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  1. Pirelli should take F1 to the court, and seek damages to the brand in 9 figure amount. Let Dome and FiA sort out who did what after they pay out which should teach them some manners. Drivers I think are brainwashed and barking on wrong tree, just as not all are on the same page. This is not Pirelli problem but team principals who started that s****. As I noted earlier, there is a lot offered for correction, but needless complaining is not one of them.
  2. You don't know much about complexities of aerodynamic engineering, do you?
  3. On 2021.06.18 4:51 (UTC) Until downforce and front wing stop being a subject fo daily discussion, people with Ph.D in aero engineering have job in the F1. Turbulence caused by various aero parts is tied to lack of overtaking. You may call it "whatever", but I say that "whatever" never went away, and it is still with us. Newey knows about "whatever" a thing or two, which is why he could be a good voice to have on the team. If you don't want him, I take him.
  4. On 2021.06.17 9:14 (UTC) Hum, hum, Ok. For some reason my heart would beat on higher frequency if the headline would rather read as follows:
  5. Will Seb stay another 5 years i) with AM, ii) in F1 to have a car capable (maybe) to win WDC?
  6. On 2021.06.17 8:43 (UTC) Rosberg's reasons? I suspect one, let's say keeping himself in headlines with suggestive optics that his op is relevant.
  7. On 2021.06.17 7:35 (UTC) Rosberg keeping himself in the news.
  8. IMHO Ocon should replace Bottas. There is no need to hand over one of leading teams totally to Brits. There are some other deserving people in this world who should get chance to shine on world stage. If other Brit wants to replace Hamilton, I am look warm to that idea too, but so be it.
  9. Date 2021.06.16 Time 4:39 (UTC) The problem is not Pirelli, but the logic behind tires role. The idea to dribble pepper on racing with tires of certain (prone to fail or poor performance) characteristics is dating back to time when overtaking was rare and infrequent. So, the idea of overtaking by attrition or random failure was born. Englishman Hembery was managing F1 activities for Pirelli when this began. Encouraged by FiA and one or two individuals in paddock, he used to consult often with Whitmarsh, however guidance he received from that source was vague, abstract, and hardly exact in terms of specific physical characteristics. All of that is available on the internet - somewhere. It has taken a few season, before Pirelli could reproduce and replicate this kind of "unusual" product. (Crap is good word for it as any). Crashing cars, and dripping carbon fibber debris all over however will not do any good for any tire manufacturer. The same can be said about curbs, just as manipulating pressure outside of recommended limits. To conclude, speeds are high, a reason why Pirelli needs a car and properly test tire on the track. Again, FiA needs to facilitate such process, instead creating problems by reaffirming specs too late, not giving Pirelli much time (they requested), as it happened a few times. Those are the facts. Pirelli receives a lot of flak, but I think we are barking on wrong tree. Pirelli did in the past produced an excellent tire, and I am sure they can do the same today, if F1 let them. Proper specs for development of high, long lasting performance tire issued in August preceding year. Affording them several types of cars for testing several variants (researching thermal effects), driver, and enough time on specialised track (similar all car makers use for their development). Tires will be seen, but not discussed as main topic of a race again. As a fan I am not in favour of multiple suppliers, as such situation introduces another variable, and I don't want tires to dominate discussions, as at one time used to be.
  10. Date 2021.06.15 Time 14:19 (UTC) To Err is human...
  11. Tell Alonso that after his run in 2012 (assisted by Webber). I doubt that. To win competition you have to be either lucky, or best of the field. 4 WDC in a row in competitive field tend to suggest later. I am sure Hamilton and his devotees will be happy to hear that. To be however safe, I do suggest be prepared to run for your life. Surprisingly, in this case I do agree with you, or whoever is author. Side thought - Goodhart's Law (good to remember)
  12. In a short winded way, I am lacking understanding on what basis you can make such claim. Having said that, yes, you are entitled to your opinion. In my layman's bias opinion, as a way of an example, achieving four WDC in succession in a competetive environment represents acceptable consistency. Cannot complain about that.
  13. Date 2021.06.14 Time 6:25 (UTC) Mazepin: Well, when all fails, maybe Seb has future left on that team. 😇
  14. Date 2021.06.14 Time 6:04 (UTC) Vettel won't copy Federer in twilight of career This article is probably of interest just to fans of Vettel. Despite being a hard core one of them, and I will be sorry to see him go, but as usual, his intent makes sense.
  15. Date 2021.06.13 Time 10:50 (UTC) Berger continues to write Vettel off, that is, he thinks Seb is on decline. Gerhard knows more about racing than I do, so I have no counter-intelligent argument to lay down. I just hope Berger is mistaken. Age of 33 in F1 is not that old, and despite Sebastian's difficulties in recent times, I think it will depends how much he can reconstitute his fighting spirit. I am hopeful.
