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  1. Some more than the others, and I do suspect you know the difference between terms like weak and strong.
  2. It is becoming painfully obvious how superiority of Mercedes hybrid masked a lot of issues, usually common to all teams, which are now transparent, as a competitor caught up with them. Had we have such parity in 2014, hard to say how many WDC MB team would achived. Suddenly Hamilton looks very ordinary; still a good driver, but more of a commoner, rather than someone who can be compared to Schumacher or Prost. In fact, Vettel, yes, our Vettel had to fight harder for his four trophies, Hamilton had most of the time for his. Vettel had no miracle engine, and any claims about RBR being a fastest car is dubious, if not defaming interpretation of competitive environment he was driving in.
  3. Aston Martin detail reasons behind Vettel retention I'am not sure if that's enough, or there should be more. It's enough for me, but then, I am racing only between 2230 - 0600.
  4. My own happiness is really not that important. Question is, whether Seb is because he got what he wanted, or they park him because that's best option for them. That delayed annoucement most likely holds more secrets than was announced. Point is, I have my reservation about that organisation, and trust they treat Vettel fairly is not on the top of my list. I think Seb was forced to take what they offered. I am not sure whether he is happy. Stroll Jr. basically killed Vettel's last race, as being first in the chain who did some damage on his car-postion (I think Seb lost 4 places), then Ocon and Schumacher took swipe at him, yet I can't find a moment when TP would say something critical about Junior. Imagine Bottas would do something like that to Hamilton. War planes would be heading towards Finland by now.
  5. Looks like Alfa is last available seat with 5 or 6 potential candidates to partner Bottas.
  6. D/T 2021.09.16 11:09 CEST Sebastian Vettel is confirmed by AM for 2022. There is no explanation available as yet which would touch on contract terms, money, what was hold up about, 2023...etc. So, I will endure another year in this so called sport.
  7. Should be rear right tire. The thing on his head was probably inflicted by Verstappen little later after race with a soup spoon.
  8. D/T 2021.09.15 12:20 CEST Robert Kubica - might be in the running for Vettel's seat. He can't say anything yet? It is noted he didn't say this is all nonsense, as AM claims. I am lost over whole affair. Someone is not telling the truth. There is unexplained delay, and so on. The only plausible explanation I have on face of it, that Sebastian remain uncommitted, and Kubica is only one who is available for next year to replace him. My second guess is that sticking point is probably length of new contract. I think Seb wants 3 years, and offer is probably for 1 year.
  9. Love is in the air? Well, let's hope it will last 5 years boy wants. Vettel also wanted a better car, and end up instead disinvited.
  10. Oh thanks, I can breath again. My face was getting blue already.
  11. D/T 2021.09.15 08:23 CEST With this kind of attitude I look for more interesting crashes coming to us in near future. On second thought, maybe Hamilton seeks some new style haircut by RB wheel? He is into fashion after all.
  12. D/T 2021.09.15 08:16 CEST This is first time I am hearing/reading confirmation from the owner of AM that a proposed deal with Sebastian could be more than one year. Well, my life with the F1 depends on it, while I am sticking with my man for duration.
  13. Blaming Honda again and again..? World is dynamic environment, and international companies have to adjust to survive and ensure their people have food on the table, instead kicking them on the street. As a reasonable person I can understand that without blaming anyone. But then, I am not English. I am hoping that will not make you think less of me.
  14. Some people have difficulties with accepting responsibility for their shortcomings.
  15. That's not how I remeber those instructions.
  16. There used to be a rule - defined by Whiting, and accepted by all drivers for very long time. Once rear wheel and front wheel are more or less in alignment, leading car has obligation to leave car width of space. Maybe Hamilton was too young to remember that, or he simply doesn't care.
  17. Going back and forth here is not going to resolve anything. Instead continuing along those lines, look at the data. The same Honda you are slating as incompetent is leading currently WDC. Results are in. McLaren was too arrogant, impatient and incompetent dealing with Japanese. Divorce was totally waste of energy and resources (IMO).
