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  1. D/T 2021.09.15 08:23 CEST With this kind of attitude I look for more interesting crashes coming to us in near future. On second thought, maybe Hamilton seeks some new style haircut by RB wheel? He is into fashion after all.
  2. D/T 2021.09.15 08:16 CEST This is first time I am hearing/reading confirmation from the owner of AM that a proposed deal with Sebastian could be more than one year. Well, my life with the F1 depends on it, while I am sticking with my man for duration.
  3. Author really surprised me, however he expressed how I feel bias or not, about few issuess. I am not sure what's going on, but Stroll is now being quoted that he hopes Seb will driver for them next year. There is slight ambiguity this. Next year and after, or just next year? As Vettel's ardent fan, I am interested in that detail.
  4. I am not in love with Velasco's attitude in most articles, but he is dead right in this one. This is first time someone said loudly what my rants say on these pages for very long time. This article should be mandatory reading for everyone.
  5. Good one: No one is certain Sebastian will stay. One English paper stated (interestingly worded) that issue is Vettel accepting drive for 2022. On impulse first tought was - that's all what was offered? After that I quickly realised source of this, so it is not clear what is AM asking Sebastian to accept. One thing is certain - Seb was asked to keep conditions locked and secret. Unless someone from AM internally will speak, we are left guessing.
  6. Are we back to Senna vs Prost argument? That's another case in which media playing large role than they should. It is proven through repeated studies, if people hear a lie or some nonsense continuously repeated, it just became reality for them. Media, mostly British, hated Prost, and Senna for very long time could not do wrong for them. But was he really that good? Senna had - like Hamilton has today - exceptional cars to his disposal through his career. He was to some extend like Verstappen, but rather more nuanced. Max might perhaps achieve that state later in his career. Story of Senna greatness however grows every time as his name comes up. I can imagine that will also happen with Alonso, deservedly or not. The thing is, I was at the track when those two raced. Yes, I am that old. Three times, and I think Prost - 4 WDC to his credit - was a better driver. Nickname professor to his name was there for a reason. Just ask another old fossil, BE. He thinks the same as I do - Prost was better driver than Senna, not that crazy diving into everything, whether he gets credit to his name in some segments of media, or not. That doesn't matter.
  7. Villeneuve unhappy with Verstappen's punishment: 'Belongs to Formula 1' Exactly. We need elected and balanced international media group at the races which brodcasts consensual opinions, rather than making definite statements, as some do currently. In inagural F1 Indianapolis race past long, fast straight was followed with chicane. Schumacher went wheel to wheel with Coulthard into it and out ahead without as much as iota of problem. Tribunes burst into applause. So, it could be done, if people do want to.
  8. t didn't take much for Hamilton to leave a car space for fast approaching RB. This case cuts both ways, and each side of the road has their own "tinted" glasses. I have no pony in this fight, however from the distance I think Hamilton over years got away with far too much for one person in what is suppose to be a competitive sport, and this malignant self-entitlement is blurring his judgement.
  9. I felt for Perez before he got that seat at RBR, but then, in his age he is fully grown up and this is fantastic opportunity for him. I think next year might turn to be decisive how his future will looks like in the F1. Gasly is knocking on the door, and boss knows that. Perez is a fine driver, and RBR is sort of a difficult organisation. The guy is measured against Max, which is not easy, and he is on top of it driving a new machine requiring him to change his driving style. I think Dr. Marko extended honeymoon till end of this season precisely for those two reasons.
  10. I don't get this assessment. How do you evaluate in numbers such vagueness? If so, why not just say it was a racing accident and let both go free? If so, and Verstappen has to go back 3 positions on the grid in Sochi, why not at the same time convert "predominantly" into giving Hamilton 2 positions penalty. They can share responsibility, but this way Hamilton goes free, and learned nothing of it.
  11. I think at this point I have to apologise, but I have exhausted all my enthusiasm analyse Alonso and his adventures, be those on or off track.