  16. Do all English people like to make up some fake rules just to annoy others around them? There are quite a few of those senseless "English rules" I could quote here, all are mentally disturbing. I have news for you - there is not a such thing as GOAT, never mind "true GOAT". Anyone who tells you otherwise should also explain to you how he/she arrived to such assessment without sounding like an imbecile incapable of sound judgement. People race in different eras, different ambient conditions, FiA' rules, machinery, tires, fuel types, refuelling during race, quality of team support, different tracks, etc. Number of variables is enormous, and situation is basically discordant. It is my humble opinion that comparing Hamilton to any of his predecessors is simply not possible in strictly scientific terms. The same goes for any other WDC. You can study FiA's records, and learn who achieved what in his time, laps, qualifications, races, etc., but can you say it was easier or more difficult to make up such stats than his predecessors or successors? Any intelligent person steeped in critical thinking and statistical analyses would not dare to claim collected data are of the same value, which interjects personal bias into such considerations. A lap around Spa then is not comparable a lap around Spa today. People do such comparisons, but beats me why. What you can compare are all cars in the same race, but it ends there. Since 2014 car weight increased about by 100 [kg], and cars will be even heavier next year. Cars are less agile, more difficult to overtake each other. How can be this situation comparable even to races 10 years ago? Now, if you argue this case in high school backyards, sure, go ahead and indulge yourself as much as you wish.
  17. Date 2021.06.12 Time 7:02 (UTC) Well, now you know how Vettel feels, being exposed to thoughtless, crude and offensive attacks on him and his character for very long time.
  18. Date 2021.06.12 Time 5:46 (UTC) Whilst I reject @lipstick79 article on several levels, marketing angle is however most likely one plausible aspect of her case. Successful drivers (photogenic, racey, sociable) do promote team's brand as its label is consequently quoted more often in positive terms in media over less fortunate labels further on the grid. Decals plastered all over the car aren't there by accident. MB keeps someone who can deliver podium, and the star is then seen on TV. Otherwise they could simply hire Mr. Mazepin, and be done with it, however since they don't, lust for podium, champagne, lights, baloons and laugh is undeniable. Mr. Penske - well known American personality and businessman - used to say, win on Sunday, sell on Monday, and that man knows one or two things about it.
  19. Date 2021.06.11 Time 17:33 (UTC) Not necessarily. There are many ways how to promote owner's son in the background. I am just hoping I will not live long enough to see it.
  20. Date 2021.06.10 Time 18:59 (UTC) Driver's perspective on struggles when changing cars.
  21. I would have to search for it, however I didn't made it up. I am not sure anymore who, there was number of negative comments about him, but (I think it was Rosberg) jubilant team of course were happy after last race, regardless how they felt after previous races. The good car placement, earned or inherited, doesn't matter. It was balm on the pain they all felt since race 1. I hope they can carry some of it forward. I was of course wrong with my own prediction, that Vettel would be in P7 or P8, but I take P2 with grin on my face. Race was chaotic. To be fair, I am not sure if anyone in the paddock, or on the team would have predicted race results.
  22. Perhaps working with Vettel yields early positive indication they are on correct recovery strategy.
  23. Not a typical Japanese, but I like how quickly he gets his point across.
  24. Date 2021.06.09 Time 6:00 (UTC) If I can chime in, I also think that accusation that MB played other teams might be not entirely proper or accurate. I ask you to kindly indulge my reasoning for saying it. It is my interpretation that well after start of 2014 season, no one really knew exactly where everyone stands in regarding performance of their hybrid prototype. Teams do test in mechanical laboratories, but that's not enough. (Ask Honda about mis-calibrated dyno). Disparities between teams became obvious as 2014 season progressed. Declaring what was in effect moratorium on new technology in its first year of introduction wasn't smartest thing F1 has done. When they realised MB has far more superior product, instead blabbing about dynasties, FiA should have stepped in and ensure there is balance. Why they haven't done it, I don't know. Rhetoric such as "rules are the same for all" misses its mark totally. Some teams, and it has been said MB was one of those, internally were working on hybrid systems from 2009/2010 or thereabout on commuter cars. (Honda was a second one.) In 2014 F1-MB division was on different baseline compare to Ferrari for example, so no, they did not started with the same cumulative knowledge about development. It was known that trio MB, Ferrari and Renault used to meet with FiA (2012 forward) and collaboratively they developed specs. Some claims were made that MB had some extra meetings, however I am not convinced that we know what exactly was said at those meetings. Blaming MB one has to show that during said meetings MB said one thing, and at home did exactly opposite. It is not reasonable to assume they were couching Renault and Ferrari "wrong way". Both companies aren't fools, and they were able to make their own minds, but their problem was, they started relatively later than MB, and when it was needed, FiA cuffed their research. Benefactor was of course MB. Big way, if I may say so. It is mystery that FiA personnel involved in this mess still have their jobs, instead bagging groceries in some supermarket.
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