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  1. D/T 2022.03.01 21:30 UTC Hard to say anything intelligent about this.
  2. It will be probably a package deal, bud.
  3. D/T 2022.03.01 12:22 UTC Spirits? WTH... You guys sitting in a posh jobs for several years, and I am assuming you are getting paid. Why for once don't you cannot write specs without invoking spirits? You speak English, don't you. Write rule book in German, and you will be surprised how spirits disappear in one afternoon.
  4. D/T 2022.03.01 10:46 UTC GP247 / Binotto: I find Binotto's prediction rather intriguing. That's not what I've expected/-ing.
  5. There is nothing to discuss IMO. Whether the expulsion of Mazepin would be fair or not is not an issue. The decision needs to be taken in terms of consistency within framework of other disciplinary measures undertaken by family of nations in response to sad events of past a few days. FIFA already decided not to include Russian teams in the championship, and there was more. FiA on moral grounds has no choice but act, and act quickly. Second test is coming. Haas needs the decision this week (I am guessing).
  6. May I suggest you ought to really re-think how you cut and paste various quotes. This issue has been raised with you in the past, however here you go again. Comment in your response is assigned to my alias, however it was not my quote. Please go back and read the original Brad's post.
  7. D/T 2022.02.28 19:46 (CET) D/T 2022.02.28 19:46 (CET) This merely confirms that once again (as in 2014), we aren't all on the same baseline and I dare to predict we will see it on the track. We cannot expect teams have equal brainpower, resources, or they all are playing clean. Unless we standardize everything, differences will always exist. I do remain convinced that monetary budget is just expensive administrative bureaucracy and nuisance. Let them loose, I say, and we can forget about tokens and other nonsense of that kind. They want WCC, so, let them have it.
  8. D/T 2022.02.28 11:33 (CET) What on earth is Mr. Buxton talking about? Maybe a memo didn't reach him in his cave, however there is that little issue of Budget limit, so what is the point of his ha-ha rumbling about big US guy is coming to beat poor EU guys. Fact is, how much money on upside Andretti can spend is irrelevant. For Andretti Global max is only as much as others can spend. To W. Buxton I say, just facts, man, and keep your opinions for some other time and place.
  9. Andretti revealed that they tied their fortune to Alpine PU (if they get a grid spot).
  10. Can this be interpreted as "car is not responding as I would like it, and I need to therefore re-learn how to drive an F1 car all over again"?
  11. Welcome anjo. I hold similar opinion. I am somewhat skeptical about F1 ever becoming household name in US, like NASCAR, baseball, etc. F1 is rarity for a few, however I cannot see it as anything more. I've said this long time ago, that for F1 to show up once a year and quickly disappear for a year is nothing more, but inadequate strategy. US has pretty good women football (soccer) team, yet it is still considered a fringe sport. Even hockey struggled/struggles for acceptance in adult world. Baseball, US football, and Basketball are often quoted as the only major sports on the planet. I would put down a few bucks on bet, that even if Herta would win the F1 WDC, it would make at home headlines for a day or two, followed with couple of interviews, and hoopla would die next day. US is not tha F1 land. Not today. It's just for some a circus is in town over the weekend, and that's it. Nothing more.
  12. It's only MB team which "cannot find" anything good in German born drivers... Seb, Nick. Mick...a few others are available. (I don't think that Mick will ever drive for Ferrari with current management in place).
  13. Good for you, Romain. Congratulation. I really mean it. i'ts only F1 suffocating with hate couldn't find anything good on you.
  14. D/T 2022.02.26 11:37 (CET) Haas / Russian driver Rumors are circulating that Mazepin might leave Haas before season ends. F1 reader: No one from Andretti camp? (Not that I care one way or another).
  15. I guess we will hear back about this topic once the racing starts. Right now I simply don't know.
  16. Max said it's better than last years.
  17. Good. I forgot the limit, but as you know, only minimum weight is stipulated. If design permits, the team should come as close to it as possible.
  18. Initially I didn't pay attention to some rumors that Masi actually stepped down on his own. (Maybe before he was told...) Reason could be, that he and his family had received allegedly dead threats. I don't know what kind of a background a person has to have for doing such things, but maybe there are one too many war games in the digital world, and people are confused what is a real life, and what is trash on the internet.
  19. So, that's what Seb was talking about, when he said his AM is too heavy (overweight).
  20. Well, that was the intent of the change in specs. So, what about side-by-side movement (overtaking)? I think we need to wait for that. Target 40% accomplished? Staying behind the car is one thing, but ultimately a driver needs to come close, stay in shadows, and pounce when opportunity strikes, or create his own opportunity. I think that was the primary objective of the change. (To state obvious.)
  21. Masi was thrown under the bus. That's what I've said much earlier. Certain media really did a job on him. Vettel made a right call when he defended Aussie.
  22. Complains about tech rules are begging to roll on. Wrong interpretations, that's not what we wanted, and so on. I thought Brawn & Co. do speak English, and are experienced enough to write suitable technical and sporting specs. They had more than two years for it, but no such lack. First day, and here we go again...
  23. This reminds me of the age old joke, how to make a million in the F1. You start with a billion...
  24. This happen when you play with fire (FiA). Unfortunately for Verstappen, nonsense of this kind will be attached to his achievements for rest of his natural life and beyond. I am not a fan of either, however Max is a champion, whether he deserves it, or not. BTW, I think Max Verstappen deserves WDC for his excellent, and competitive performance through the season 2021.
  25. Gasly let out our little dirty secret.
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