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  1. Nobel prices are gone, Brad. When Cyril Abiteboul (TP) said about experienced Alonso will help them to built a better car, which would be noble aim under any circumstances, however based on his historical patterns building better cars, I thought Ocon should be deeply concerned.
  2. Date 2020.10.07 Time 18:14 (UTC) Alonso is suppose to test 2020 vehicle on the German track. Is Renault going to built now a racer around Alonso (as he had it in Ferrari), to the detriment of Ocon, or they will find balance between those two drivers?
  3. Date 2020.10.07 Time 6:12 (UTC) Perceptive, as always. Unfortunately F1 is not a rich target for daily news, and far too many individuals are trying to make living on sidelines of the sport, and running out of topics to write about. Jordan is however not one of them. He is well off, and can write when there is a reason for it. I thought we have already too many speculative articles on the internet, and therefore people like Jordan could choose voicing his opinion more carefully, avoiding ambiguity of misleading headlines. He apparently (as I understand it) insisted on the story-line about the MB team being on the market for sale, despite MB' denial. The revelation by the German automaker suggests, this decision is result of long internal marketing analytical process ending with shareholders voting to allocate funds for next CA period. This is not something which was decided over night. Anything Jordan heard was therefore not very credible, and consequently perhaps not helpful to his credibility as well.
  4. Date 2020.10.06 Time 18:05 (UTC) Mercedes F1 team set for greater AMG branding Sounds like a plan, and puts BE in error when he discarded F1 technology as irrelevant to road cars. Interesting turn of events, and decisive move. Differential thinking from Honda. I am not sure where E. Jordan got his secret news that MB is selling their F1 business, but maybe he needs more credible sources. This guy is rich, yet he still needs to live on rumors. I was also among those who thought already early this year, that they will pull out, but looks like they had found new life line in spreading the word - AMG is here, AMG is to stay, get used to it! So, I will.
  5. You may find people who will argue that a wrong driver will be leaving RP end of this year. It's not difficult to guess why... That's the very argument why perhaps father-son relationship is not that ideal as it sounds. At least I think so. I can do however nothing about it, and people who can, aren't interested, because financial aspects seems to be more important to them.
  6. The truth always comes up. You just have to wait for it.
  7. Merit based financial support of a driver is not an issue with me. A gifted driver who has financially struggled through lower series, yet in the last step he gets parked because a drive is handed over to a son of the owner based on blood relationship, is another matter. I don't see it as a positive development. Potential for really bad situations is massive. We get upset when TP favors one of the drivers over the other one. Just wait how TP will treat owner's son.
  8. Date 2020.10.01 Time 9:08 (UTC) WT.... NO! It was clear to me from start, that Stroll is setting poisonous precedent. Development is not good for fans.
  9. Date 2020.09.30 Time 14:45 (UTC) I am having difficulty to establish without doubts whether Steiner should learn how to deal with a French national and his approach to life, or Grosjean should try harder to come in grips with (not that easy) life with the team he is driving for. He is in UK, surrounded by British-US personnel, all run by the Italian and American owner. There is a lot to unpack in this configuration. Forget yesteryears man Alonso, and have him move to a French team.
  10. Date 2020.09.30 Time 9:33 (UTC) Is Renault going to move up on the grid? They have some interesting results on their score card.
  11. Date 2020.09.29 Time 15:09 (UTC) Ugh It's all about him (and not him+MB)? Mercedes should not have issue to find another interested driver.
  12. Date 2020.09.29 Time 10:31 (UTC) grandprix: No further comments are necessary.
  13. How is Jordan's "crystal ball" prediction fits into that scenario?
  14. Now when Kimi might be joined (possibly) by Mick, Hulk and Perez to Haas is not that far fetched speculation. Plan is for Mick take a car for spin in Germany.
  15. Date 2020.09.25 Time 10:52 (UTC) Rumors, rumors, and rumors... grandprix ...another rumor - Haas to Renault?
  16. There is time in ones life, when your experience is not needed, your life stories were told one too many times, and that's time to step aside and let new blood in, because you become boring old fool. Problem is, some people don't get it, and making outrages comments keeps them going.
  17. Date 2020.09.24 Time 13:26 (UTC) What's wrong with this man...interfering in German sovereign matters.
  18. Team: Renault DP World F1 Team Base: Enstone, United Kingdom Team Chief: Cyril Francois Roger Abiteboul Power Unit: Renault Drivers: Esteban Ocon Daniel Ricciardo Renault
  19. Haas with their philosophy is lower end midfield, and any driver would break their teeth trying to pull the rope for them. I wonder if ever Gro had actually received a fair chance in this series when he was trying to establish his way in racing. Media unfortunately created a lot of hateful rhetoric around him, doubtfully fair or accurate. They have done it to more non-British drivers, yet Brawn is telling us today, how false perception that was. Too little, too late, Sir.
  20. I seems to remember a few years back that he was first TP whom I heard stated in public that complexity of the job is not a workload for one person, and do so well.
  21. Date 2020.09.16 Time 7:37 (UTC) As of this day, driver line up for next year remains unconfirmed. F1 ever interfering media decided there has to be change. I for one think UK is far too much overrepresented, and not for the best for this sport. We need French and Danish involvement IMO.
  22. Date 2020.09.16 Time 7:05 (UTC) Indication Mr. Wolff might stay with MB after all. A capable man.
  23. Date 2020.09.14 Time 10:07 (UTC) by James Clifford: Mr. E. Jordan seems to be mistaken (most likely again, as a few times in the past).
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