date 2020.09.29 Time 10:31 (UTC) grandprix: No further comments are necessary.
  18. How is Jordan's "crystal ball" prediction fits into that scenario?
  19. There is time in ones life, when your experience is not needed, your life stories were told one too many times, and that's time to step aside and let new blood in, because you become boring old fool. Problem is, some people don't get it, and making outrages comments keeps them going.
  20. Date 2020.09.24 Time 13:26 (UTC) What's wrong with this man...interfering in German sovereign matters.
  21. Team: Renault DP World F1 Team Base: Enstone, United Kingdom Team Chief: Cyril Francois Roger Abiteboul Power Unit: Renault Drivers: Esteban Ocon Daniel Ricciardo Renault
  22. I seems to remember a few years back that he was first TP whom I heard stated in public that complexity of the job is not a workload for one person, and do so well.
  23. Date 2020.09.16 Time 7:05 (UTC) Indication Mr. Wolff might stay with MB after all. A capable man.
  24. Date 2020.09.14 Time 10:07 (UTC) by James Clifford: Mr. E. Jordan seems to be mistaken (most likely again, as a few times in the past).
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