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  1. A few days ago YOU have declared on this forum that nobody needs Vettel.
  2. Of course. I was joking after all that noise that Jr received special treatment. Regarding DR - just recall 2014 comments. Vettel did need time to readjust, and instead UK media dumped on him that he was getting beaten by brilliant DR. Today DR seems to be in Vettel's position, and no one is making fun of him. Lessons learned, regardless of a driver, they have their style, and with matching car, they rake records. If a car is out of synch, than a driver can end up in P14 in a hurry. No mercy in that game. I am still lacking understanding what's going on. In all FP s Vettel was competing with Mazespin for last place. Come qualification, and all hell broke loose. Drivers were talking about wind, maybe track temp had something to do with it, I am not sure. Fact is, any small impediment cost driver a lot of places. That's how close they are to each other.
  3. Luckily for some of us, there is a German reporter, who singlehandedly interviewed Vettel. I am glad we have then at least some feedback on his first in Q3 with AM.
  4. Ocon (French) is chronically underestimated by UK media. To stay polite, I need to stop here.
  5. I am wondering if track temp affected (his way) performance of tires.
  6. Mine too...
  7. Something is terribly wrong. Seb is where I thought he should be with that car, and time he had with it.
  8. Looks like Q3 didn't pan out to the plan for AM.
  9. FP3 ... AM is a joke. The leading driver is in P16, and Sebastian in P18, both beaten by Mick Schumacher in Haas. What an iconic team AM is. Both drivers clocked these ultra fast laps on soft tires.
  10. Why is Vettel struggling? TP - (paraphrasing) the car has not one characteristics, but many. It is unpredictable, says Szafnauer. Smart Alec question: Otmar, why then don't you give him a car which will be more stable? Before a season start your English Chief Engineer was boasting how AM knows exactly what Vettel needs, and his team will give it to him. Is the English team just all talk, or they planning to deliver what was promised, and when that would be? Maybe soon...
  11. Perhaps this is merely an isolated incident with justifiable reasons behind it. Is it too soon to remind you - I told you so? Let's hope it is.
  13. I think it is question of having opportunities. Maybe there are some other (non UK) drivers who would like to drive this afternoon with some equal hope of having racing career. So, why don't we see them on the grid? Just a thought...
  14. Time to make change What's the problem? I am hoping to be forgiven, but despite owning reasonably latest iPhone loaded with over 20 production apps, I am not on social media in any shape or form, therefore I have no idea what is GP247 protesting. I am aware (cannot evaluate credibility of the info) that Facebook making the owner rich by taking his subscribers personal data and selling them to unknown third parties for unidentified purposes, which on its own should probably send him into prison for life, but for now there is not such law on the books, so he is in the clear. Twitter - the same. Like Vettel, I am living happily without it.
  15. F1 waves the white flag of surrender Essential read. Well written, well reasoned, well - everything. One of the better articles one can find these days. One of more substantive questions - why do we need sprint races, if next year specs are suppose to fix competitiveness? Something is not adding up. In speculative terms, my dribble, drivers probably were right and specs will fix nothing much. Sprint races are then just PR diversion from what seems to be a colossal failure. Posh offices in London failed in what they designed to do? We will see.
  16. Hulkenberg plays down chances of replacing Vettel Some in media ranks are really trying to kick Vettel out of the F1. The linked article is neither first one of its kind, nor isolated one. Situation is more than just unpleasant.
  17. Sakae


    Lowe: Williams family overstayed in F1 Now he is saying it. Some fans, myself included, for past 10 years have said the same. F1 is not for everyone, and regardless of your reasonably successful past, if you cannot afford it anymore, get out. The only logical solution to your finances. Instead, they tried well off teams to come to their level. In the F1, there are still some teams, who do live on shoestring budget, which is totally off the level company they keep.
  18. I am not sure what Haas will do with their line up, but there is push at home to hire an American driver (Herta?). If I am not mistaken, both current drivers have two years contracts. If the German team like MB will be filling up their seats under pressure only by British drivers, then German representation might be out of the F1. Hulk is getting old, Seb has his own issues, and Schumacher at Haas is going exactly nowhere with that team. Changes are really desired IMO anyway.
  19. Brown believes that Andreas Seidl has been instrumental in the progress that McLaren have made over the past few years I vote Andreas for taking over whole F1 circus as a top dog. Love the guy. He is everything I always valued in a professional. Handing him a key, I say, deliver without using words like iconic, and whatever other nonsense. Just as you are, and F1 would be in good shape.
  20. How many UK drivers we need in the F1 at the expenses of other nationalities?
  21. Maybe he should. I didn't know Russel is that much arrogant and unplesant. Russel's head is growing in size. Especially after he was names into driver's association. He speaks maybe a tad too much.
  22. Under most recent discussion two aspects of racing are getting mixed up. Complain that racing has been for far too long static due to lack of overtaking is old as my memory, and even under best of time, at the front seldom more than two or three drivers were in contention. So much is true. Winning on Saturday meant often race was very predictable. Point is, this aspect was not discussed initially. There was another topic on the table. lipstick initially refused to accept, that drivers in their new cars need a seat time. She has complained they have contract and must drive, because cars are easier to drive than in the past. Discussion then evolved from her proposition until she started mixing the other issue into it. I can only repeat my opinion, there is significant difference between being able to just circle on a track for whatever reasons, and actually race it to full potential by both, a driver and equipment to his disposal. Getting most out of both, driver and his car is not easy. Some succeed, some have equipment below their capabilities, and some drivers are just not that special. (Only Alonso get 120%. Oh well, people say darnest things sometimes). Having contract to drive is enough - as lipstick says - has actually nothing much to do with performance. To excel and getting into that top zone takes time. If I recall correctly, I think it was DR who said recently it has taken him almost a year (full season), before he got hang of it (got use to his Renault).
  23. I didn't say cars and drivers are at their best, however that special place at the top is a target of every team and every driver. Target stays regardless how screwed up the F1 is. (Oh I know, it's all Ferrari's and Todt's fault - as one UK fan wrote, and he meant it).
  24. How long do you watch F1? There is significant difference between Sunday drive in a racing car, and race the racing car to its full potential. Of course, only Alonso drives 20% over full car potential (according to him and his disciples). Famous 120%.
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