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  1. 💘 for not being scare to say what everyone else thinks, but not saying.
  2. Date 2020.06.21 Time 18:19 (UTC) Will Mercedes share with us their plans for next commercial cycle before first race kick in? For me at the moment that is as much if not more exciting as first race without fans by the track side.
  3. Date 2020.06.19 Time 9:29 (UTC) What a headline! One guy has decided to do something else with his life, and Mercedes is consequently falling apart. It's time to feel sorry for Hamilton. Is it what COVID-19 has done to our minds, or it was always crazy as that?
  4. OK, it was my mistake and it's corrected (I think). Good to know how little makes you happy.
  5. Date 2020.06.15 Time 17:26 (UTC) Cowell will be leaving Mercedes engine division. I gather it has to be most likely his decision, since Mercedes is committed supplying engines in the new commercial cycle, and I cannot fathom out from many why exactly him would be on a chopping block. I wonder who procured his services. (Cosworth?)
  6. Date 2020.06.13 Time 13:57 (UTC) Mercedes F1 future is secure - Wolff First car - i've been in that museum, seen it...a lot of history behind it. I've enjoyed that visit. Looks like with respect to philosophy linking race cars with commuter machines is very much aligned with Ferrari. A lot of inventions on the race cars was adopted for daily travel. Spot on. Unfortunately there are some people in F1 today, who do not get it.
  7. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    Ferrari is fighting at the front for a position, Williams is fighting on borrowed time at the back of grid. How is it similar? Rule book and COVID-19 pandemic put brakes on work Ferrari needs for implementing changes on their equipment FiA has ordered. That has undoubtedly hurt Ferrari, but that was the aim by one or two teams on the grid, wasn't it? To hurt Ferrari. Ferrari was successful in technical aspects, so they were accused without specific evidence of it from foul play. And Williams meanwhile...? If you look for someone living on glory of the past, I would suggest for you look around you in your normal daily life where you live. You may find it in abundance.
  8. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    So Ferrari is now at Williams level, according to you? lipstick, you have really taken this to whole new level, and jumped from white cliffs of Dover this time.
  9. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    This may infuriated and sadden Italian's fans; Marko might be just stating facts, and there is no point to get mad at him.
  10. I'am not sure about the funny part, however I am rather annoyed over this proposition that Mercedes would be concerned about rise of Honda, and might choose to "run away". It's the same group which suggested that Renault (engine) run away scare of Honda, the same group which suggested BMW run away for being a weak team, the same group which suggested Vettel run away from Ricciardo, and they are now starting the same nonsense with Mercedes. The "run away" strategy is some kind of mantra with them. Must be something unhealthy in water those people drink, making them incapable to understand, that people do change their minds, and it's quite normal to do so. Sure, it's easier to make a flippant remark than conduct conversation about situational dynamism and predicament Mercedes is finding themselves today.
  11. Date 2020.06.10 Time 15:29 (UTC) Despite all recent assurances from Mercedes brass, rumors aren't dying down they are stepping down after this season. I am not sure who in German media originated this account, but despite general alignment with thrust to reduce cost, there are some friction points reported as follows. (I am just summarizing main points as I understand it). Budget cuts (fine), however Liberty / FiA went too far, and that's seems not going down well (potential for damage to image due to fielding poor product). Building totally new car requiring new outlay of funds. Funny way to save money in post pandemic economy. Some people in F1 simply lacking any situational awareness. General technical direction sport is taking. Germany has allocated large sums of money to support research and development of new energy sources, something automakers in F1 cannot ignore. Hydrogen is a key term on the top of heap. On a seminar I've attended with automakers about 15 years ago in Mexico, hydrogen as future energy sources was already then on the top (sky is a limit). I think return to Normally Aspirated Engines just to please a few players might be not really realistic to keep many other serious players interested. Mercedes next to Ferrari in luxury car market has also BMW and VW to think about in real life. F1 might be one day racing merely in UK, Asia and US, but not in continental Europe, where thrust for carbon footprint on downward slope is in effect, and no racing track will get license at some point in the future to operate with series full of smoking engines. That's safe bet. Renewal of driver's contracts is on hold (no negotiations in progress). That's not normal way how Mercedes conducts usually their business. If Mercedes intents to keep us in suspense, it's working.
  12. It's problem with anti-competitiveness. / (perceived) conflict of interest.
  13. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    Binotto has reconfirmed his claim he made in Feb, that Ferrari is in his estimation third (team) on the starting grid. There is a chance he might be telling the truth. Wolff thinks Ferrari is still sandbagging, which could be true, but they are still slow. That's what I got from testing in Feb.
  14. Thanks Lord for having you in here to explain it to us how it works.
  15. Date 2020.06.07 Time 6:48 (UTC) Wolff: Is he implying aero will rule? Testing in Feb raised more questions (like where is Ferrari), and supplied very few answers. Cars will be coming out from containers with very few, or no changes to them because of lack of testing. First race might be very interesting for some people, if the setup gets messed up. Setup data from last season might be copied to the dot.
