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  1. Initially I didn't pay attention to some rumors that Masi actually stepped down on his own. (Maybe before he was told...) Reason could be, that he and his family had received allegedly dead threats. I don't know what kind of a background a person has to have for doing such things, but maybe there are one too many war games in the digital world, and people are confused what is a real life, and what is trash on the internet.
  2. Well, that was the intent of the change in specs. So, what about side-by-side movement (overtaking)? I think we need to wait for that. Target 40% accomplished? Staying behind the car is one thing, but ultimately a driver needs to come close, stay in shadows, and pounce when opportunity strikes, or create his own opportunity. I think that was the primary objective of the change. (To state obvious.)
  3. Masi was thrown under the bus. That's what I've said much earlier. Certain media really did a job on him. Vettel made a right call when he defended Aussie.
  4. Complains about tech rules are begging to roll on. Wrong interpretations, that's not what we wanted, and so on. I thought Brawn & Co. do speak English, and are experienced enough to write suitable technical and sporting specs. They had more than two years for it, but no such lack. First day, and here we go again...
  5. This reminds me of the age old joke, how to make a million in the F1. You start with a billion...
  6. This happen when you play with fire (FiA). Unfortunately for Verstappen, nonsense of this kind will be attached to his achievements for rest of his natural life and beyond. I am not a fan of either, however Max is a champion, whether he deserves it, or not. BTW, I think Max Verstappen deserves WDC for his excellent, and competitive performance through the season 2021.
  7. Gasly let out our little dirty secret.
  8. D/T 2022.02.19 12:44 (CET) The Yomiuri Shimbun: I think this is what Sebastian Vettel wants in the F1. My man is ahead of his time.
  9. It is clear now why FiA doesn't want to broadcast first of two scheduled pre-season tests. It si painful to see adult men crying as tears are rolling down the cheeks.
  10. Hamilton: Has anyone asked him what else he wants? Initially I thought it may take a month or so before we would hear from him with new requests, but certainly I did not expect additional demands next day after Masi became talk of the town.
  11. D/T 2022.02.18 11:16 (CET) Rush-rush to put something out, ignorant and sloppy reporting. All is just copying semi-accurate info from somewhere else. Very few actually perform their own investigative journalism. Personally I have no accurate understanding of RB's plans based of gibberish one can find on the internet. What is however confirmed, that despite specs from 2026 onwards aren't ratified yet, we shall see a different PU from those teams use today. It is therefore debatable, whether VW AG needs data from Honda (or anyone else) at all. In realm of my own speculation, I doubt that German automaker will enter the F1 under RBR name, having VW imprinted somewhere on the tarmac friction board. Area where I am lost is how Audi and Porsche will compete without sharing development innovations. Maybe it will be permitted, who knows.
  12. D/T 2022.02.17 18:05 (CET) He caved. I think it's only begginig. if he can do it once, he can do it again.
  13. D/T 2022.02.17 11:22 (CET) Oh I am not sure about credibility of claims involving billions of fans, but I have no doubt that last race promised to had potential to be interesting, and probably viewership was higher than usual. What I do not understand, why Liberty and FiA together have failed to figure out in mid 2014 downfall of one sided developments, and that an immediate intervention was appropriate and necessary to bring fight closer in 2015 by letting teams to fix their problems. Question then is, what took you so long..? Seven years you made the F1 a joke on world stage.
