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  1. D/T 2021.09.14  07:44 CEST


    Formula 1’s commercial rights could soon be under Saudi Arabian ownership, according to a report.

    Liberty Media bought the Formula One Group in 2017, ending Bernie Ecclestone’s time as the sport’s ringmaster having been chief executive for 40 years.

    But Swiss media outlet Blick reports the American company “seem to have lost interest in their multi-billion dollar toy” and are looking to sell up to the Saudis.

    One of the upshots, says the report, is there could be an increase in grands prix staged in the Middle Eastern and Asian region.


    Hard to say whether this is good news. I am old fossil, and in my mind F1 is a sport which started on continental Europe, thus I do consider it "European series", however with new owners we might see EU loosing interest if this shrinks down to 3 or 4 races only around here. There is difference between talking F1 with friends every day, and see something which used to be F1, and with new owners has become fly-by-night circus once a year.

    In a way perhaps there will be another racing-baby in the offing which could replace management and ownership possessing financial interest as primary focus with sporting interest. (One can dream).  Liberty tossing F1 so soon, if this go through, selling the series raises also question about quality of due diligence in wetting process of potential buyers. We need European owners. Nothing against Saudis, but geographically they are too far to understand day-to-day problems, and some hack reporting on F1 once a month might be a problem. Management from distance never works well in my experience. Being close to action is way to go. Ask Wolff. When he was nominated to lead MB, he could have a posh office wherever he wanted. Instead, he choose downstairs where action and rush hour was (and next to Brawn's office). Good choice!!!

  2. 3 hours ago, blackpebel said:

    Through words.

    All masi is trying to say is that he can't put a number on how much More varstappen was to be blamed for, but he was 'predominantly' to be blamed.

    Looking at it again.. it does seem like max had an opportunity to back out and try to overtake at a later stage.

    t didn't take much for Hamilton to leave a car space for fast approaching RB. This case cuts both ways, and each side of the road has their own "tinted" glasses. I have no pony in this fight, however from the distance I think Hamilton over years got away with far too much for one person in what is suppose to be a competitive sport, and this malignant self-entitlement is blurring his judgement.




  3. I felt for Perez before he got that seat at RBR, but then, in his age he is fully grown up and this is fantastic opportunity for him. I think next year might turn to be decisive how his future will looks like in the F1. Gasly is knocking on the door, and boss knows that. Perez is a fine driver, and RBR is sort of a difficult organisation. The guy is measured against Max, which is not easy, and he is on top of it driving a new machine requiring him to change his driving style. I think Dr. Marko extended honeymoon till end of this season precisely for those two reasons.

  4. Quote

    Formula 1 race director Michael Masi says Max Verstappen was “predominantly, not fully” to blame for his Monza crash with Lewis Hamilton.

    I don't get this assessment. How do you evaluate in numbers such vagueness?

    If so, why not just say it was a racing accident and let both go free?

    If so, and Verstappen has to go back 3 positions on the grid in Sochi, why not at the same time convert "predominantly" into giving Hamilton 2 positions penalty. They can share responsibility, but this way Hamilton goes free, and learned nothing of it.

  5. D/T 2021.09.13  18:52 CEST


    Alpine’s Esteban Ocon has questioned the consistency of Formula 1’s race stewards after he was awarded a five-second time penalty at the Italian Grand Prix.

    The Frenchman was involved in an incident with Sebastian Vettel at Turn 4, with the pair making contact as Ocon moved to the right on the way into the corner.

    In 2019, a similar incident occurred between Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton as they battled for the lead of the grand prix – however no penalty was handed out.

    “We’ve worked extremely hard on a difficult weekend and we lost out on some racing incidents which for once I disagree with, what happened in the race,” Ocon said.

    “I got the five-second penalty for Seb, the same happened to Lewis and Charles in 2019. 

    Esteban, again, how long have you been in this racket that such inconsistency surprises you? In my op, you deserve the penalty, however so were the others. So, when you did it, you recalled history and decided you get away with it? You are not Leclerc, nor Alonso, nor Hamilton, my dear. That's part of the problem.:   

  6. Tinted glasses is a nonsensical term, therefore I don't see any usefulness discussing it.

    Crowd repeating manipulative articles published by (mostly) bias media is not that easy to shake off. It's everywhere. "Most people know" follows usually with claims which clinical psychology is warning rest of us not to accept due to their overwhelming falsehood. I've read today opinions so called self-appointed experts judging the major incident involving two protagonists. Not even them cannot agree on one common statement of truth based on facts. They just spewing their personal bias in public domain, and now it's being repeated by masses on sidelines. 

    I don't have any problem with anyone admitting they do like Alonso's driving, and his personality. Any claims beyond that really bore the heck out of me.   

  7. 35 minutes ago, blackpebel said:

    Off track, he maybe not...

    But On track, It's hard to disagree that he is a LOT better with his racecraft compared to people who may have won more championships compared to him...

    There was the incident which end up with Briatore leaving F1. That one was related to on track action.

    He is BETTER - that's a subjective judgement and hard to argue for or against. Clinical psychologists do not accept conclusions based on public opinions. Alonso is probably a good driver. Is he better than last four or five WDC? I don't know how to answer such questions because we each look at this sport through our own senses how we view and accept state of perfection.   

