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  1. I am not sure what are you referring to, because that was not my intent, but I wish Hamilton stood up Verstappen when Vettel was victim. Sometimes timing is everything.
  2. Really? Not that I disagree, however my question is, where was your judgement when Verstappen displayed almost dangerous behavior on track aginst Vettel, and was applauded for it. Vettel's name consequently was dragged in mud of shame just because on his defensive moves it affected tight proximity of other drivers on that location. When I was defending Vettel, i was then lectured - it's racing!! It is clear that in sports, just as in life outside of a sporting arenas people are occasionally driven by emotions, rather than cool headed judgements. Hamilton suddenly become religious because it suits him in his public projection, and that's a shame because like it or not, it screams loud and has written hypocricy all over.
  3. Oh calm down, Toto. FiA was protecting your team from competition attack for about 7 years, and no one said we don't want to talk to them again. Being reasonable is my main thought here.
  4. D/T 2022.03.03 18:53 UTC This is rather surprising for me personally. There must be much more hidden out of our sight and ears. I am not sure whether I should trust Sky, but that's huge.
  5. D/T 2022.03.03 12:37 UTC Mazepin is cleared to participate in racing, however what about financial support by his father for Haas? PM Johnson seems on the attack. I don't know whether he included Mazepin Sr. on his list of people of interest, but one wonders if Haas has a plan B if lighting strikes. Perhaps selling the team to Andretti could be a final solution if his hand is forced.
  6. D/T 2022.03.03 10:23 UTC It has been reported Max Verstappen signed his contract with RBR until 2028. It appears then that a position of leading driver with that team is settled, at least for next a few years. Ferrari has their drivers also until (I think 2025). Sainz is almost certain to get drive for next 2 or 3 years. Where does this leaves Mick Schumacher is a good question. I used to like Binotto, but today for some reason I wonder why. I am not trying to say he is a bad man, not at all, but I wish he would be little more honest in public arena with candidates for Ferrari racing seat, and release them to seek job elsewhere. Maybe a hatched job he has done on Seb left me with bitter feelings. So, what's left? Not much. Mercedes after Hamilton, Alpine after Alonso, and midfield. It would be nice if leading part of the grid (I term it as Tier 1) would expand at least to 6 teams which can compete for podium on regular basis. I am not convinced that we are there as yet. RBR, Mercedes, Ferrari, ... probably Alpine / McLaren, of them. More is coming shortly. People promised a lot of upgrades. That could shake up my perceptions from ground up.
  7. D/T 2022.03.03 6:35 UTC My (sophomoric) thoughts on the subject: firstly, this discussion concerns the F1 only due to the fact, that an event is (was?) scheduled in a country at war. Sanctions imposed by various parties on warring factions carry potential consequences on properties and actors of the F1. We simply cannot predict what would happen, if anything, to materials and personnel transported in and out of Sochi. Excluding this one particular event appears to be primarily a political statement. Is F1 a political entity? Of course not. Let's feather therefore the brakes. My own discomfort is with selective rhetoric we are presented with. For example, one of many, Russian subjects were (are) living in comfort in UK, yet suddenly after attack on Ukraine.their properties were overnight declared by UK govern. as “there will be nowhere to hide your ill-gotten gains". Really? You didn't know about it yesterday? Not that I disagree, but the hypocrisy around here is overwhelming. We would be better off to end this discussion, and focus on forthcoming season, a subject much more pleasant. The race in Sochi seems no-go at the moment, so there is no point to talk about it. BE, the old man of F1, sometimes utters something which pleases my ears, but he has also said a lot of things which drove me literally to the brink of insanity. Today he is a man of respected age, and we have to live with it. Locking him in a closet is basically non-starter. If I live as long as he has, I might be also dribbling my thoughts which may not please everyone. Back to racing, please.
  8. D/T 2022.03.02 20:27 UTC Greed. Nice rant on MSNBC morning show. The F1 is not apparently alone in that department. Then new specs... This promises action on and off the track.