  14. D/T 2022.02.17 08:04 (CET) British Daily Mail reports: Can we believe this?
  15. I know from the past a lawyer/ex-racer, who used to call Verstappen Vercrushen, or something to that effect exactly for reasons I've stated. Problem is, Verstappen drove like Mansell on occasions. Dove in, and if there wasn't huge accident, it was only other drivers moved our of the was in unplanned manner, and saved a day. In Vettel's case he unfortunately on a few occasions got into contact on the other side, and was ridiculed for it by media and fans alike. For Max diving on the inside while entering right turn with two wheels off the track under high speed was senseless.I thought he would be sitting out a race or two to cool down, but no. F1 needed action, and new hero arrived. Until... Mansell was in trouble with Fittipaldi, who explained to him what is, and what is not racing. Verstappen got away with it until he hit Ricciardo, or on the other occasion he almost wiped out Hamilton, other times he touched Alonso. Only then drivers declared him dangerous, and suddenly media were all over Max. So much for his so called racing. I am with the F1 some odd 48 years, and I think I am qualified as a fan to know what is and what is not racing, and there is no need to lecture me. I have seen Senna in person race with Prost and Schumacher. I am very familiar with racing styles of all three men. To side Senna's and Verstappen's styles seems utterly ludicrous. Besides, Senna NEVER did stupid things what I have seen from Verstappen. Since then, Max matured, Vettel forgave him, so I can do the same.
  16. D/T 2022.02.16 08:12 CET (Bold text) Precisely my fear, if AM got it wrong again, that could be the end of the road for Sebastian. There is no point to be overly pessimistic, however fact is, this "freedom less testing" carries huge risk. Eggington (designer for AlphaTauri) merely confirms my point. I cannot claim that I am interpreting regulations correctly, however I do not detect space for dumping the wrong design, and starting over. Just as last year AM was caught with pants down, and they had to write a full year off. That's what this saving mania does to the teams. False economy. Good for some, disaster for others.
  17. Dr. Marko said they are late with their car development due to being engaged in championship fight last year, and also due to voluminous scope of changes in car design for this season. They are nervous. Regarding last year, I think instead taking balanced view how Hamilton was able to rapidly accumulate points to catch Max, I think they will blame Masi for MB/Hamilton's shortcomings. (My speculation). I am no fan of Max. He has done a lot of unjustified damage to Vettel with his diving into impossible places, and was praised for it. Had he done it to Hamilton as much in his early years, he would be in deep trouble. Instead, Vettel haters were pleased every time something bad happened. Having said that, I think he won last year fairly. Hamilton was no match for him through the season.
  18. AlphaTauri is a team which pleases me in more ways than just having really good looking contender. With Gasly at he wheel I can see them in Q3 on regular basis, giving big boys fits in the fight for top 5 places. Yuki will draw on his last year experience, and learn of Gasly. Admittedly this is more of a wish list today. I am falling in love with that team. (Hopefully it's not dementia.)
  19. D/T 2022.02.14 19:44 CET Strangely enough, that's my line for past a few years. Herr Tost is obviously a thinking man. There aren't too many of those in this sport.
  20. D/T 2022.02.14 18:00 CET Formula 1 to hold three Sprint events in 2022 I continue to think that this is a step into wrong direction. I retain my wish to turn clock back some 20 y.+ (Dreaming is not prohibited).
  21. Commendable. Suitable mindset for them all in lower part of the grid. I have began to pay attention to this driver only recently, and closer I look, more impressed I am. His craft, his demeanour, his public persona - all in place, modest, well spoken, and deserving. Good luck fellow.
  22. D/T 2022.02.13 08:16 CET An interesting top view... Now what..?
  23. D/T 2022.02.12 14:13 CET Lewis Hamilton to announce final decision on F1 retirement next week
  24. D/T 2022.02.12 11:07 CET There is critique of teams on the internet of team's tactics. Well, I think Scarborough is part of the problem which he is now shamelessly critique. I am long enough with the F1 to see him unashamedly spying, and through photos or drawings revealing innovations, making it available to teams like McLaren and alike. Fact is, I derive no pleasure seeing a prototype in development or the "real thing". What I want to see (and I am not going to get it, thanks Mr. Brown and Co.), are cars piling 10,000 km in pre-season testing, working on it day and night, and when first race-day arrives, I can expect cars which are race ready. But, I guess that's too much to ask for prices which are charged customers.
  25. D/T 2022.02.11 23:19 CET I love it.
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