    I should add case of Grosjean. When he was under threat missing a race due to having over 12 penalty points, many drivers really behave nastilly because they knew he could not risk proper defence and be misjudged. Vettel was in similar situation when stewards were competing among themselves who gives him more penalty points. In that period DR really pull a one or two dirty fast ones on him, and easily got away with it. You see, this will not happen to Alonso. He screwed (sorry) Sainz, he screwed Vettel once or twice, yet he gets always away with it. Figure that one out. Precious work of art at Mercedes the same. There is no force on this Mother Earth stewards would dare to call foul against him, especially when he was closing on Schumacher.

    Not everything is pretty in this world, and some of us do realise that.     

  8. 13 minutes ago, lipstick79 said:

    Things can change quickly in F1.
    I think there may currently B happiness between DR and Mclaren

    Agree. That was then, and this is now. Things change quickly, and Brown is collecting all accolades. I assume it will be too much to expect when things will go wrong one day, and they certainly will, that he will accept responsibility and resign (as opposed to blaming and kicking out Seidl).

    It was Otmar who put down any speculation about DR moving to AM (so he said); obviously based on alleged tension in McLaren camp.

  9. D/T 2021.09.13  12:36 CEST


    “I see Vettel staying with Aston Martin,” Danner told Sport1. “He won’t lose the opportunity to wait and see whether what he bought into will lead to success.”

    Szafnauer said he expects official announcements to be ready before Sochi in two weeks.

    Szafnauer also said neither them or Vettel have Plan B. Well, maybe it was not talked about or explored enough, but Vettel has a Plan B, it is called retirement. From my understanding squabble between both parties is about duration of the new contract as a singular issue.

  10. My race was over after first lap.

    Mr. Stroll Jr. managed to eliminate his teammate after start. I wonder what Otmar was thinking. One can wonder if Seb will ask for more next year from owner's son. Then Ocon and Mick wanted to shake hands, and Seb was done for the day.


    Later in the race, Ocon was found guilty of not leaving Sebastian Vettel enough room at the same chicane.

    "Having earlier defended his position off-line, the driver of Car 31 [Ocon] failed to leave a car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner (as is required in the regulation) and caused the collision with Car 5 [Vettel]," read the stewards' report.

    It's nice it works for some drivers, however sadly not for all of them.

    What about Mr. Stroll - nothing?

  11. D/T 2021.09.13  07:54 CEST


    Fernando Alonso has spoken out about the crash of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen during the Italian Grand Prix. The two-time Formula One champion believes it was nothing more than a racing incident, unlike the collision between the two at Silverstone.


    Hamilton reacts to Verstappen's grid penalty: 'Proud of the stewards'

    We view events around us differently. Hamilton was probably proud of stewards after previous incident as well.

  12. Verstappen was decelerating, yet faster than Hamilton exiting pitlane, much slower and only picking on speed, yet cutting into Verstappen path. As a fan I am not thinking this is a racing incident.

    100% Hamilton's fault not giving enough space, which he could, had he wanted.

    On some other forum they blame Verstappen. I've watched the clip over and over, stopping it by seconds, and we can argue what Hamilton did, and what he could have done to avoid collison. I also think if Verstappen panicked, and hit brakes, he would have flat tires for sure. Curb toss his car up, and rest is history. I am lost how Verstappen can be blame at all. I am not his fan, but Hamilton did bad IMO. Bad actor in this latest incident.

  13. 4 minutes ago, BradSpeedMan said:

    However, it is rumoured that 34-year-old Vettel’s passion for Formula 1 itself is waning, prompting the renewed speculation in the Italian media.

    “The situation is said to be constantly evolving,” Sky Italia reported from Monza.

    “The decision is in the driver’s hands only. It is he who must give an answer.”


    Don't know how true these rumours is...

    It is possible that last 18 months did a job on him. I would be happy if he continues, however I will understand if he doesn't.

  14. D/T 2021.09.12  12:59 CEST


    Aston Martin and Vettel are still reluctant to talk about their contractual status for next year.

    “Pretty sure,” Aston Martin team boss Otmar Szafnauer answered when asked how sure he is about Vettel staying in 2022.

    “We want Seb to stay. And he also likes the team.”

    However, it is rumoured that 34-year-old Vettel’s passion for Formula 1 itself is waning, prompting the renewed speculation in the Italian media.

    “The situation is said to be constantly evolving,” Sky Italia reported from Monza.

    “The decision is in the driver’s hands only. It is he who must give an answer.”

    AM last year compared to AM this year might have something to do with delayed committment to next phase.

  15. D/T 2021.09.12  08:00 CEST


    Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff dismissed Formula 1‘s experimental Sprint Race format as ‘not fish, not meat’ and said it was not doing much for the sport either, suggesting an alternative format.

    It's good to hear Austrian's assurance that not everybody went crazy in the F1. Liberty with others like CVC are in it to make money, not from the love of sport, so we should not expect much.

  16. Sprint races also stressing equipment (sort of wear and tear) more than originally design was calculated on, thus reliability might be adversely affected, yet I am not hearing FiA or Brawn getting rid of those ridiculous penalties to drivers when things go wrong. In normal course of business some people will be on unemployment line for such decisions.

  17. 10 minutes ago, BradSpeedMan said:

    Tell me why do we have sprint races again? 



    With latest news, drivers will be asked to participate in 25 race-events, and as of next year, sprint-race will be added as an independent event to the main race. I guess it's more money for the commercial owner, otherwise why bother?.I also doubt that it will stay in 18 laps. Just wait when drivers will drive with blood in their eyes, and accidents due tiredness begin to pop up.


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