  9. D/T 2022.03.02 13:31 UTC FiA really made dog's breakfast out of that issue. Seb doesn't want to go there (Rusland)... BE would ignore politics...
  10. D/T 2022.03.02 12:47 UTC Impressive.
  11. D/T 2022.03.01 21:30 UTC Hard to say anything intelligent about this.
  12. It will be probably a package deal, bud.
  13. D/T 2022.03.01 12:22 UTC Spirits? WTH... You guys sitting in a posh jobs for several years, and I am assuming you are getting paid. Why for once don't you cannot write specs without invoking spirits? You speak English, don't you. Write rule book in German, and you will be surprised how spirits disappear in one afternoon.
  14. D/T 2022.03.01 10:46 UTC GP247 / Binotto: I find Binotto's prediction rather intriguing. That's not what I've expected/-ing.
  15. There is nothing to discuss IMO. Whether the expulsion of Mazepin would be fair or not is not an issue. The decision needs to be taken in terms of consistency within framework of other disciplinary measures undertaken by family of nations in response to sad events of past a few days. FIFA already decided not to include Russian teams in the championship, and there was more. FiA on moral grounds has no choice but act, and act quickly. Second test is coming. Haas needs the decision this week (I am guessing).
  16. May I suggest you ought to really re-think how you cut and paste various quotes. This issue has been raised with you in the past, however here you go again. Comment in your response is assigned to my alias, however it was not my quote. Please go back and read the original Brad's post.
  17. D/T 2022.02.28 19:46 (CET) D/T 2022.02.28 19:46 (CET) This merely confirms that once again (as in 2014), we aren't all on the same baseline and I dare to predict we will see it on the track. We cannot expect teams have equal brainpower, resources, or they all are playing clean. Unless we standardize everything, differences will always exist. I do remain convinced that monetary budget is just expensive administrative bureaucracy and nuisance. Let them loose, I say, and we can forget about tokens and other nonsense of that kind. They want WCC, so, let them have it.
  18. D/T 2022.02.28 11:33 (CET) What on earth is Mr. Buxton talking about? Maybe a memo didn't reach him in his cave, however there is that little issue of Budget limit, so what is the point of his ha-ha rumbling about big US guy is coming to beat poor EU guys. Fact is, how much money on upside Andretti can spend is irrelevant. For Andretti Global max is only as much as others can spend. To W. Buxton I say, just facts, man, and keep your opinions for some other time and place.
  19. Andretti revealed that they tied their fortune to Alpine PU (if they get a grid spot).
  20. Welcome anjo. I hold similar opinion. I am somewhat skeptical about F1 ever becoming household name in US, like NASCAR, baseball, etc. F1 is rarity for a few, however I cannot see it as anything more. I've said this long time ago, that for F1 to show up once a year and quickly disappear for a year is nothing more, but inadequate strategy. US has pretty good women football (soccer) team, yet it is still considered a fringe sport. Even hockey struggled/struggles for acceptance in adult world. Baseball, US football, and Basketball are often quoted as the only major sports on the planet. I would put down a few bucks on bet, that even if Herta would win the F1 WDC, it would make at home headlines for a day or two, followed with couple of interviews, and hoopla would die next day. US is not tha F1 land. Not today. It's just for some a circus is in town over the weekend, and that's it. Nothing more.
  21. It's only MB team which "cannot find" anything good in German born drivers... Seb, Nick. Mick...a few others are available. (I don't think that Mick will ever drive for Ferrari with current management in place).
  22. Good for you, Romain. Congratulation. I really mean it. i'ts only F1 suffocating with hate couldn't find anything good on you.
  23. D/T 2022.02.26 11:37 (CET) Haas / Russian driver Rumors are circulating that Mazepin might leave Haas before season ends. F1 reader: No one from Andretti camp? (Not that I care one way or another).
  24. I guess we will hear back about this topic once the racing starts. Right now I simply don't know.
  25. Max said it's better than last years.
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