  12. D/T 2021.09.13 18:52 CEST Esteban, again, how long have you been in this racket that such inconsistency surprises you? In my op, you deserve the penalty, however so were the others. So, when you did it, you recalled history and decided you get away with it? You are not Leclerc, nor Alonso, nor Hamilton, my dear. That's part of the problem.:
  13. Tinted glasses is a nonsensical term, therefore I don't see any usefulness discussing it. Crowd repeating manipulative articles published by (mostly) bias media is not that easy to shake off. It's everywhere. "Most people know" follows usually with claims which clinical psychology is warning rest of us not to accept due to their overwhelming falsehood. I've read today opinions so called self-appointed experts judging the major incident involving two protagonists. Not even them cannot agree on one common statement of truth based on facts. They just spewing their personal bias in public domain, and now it's being repeated by masses on sidelines. I don't have any problem with anyone admitting they do like Alonso's driving, and his personality. Any claims beyond that really bore the heck out of me.
  14. There was the incident which end up with Briatore leaving F1. That one was related to on track action. He is BETTER - that's a subjective judgement and hard to argue for or against. Clinical psychologists do not accept conclusions based on public opinions. Alonso is probably a good driver. Is he better than last four or five WDC? I don't know how to answer such questions because we each look at this sport through our own senses how we view and accept state of perfection. I should add case of Grosjean. When he was under threat missing a race due to having over 12 penalty points, many drivers really behave nastilly because they knew he could not risk proper defence and be misjudged. Vettel was in similar situation when stewards were competing among themselves who gives him more penalty points. In that period DR really pull a one or two dirty fast ones on him, and easily got away with it. You see, this will not happen to Alonso. He screwed (sorry) Sainz, he screwed Vettel once or twice, yet he gets always away with it. Figure that one out. Precious work of art at Mercedes the same. There is no force on this Mother Earth stewards would dare to call foul against him, especially when he was closing on Schumacher. Not everything is pretty in this world, and some of us do realise that.
  15. Agree. That was then, and this is now. Things change quickly, and Brown is collecting all accolades. I assume it will be too much to expect when things will go wrong one day, and they certainly will, that he will accept responsibility and resign (as opposed to blaming and kicking out Seidl). It was Otmar who put down any speculation about DR moving to AM (so he said); obviously based on alleged tension in McLaren camp.
  16. Yes, Alonso is Saint who has never done wrong.
  17. D/T 2021.09.13 12:36 CEST Szafnauer also said neither them or Vettel have Plan B. Well, maybe it was not talked about or explored enough, but Vettel has a Plan B, it is called retirement. From my understanding squabble between both parties is about duration of the new contract as a singular issue.
  18. My race was over after first lap. Mr. Stroll Jr. managed to eliminate his teammate after start. I wonder what Otmar was thinking. One can wonder if Seb will ask for more next year from owner's son. Then Ocon and Mick wanted to shake hands, and Seb was done for the day. It's nice it works for some drivers, however sadly not for all of them. What about Mr. Stroll - nothing?
  19. D/T 2021.09.13 07:54 CEST We view events around us differently. Hamilton was probably proud of stewards after previous incident as well.
  20. Protection racket continues. What else is new and unexpected? Hamilton's side will be milking it for weeks. My view doesn't count, but I am lost how anyone - except stewards of course - can absolve Hamilton from being the instigator of this incident. Vettel had his story to tell after the race.
  21. This is now second race in which Hamilton is appearing not exactly in most shining lights. Stewards would crucify Vettel for similar act. I feel strange to take Verstappen's side after all dirty work he has done on Vettel in his early years.
  22. Verstappen was decelerating, yet faster than Hamilton exiting pitlane, much slower and only picking on speed, yet cutting into Verstappen path. As a fan I am not thinking this is a racing incident. 100% Hamilton's fault not giving enough space, which he could, had he wanted. On some other forum they blame Verstappen. I've watched the clip over and over, stopping it by seconds, and we can argue what Hamilton did, and what he could have done to avoid collison. I also think if Verstappen panicked, and hit brakes, he would have flat tires for sure. Curb toss his car up, and rest is history. I am lost how Verstappen can be blame at all. I am not his fan, but Hamilton did bad IMO. Bad actor in this latest incident.
  23. It is possible that last 18 months did a job on him. I would be happy if he continues, however I will understand if he doesn't.
  24. Seidl's handy-work. Not bad at all. I am disappointed with Seb. I am not sure why he is so far behind Stroll in this race. Ocon needs to cool down. Gasly - tears.
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