  18. Brown as the Executive Director of McLaren technology Group had a year to straighten up the relationship with Honda in 2017. Result - FAILED Really magical management "skills" in action. He could have now his own "factory team". Meanwhile, Honda was really peeved with McLaren attitude (and they stated so) and left. Now Honda is on brink winning WDC/WCC. Brown meanwhile is really all over the map with his business interests. Makes one wonder where he finds time for F1, so he can then climb on podium and drink champagne if there is something to celebrate.
  19. I am not sure if Seb will be there as long before it becomes functional and works like Omega watch.
  20. Author really surprised me, however he expressed how I feel bias or not, about few issuess. I am not sure what's going on, but Stroll is now being quoted that he hopes Seb will driver for them next year. There is slight ambiguity this. Next year and after, or just next year? As Vettel's ardent fan, I am interested in that detail.
  21. I am not in love with Velasco's attitude in most articles, but he is dead right in this one. This is first time someone said loudly what my rants say on these pages for very long time. This article should be mandatory reading for everyone.
  22. Good one: No one is certain Sebastian will stay. One English paper stated (interestingly worded) that issue is Vettel accepting drive for 2022. On impulse first tought was - that's all what was offered? After that I quickly realised source of this, so it is not clear what is AM asking Sebastian to accept. One thing is certain - Seb was asked to keep conditions locked and secret. Unless someone from AM internally will speak, we are left guessing.
  23. Are we back to Senna vs Prost argument? That's another case in which media playing large role than they should. It is proven through repeated studies, if people hear a lie or some nonsense continuously repeated, it just became reality for them. Media, mostly British, hated Prost, and Senna for very long time could not do wrong for them. But was he really that good? Senna had - like Hamilton has today - exceptional cars to his disposal through his career. He was to some extend like Verstappen, but rather more nuanced. Max might perhaps achieve that state later in his career. Story of Senna greatness however grows every time as his name comes up. I can imagine that will also happen with Alonso, deservedly or not. The thing is, I was at the track when those two raced. Yes, I am that old. Three times, and I think Prost - 4 WDC to his credit - was a better driver. Nickname professor to his name was there for a reason. Just ask another old fossil, BE. He thinks the same as I do - Prost was better driver than Senna, not that crazy diving into everything, whether he gets credit to his name in some segments of media, or not. That doesn't matter.
  24. Villeneuve unhappy with Verstappen's punishment: 'Belongs to Formula 1' Exactly. We need elected and balanced international media group at the races which brodcasts consensual opinions, rather than making definite statements, as some do currently. In inagural F1 Indianapolis race past long, fast straight was followed with chicane. Schumacher went wheel to wheel with Coulthard into it and out ahead without as much as iota of problem. Tribunes burst into applause. So, it could be done, if people do want to.
  25. D/T 2021.09.14 08:51 CEST Perez received 5 sec penalty after being pushed (sort off) by a Ferrari of track cutting into apex, and not leaving space. Vettel received penalty once exactly for that, when Verstappen tried to squeeze in, and hit Vettel. German was ridiculed in media later on. Charges for Perez: gained unfair advantage. Sweet stewards almighty... This is background, yet not main topic of this post. I have something else on my mind. Fair or not, penalised driver was allowed to keep his track position until race-end, before 5 sec was added to his time. I am not sure if he was impeding Ferrari racing behind him, but I do recall case when marked car did impeded driver behind. Does this rule, allowing a marked car to keep position, make any sense? This is not first time something like that has occured. I do recall a case when Verstappen cut a corner, penalty was coming to him, they all knew it, yet he was allowed to tangle with Vettel behind him, slowing him down, and cost him race points. Sebastian was screaming like hell from top of his lungs, then said something nice about Whiting's race management, and had to travel later to Paris and apologise to Englishman, despite Whiting's questionable management tactics. I actually though it should had been Whiting, who should have travelled to Paris, explain there his bias and apologise to Vettel. Not the other way around. Regardless of that, I think the call was wrong from stewards. Perez should have moved aside, and let Ferrari go, or he was not at fault, and in that case he should have kept those 5 sec. Dr: Marko said something about protesting the call, but I am not sure that will fix anything.
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