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  1. Latest - some are predicting that Binotto sending him to Haas (instead Sauber next to Kimi) effectively destroyed his carreer even before it started.
  2. In Anglo-world humans are objects. In normal countries humans are, well, humans. They aren't owned, but be part of and organisation, and so on.
  3. Yes, noted. In my mind I am not as much interested in comparative studies between him and Perez, as Vettel having opportunity to test car balance with all trimming they already have for next year. That would be marevelous. Rumour is rumour, but certain person from RB to move? Well, maybe. I am not however sure whether it is necessary. Maybe as frequent consultant, but current guys in the design office seems to doing well even without Newey. Good thing about having Newey's hand in design as I see it, he knows what Sebastian wants and needs.
  4. It is not a bad idea to let drivers to test, but then make it so for everyone who wants it, not just Alonso. Change rules first. I am sure Sainz wants to test this year car, or Vettel RP, and probably many more.
  5. This is no good. Rules should apply to all without exception. This rulling is however a slippery slope. Once you start, where it ends? Next time someone else will ask for exemption for something else, and before too long any rules will become utter joke and meaningless. Just like contracts are these days.
  6. That's rather unfortunate. Strange headline. Is Schumacher an item that can be purchased or sold and then tossed as an old broom?
  7. Date 2020.12.02 Time 6:48 (UTC) In an hour or so, Haas is expected to announce Mick Schumacher as a driver for (at least) 2021. Firstly, (advanced) congratulation getting into F1, a place where your father - my hero of many years - was a king once. Secondly, I am sorry it has to be Haas. Probably the (second?) weakest team currently on the grid. It is not how your father started, but with some perseverance, get noticed - in good way - and hopefully you will move on. Thirdly, forget Ferrari. They already have their primate and there is no point to strive to be his servant. Mercedes as a German entity is better goal for conquering the world of F1 in more honest manner over what we see today. Sincere good luck to you, Mick. He chooses A car No. 47
  8. Date 2020.12.01 Time 9:04 (UTC) Who said that money cannot buy happiness? Sooner or later F1 becomes a playground for boys with rich fathers. Well, it could turn out that way.
  9. Michael at Benetton had a different start compared to his son. Strong professionals, and a good car. I have distinct recollection on moments when he was giving my hero (then Alain) hard time. I was at the track a few times when Alain, Michael and Senna were 3 to watch. Mick is lacking even 1/3 kind of support what Hamilton received at McLaren from RD since he was 12. Mick is already about 9 - 10 years older and his team..? One at the back. I am hesitant to stay optimistic about his chances in F1.
  10. Date 2020.11.18 Time 10:28 (UTC)
  11. Hmmm, Ok. I didn't think you would.
  12. If someone would ask you to prove it, would you be able to do so? This is merely a rhetorical question, don't panic. I am not planning to embarrass you asking you to elaborate.
  13. To clarify, I've not accused Merc from cheating. My intent was to document confirmation of long standing rumor, that MB had massive jump in hybrid research in comparison with others, especially Honda. BE was aware of it, and he was the one behind those rumors dating back a few years. Token system and some other regulatory stuff, enough said. I really wonder whose disgraceful idea was that. Having on hand track results of 2014, I am not sure what it says about general wisdom of RD at McLaren, and I would include Alonso, what they were thinking when they must have realized hight of the wall they had to climb. (...or did they realized it?)
  14. Date 2020.11.13 Time 20:46 (UTC) Press conference It was impressive that Honda, despite being keenly aware of the gap they had to overcome, they did not back off. I am short of words to express my admiration for them. Based on above admission, it is also very likely that MB was in conceptual planing stage at least in 2009, if not earlier. With others, in early meetings with FiA, I bet MB was already ahead (of course by 0,5 sec LOL).
  15. There is no a job for him at AM. One should not forget that he was a point away to lead whole F1, hadn't been Ferrari in his way. Between that job and TP at tiny organization like AM would be like demotion. (CEO at AM is a new German guy).
  16. Date 2020.11.10 Time 10:47 (UTC) Good. They should pull Andreas Seidl in a put him in training to replace Torger.
  17. Date 2020.11.04 Time 8:22 (UTC) OneStopStrategy: Oh that's good news we need right now. I am "hoping" FiA with Brawn will find even more ways how to put brakes on corrective work rivals need to close a gap.
  18. Date 2020.10.31 Time 11:21 (UTC) One Stop.. My apology for being succinct after reading news. WTF?
  19. Date 2020.10.21 Time 8:02 (UTC) OneStopStrategy: We are supposedly a few days from confirmation of drivers line up for next year at Haas. I am surprised, because some reports claimed Mick was "shoe-in" to partner Kimi. Perez under those circumstance might be really in trouble (like Seb a while ago). Hat off to Brad for calling it (possibly) right.
  20. Date 2020.10.20 Time 18:45 (UTC) Brad, I will believe he is with Williams only after he and team officially confirms that. Meanwhile Haas is still interested in him. We have truck load of those sure thing predictions this year. (Season is slow). As of today, I think odds for Haas seats in 2021 are Perez and Hulk of son of Russian oligarch.
  21. Absolutely, why not is right. He deserves better than that, but sometimes we can't have what we deserve.
  22. Date 2020.10.20 Time 7:33 (UTC) Opinion of someone close to insider: That speculation is around for a while. Many driver candidates for a few available seats.
  23. Date 2020.10.16 Time 10:06 (UTC) Strange headlines. What is that suppose to mean? I have nothing against Gasly, but I didn't know that Ocon is an endangered species at Renault. One French man replacing another? Why not take Alonso out from line up? Lord knows Alonso is in age when he could sit on a bench, enjoy the movie, and play with his grand kids.
  24. Looks like Alonso likes F1 car. Pity we cannot get full story how he feels about new Renault. (Maybe first question today should be - how is your neck?)
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