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  1. Vettel is walking backwards. I am not watching the race without interruptions, thus I have no idea what's wrong now. Hamilton and Verstappen will be investigated, again. They will not give up, until one or both end up in hospital. Yuki, Gasly...sad weekend.
  2. D/T 2021.09.12 12:59 CEST AM last year compared to AM this year might have something to do with delayed committment to next phase.
  3. Poor Gasly. Lighting start, sleeping McLaren in the front of him, boom, and it's over. Bad things happen to good people. Well, he will correct it tomorrow. Vettel's car is still having its own mind and doing what it wants, rather than what driver wants, so, AM didn't fix it. What a team.
  4. Rumour - Andretti is considering to buy them out.
  5. Sainz is definitely not a happy sailor right now. If AM wants to play big, they have to be consistent with reliability and performance. We are in mid-season, and AM should know quirks of their equipment inside out. if they don't, then instead publicity guy, go and hire competent engineers who do know how things work.
  6. Copy that. The thing is, today you have 3 cars on a lead lap, and others being fractions apart in performance. One slip, and drop in race ranking could be really significant.
  7. D/T 2021.09.11 07:08 CEST Vettel is one of very few people in the F1 about whom I believe are either speaking the truth, or do not saying anything. His assurance should be then good enough for me to trust, that he has found internal peace with himself after that horrid last year. Now, where is that piece of paper which needs to be signed...
  8. Teams are in this business for a few years and mature enough not to fall for such cheap trick. That kind of strategy might have worked once or twice, but not more than that.
  9. Obviously you are nostalgic about good old times when Alonso was there, or maybe even further back. Well, time is marching forward, and McLaren drivers are now becoming a factor at the front. That's how I see it.
  10. D/T 2021.09.10 19:01 CEST Qualification is over, and as more or less predicted by Verstappen, MB is here too fast. So much for claims by the official F1 (she)commentator, that RBR has fastest car. (Just because Hamilton was not in P1 the other day, so that was her expert explanation.) A lot can happen this weekend before this is over. AM has done slightly better than I've expected. McLaren under Seidl is progressing really well. Lastly, what can I say about Gasly. This guy is driving Minardi, and he is in P6 on this track? I like Dr. Marko, but Helmut, what are you doing to this young man? He deserves front row, and than we have really fight. I have no pony in this battle, but my admiration for him is growing by an hour. Kubica could be happy he was not slowest. Ferrari bomb out on home ground. Nice going, Binotto, Leclerc...
  11. FP1 Everybody is keeping his cards close to his chest. On the other hand, we have been here before, and engineers can interpolate chances they have, and how to play the game. Qualifying at 18:00 local time seems to be quite late afternoon, but I am assuming planners know better than I do whether at 19:00 visibility is sufficient to drive an F1 car under ambient conditions on a such speed circuit.
  12. D/T 2021.09.10 12:37 CEST At this point I am not convinced anymore hold up is Vettel's potential replacement, whoever that might be. (It was reported - more like rumour - that Alonso allegedly refused AM's offer.) There is nobody left available in whom AM might be interested to replace Vettel. I've changed my mind, and I think haggling is either about money, or new contract length. This or that, or probably both. If Seb says I am not accepting your offer and I am rather retiring, will Hulk suddenly get a job back? I don't see too many other options for AM. There is one crazy idea - in speculative terms - Stroll was interested in Hamilton. Is it possible that Vettel was offered merely 1 year more (2022), and Hamilton will move over to play Bond in 2023? One cannot say that cannot happen. I don't see Hamilton driving for MB much longer.
  13. D/T 2021.09.10 06:55 CEST This looks OK, although wet race forecast on a speed circuit is not exactly a good thing. It may be fun elsewhere, but not here.
  14. This exchange bores the heck out of me. Renault or Alpine will do whatever they think it's good for them. Hiring Alonso and let him transforming the team to his image while upsetting Ocon, a home guy, is up to them. I think it's insane strategy (can I actually call it a strategy?), but my thoughts are just that, my thoughts, and nothing more.
  15. I don't agree with you. I don't think Alonso was not brought in at all for reasons you state, but whatever. Renault, had their primary objective been advertising of their brand, the team would have called Renault, instead Alpine. Secondly, if you think to which segment of society a product is targeted, and as much I am not privy to their marketing strategy, from some indicators it seems to be youth (twenty something). The same people who do ask Alonso who..?
  16. I think Alain knows what he is talking about, namely disruptive tactics Alonso deploys until he gets his way. This would not be first time paddock is talking about it. I've never doubt Alonso's driving skills. Ocon can learn from him, despite not being slouch himself. Record this year is there for all to see. His annoyance however is with the Alpine team, which is changing car to cater driving characteristics of his teammate, rather than his. We have seen this tendency before in Ferrari, to name just one, when he partnered Kimi. I've said this before, but I am hoping Alpine knows where is their future. 40 years old driver, or something else. Ocon was doing quite well, until Alonso began to advise the team how to change the car. Now Ocon is in trouble, and Alonso is getting better, but at what price? Ocon has no choice, but work with leftovers. Maybe that will be OK, maybe not. It remains to be seen.
  17. He must be in a difficult position. Not too many people would dare to sit and compete in that car in his situation, especially at Monza. This is a difficult track for everyone. History is witness to its dark side.
  18. Random thoughts: Bottas now when he is leaving might be not so subservient to Hamilton. Ocon and Alonso - strained relationship. Mazepin and Schumacher - strained relationship. Verstappen is saying MB will be too fast. Sakae is saying AM will be too slow. Ferrari might do well.
  19. Sprint qualifying. Grand Prix (53 Laps or 120 Mins) 15:00 - 17:00
  20. It sounds like the old Alonso is now really back. Nothing new, and it was predictable. The same is common happening wherever he goes.
  21. Vettel's post-race comment is now available. Car performances in midfield are not too different of each other, however on a track where overtaking is at premium, bad starting position sticks its ugly head on Sunday. I might be at minority, but I still don't like current qualification procedure. I think drivers should have a full hour available to them, limited attempts, fastest lap counts. Reason is simple. Car is not perhaps ready for a trial and team needs a few minutes more, or track ambient conditions are changing, and I like to see more fairness on Saturday. What happened to Vettel is really bad system on display. Under old conditions he would simply take another hot lap and had a better race.
  22. I don't agree, but whatever. Max is Max, and Hamilton and his crowd better get used to it. Protection by establishment for car #44 is on OFF position.
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