  16. Date 2020.06.06 Time 7:06 (UTC) I should start with admission, that I have nothing against Wolff. Very seldom, if ever (well, maybe once or twice) he angered me for how he mistreated Hamilton's teammates. Today however I want to talk about something else, namely, his business. We are reading about him investing money here and there, and as it happened, all in F1 frame. Aren't there some anti-competitive laws which should prevent him from doing so? How the hek he can be affiliated with Mercedes, and invest in competing Racing Point, or in Williams? I was already scratching my head when Dietrich Mateschitz purchased Minardi and turned that team into his drivers development farm. In my mind that was outrages, yet looks like I am the only one who is not on board with it, and now this Stroll / Wolff, Stroll - son, ... WT*? Poor anyone stepping into claws of new style, money oriented, "management". This is suppose to be a sporting arena, and not a playground for FIRE actors. If you look what (damage) regulatory and commercial organs have inflicted upon F1 allowing this kind of commercial trickery, add downright obscene and degenerate rule book, in totality this can make an old man cry. Are we all so brainwashed that we don's see it anymore and demand better?
  17. Date 2020.06.05 Time 12:56 (UTC) In German media Wolff confirmed forthcoming unspecified changes at Mercedes F1 organization, including potentially his own new position in that team. Since all is behind the closed doors, no one on the outside really can know much more.
  18. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    Ferrari intents to go into 2021 with one striker, and it's not Sainz; such news are circulating on the internet. I am hoping he is not surprised by it.
  19. Date 2020.05.29 Time 5:29 (UTC) I wanted a statement from a team. Well they heard me, and response came swiftly in less than 24 hrs. This doesn't mean Wolff will stay, and continue with this nomadic (stressful) life. He might want to take easy and choose different direction at this point of his life. Nothing is finalized until all is confirmed also by him.
  20. Err thanks for that, but I was rather thinking about this messy signal (maybe its not messy); here you have two guys, two teams, and now what? Will Racing Point continue as a junior team, and exMercedes will be renamed and it will be their first tier team? They want to reassign shares which are now in RP bank.... Maybe I wait for a team to issue official press statement.
  21. Huh, this sounds juicy. I will be d**** if I understand what those two are up to. This "bromance" thing seems little overcooked. Buying Racing Point first, now buying (ex)Mercedes, so, what's next? Which team is left and who owns what? Moving money around in smart way is not my strong suit, and I need someone to explain this back and forth dance in very plain language. Here... Philip Van Osten:
  22. Any news - selling, not selling...
  23. @lipstick79 I don't agree with above two statements for reasons explained already, and I am yet to hear one sensible contra-argument which would convince me otherwise. I did ask you, but you did not bother to tell me, how do you define competition in current F1? What is competition to you, what is competition in F1 which we all can accept? Not to be rude, I am going to address at least one point again - perceived lack of competition you are speaking off. The hybrid technology can be learned, and its complexity overcome on different slopes of learning curve. The slope is certainly affected by intellect, scope, depth, and when it can be done, just as by available resources. I do argue, rigidity of restrictive rules is behind stagnation for teams to level playing field. Stop blaming technology, and ask FiA who is behind all those restrictions what teams can and cannot do? If teams are not allowed to full extent work on and test as they need to correct flaws in their initial design, then recovery process is at snail speed and we know today, it can take several years before frontrunner is in sight, never-mind overtaken. (Did you forget homologation of new technology in its first year, or tokens scam?) BTW, prior hybrids, when Vettel was schooling rest of the field, did you also complain about technology that propelled Vettel onto a podium? In pre-hybrid era McLaren could develop their car, and they did, but RB driver made the difference. Data and results are there for all to see. Newey wasn't the only guy on the job. In my memory F1 was never comparable with NASCAR in terms of changes in lead. Catching a leader in F1 was always infrequent, but beautiful or nerve wrecking (that was dependent who was your driver). We don't have it anymore, because PUs are now about at the same level, but vehicle design (aero, chassis, tires) are not supportive of following and overtaking. Maybe new car design (dreamt up in some offices in London) down the road will address it. Several leading drivers do think Brawn is solving wrong problem, but I am not in a position to prove anyone right or wrong. What is certain, this latest change will cost dearly everybody. The changes you are mentioning in your post are imposed by FiA. Neither RB, Mercedes, or Ferrari would ask for them as often as the weak teams do. Horner was speaking to that point not too long ago. Every team has their own vision and their own world that they operate in, however large question is, whether issues that affect them all should be driven by minority complains. I think I know what the answer is, and you would probably not like to hear that.
  24. Define competition. 35 cars in a race? That's what you need? 5 or 6 cars (10 - 12 drivers) able to reach podium is more than adequate for me. I have some fleeting experience with NASCAR, and I know now what I like, and what I don't. I can tell you in all those years I am with this sport, if there were 3 to 5 drivers who could step on podium regularly, that was all. That is F1 as I know it. In some aspects yes, not every D#ck and Harry can built a competitive PU. That's a beauty of it. That's the differentiating aspect. In my perception what is however chocking F1 is the constant pressure from certain teams to make frequent changes which are not cheap, mind you, and imposition of one restriction after another, presumably for economic reasons. Keeping Hamilton safe for so long on the top was not problem of hybrids per se, but tokens, moratorium, and many other insane ideas protecting him from competition. I see it as failed policies, and not taking desired responsibilities by management for the sport in past 40 years.
  25. Low budget = MCLAREN AXES 1200 JOBS IN COMPANY RESTRUCTURE That's only begging. When Binotto expressed his concern about Ferrari's workers who would have to leave to due excessive cuts, Mr. Brown didn't take it well, as it was reported.
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