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  1. Lately I am hearing this kind of sentiment a lot. Sebastian could say exactly the same driving his 2014 RB, whilst from side lines people could quack how much DR is a better racer (as the car characteristics of 2014 design suited him more, than to his teammate). Since it takes long time and a lot of experimentation before car design can be tailored to racer's preferences, surely this situation begs a question whether it is better to keep a driver for long time (MB-Hamilton), or seeking a driver who is flexible in adaptability. (I am actually not sure that I know one). Hulk was good with RP, but could he take it to the top levels? We might never know. Russell was shining in MB, but was it because his competition stunk? Point is, People can ride a car with some pain and imperfections, but top spot requires perfection, and for that car and a driver must match completely. MB is probably right to stick with a driver who knows the car in and out over those years, and the car is top notch. You can't beat that combination.
  2. Agree without reservations.
  3. ‘Kubica didn’t help himself with comments to press at BMW Sauber’ says Heidfeld Old story, nice return in memory lane, but it was turning point for me. I've turned away from Kubica (for good) and never found any likes for his behaviour. I took a lot of flak for it from Polish members on the forum. One compared me to Iraqui minister of propaganda, who was executed. (So much for love on the forums). BMW gave Kubica chance in F1, lifted him up, yet on a few occasions he badly badmouthed them. I got so mad BMW hired and kept this guy at the expenses of his teammate, and as part of my tiny chunk of protest, I sold my beamer, and took me a few years before I returned as a customer.
  4. +1 Good remainder for some people in management.
  5. Just a gesture, but nice one. Torger is a good guy after all. Could be very effective PR.
  6. Year and half of considerations was given to Vettel? News to me. Vettel was made fun of, discarded like old bedroom slippers, written off, termed as "spent force" by a former has-been, thrown under the bus, and generally disrespected in media and on public forums more, than anyone I know in F1. Day in, day out. That's positive and forgiving consideration? Not in my book. In contrast, I don't know of anyone throwing flak at Alonso. It has been noted that he needs more time in that car, but that's all. Observation is just that, observation, which BTW he agree with. So, why spread even more misinformation around here?
  7. Noted: after first three race AM stands as constructor in P7. I am not particularly proud I've predicted low standing, but they have precious little time to make any significant changes on the car for next race. I wonder what Mr. Stroll Sr. thinks about all of this. Well, he has hired iconic PR man (despite my hope for engineering staff), so he had probably bad feelings in his bones. The thing is, I haven't heard from the PR man lately; is he in hiding? Where is iconic James Bond when you need one.
  8. Yes, that's my understanding as well. My question however was about difference between two upgrades, since both drivers have slightly different driving styles. On engine side I am not sure what AM ordered from MB. There are several versions of MB engine teams can purchase at different pricing levels. Both drivers complained they did not have speed, but I am not sure causes were engine or aero (maybe both) related.
  9. Let's hope new upgrade for him will yield a better race in Spain. I wonder if both drivers have the same, or different development. If Vettel's upgrade was more complex, that could explain why it wasn't ready for last race.
  10. Vettel hired to make Lance Stroll look better Adding insult to the injury comes to mind...
  11. I am lacking full understanding of current equipment management strategy. We (fans) were told some time ago an F1 engine needs to last seven races, so seven races at 305 kilometres each equals 2135 kilometres. Teams are permitted only 3 units per season without penalty (21 races), yet Liberty/FiA are aiming at 23 races per season, with additional 3 qualifications races this year. How does this works? I am lost over arithmetics of it. What am I missing?
  12. Mr. Unser I'am one of your long time fans, on and off the track. You were, and remain part of my dear memories on racing life in America. RIP
  13. Tarmac surface notwithstanding, both protagonists finished race without excursion into farmland. Schumacher finished race, Alonso had not too bad... so it's behind us.
  14. To keep stress on the PU at minimum, engineer will always turn down power to minimum and what is race specific strategically acceptable. This is why when a driver has a ("safe") lead, he will be asked to manage gap. There is no max racing the the finish line anymore.
  15. Who said that on FiA side? Vettel in couple of interviews with him was mentioning wind-factor only. Race director's duties are broad, deep and death serious. One of them (shortened): Has Masi failed in his duties then and permitted race on deviant track, and if so, has he done it on his own without having other actors agreeing to it?
  16. GPToday Race losers This is BS talk from Verstappen. OK, he had some difficulties there, however: Not first time he had difficulties, he is not the only one, and not exclusively on this circuit. Some drivers managed. So, those issues were Vertappen's own problem, or circuit's problem? FiA approved track/circuit as race-worthy. Verstappen should travel to Paris and face penalty as consequences for his big mouth IMO. I just don't like this kind of put-down talk. I can trash Silverstone (or a few other tracks) why I don't like those, as he does the Portuguese circuit. When asked, I think he should explain his own situation, and leave management decision where to race to someone else in management. The guy should have also some appreciation for effort people made to race in pandemic condition. Lastly, we had other tracks in the past with overly smooth surfaces. After some suggestions track was resurfaced and that was that, but how many we said - we aren't coming here anymore?
  17. In short, life would be far more simpler without them, however with technology in the play, they are as essential for maintaining proper inputs as air we breath. Some changes are initiated by a driver, others by a voice in the ear plug. Limit 3 PU per season are closely controlled and monitored (to last) by bunch of nameless and faceless individuals sitting in the pits, and connected with the driver. (Recently people at the home-base were added at MB to monitor essential data in real time). As long as we are running hybrids, buttons will stay, like them or not.
  18. Could have been. Almighty stewards are infallible, don't you know? Like Holy Father, or Oprah. Rules are too complex to police them all fairly and accurately IMHO. There is an old wisdom in practice - don't make laws which you cannot properly police. Maybe FiA didn't hear about it.
  19. Post race comments: ...we ask Sebastian to move over - junior is on better strategy and has fresher tires ...junior has upgrades, Seb doesn't Perez said he had similar experience with Strolls.
  20. Meanwhile: Furious Marko demands rule changes: This is not fair racing Complains against stewards are just piling up. Verstappen is punished, Norris is not. Problem is, some stewards are in this job for far too long. In fact (I cannot name him), but one fellow was on TV boasting, that he actually was posted into the job by Max M.'s friends. Stewards should be held accountable, and in every pre-season go through re-training and re-qualifications (as many other professional sports do).
  21. From my perspective, despite race-end position, he (i) obviously felt more comfortable in the car, and (II) finished race as best as equipment permitted. After all he went through last year and first two races this year, I feel it was different this time around.
  22. Is it too negative to state it was rather largely uneventful race? I dare to say happy people (teams, drivers) probably are minority after race. Stroll Jr. wasn't helped by upgrades. Kimi screw up. Verstappen will probably sleep in locked cage overnight for safety reasons. Sebastian had relatively not bad weekend. His car needs more work. Promised improvements on his car hopefully will point right direction. Perez: 👍
  23. ...I see another blame for Vettel is in the offing.
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