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  1. The rumor about Mercedes leaving as a team is not loosing any strength. On the contrary. Apparently ill relationship between Wolff and Källenius regarding direction of technology seems growing. Automakers look for innovations in renewable energy, whereas F1 - where Wolff live - is not. I doubt low cost series will save it from extinctions. Fans aren't interested in how much it cost. Fans want to see something not available anywhere else - it's called uniqueness. Back in history Americans killed luxury Packard when it lost its uniqueness (expensive and available only to a few), British killed just about everything else, and now this. Good riddance.
  2. For sale? This rumor might not be too far from the truth. How many times we have singled out small things that were pointing into that direction? - New boss (not as enthusiastic into F1 as his predecessor) - Auto market is down - Hamilton allegedly asked for 60 MM per season? No kidding. It's not hard to imagine that at all! That's normal, when news is, that your trophy team didn't win a race, and wining turns into big yawn. Victims of their own success? What an empty sounding cliche, but so apt in this situation. There is another problem, namely, who has money to buy it? Another actor from FIRE economy perhaps? - but - Sale of the team is not yet confirmed.
  3. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    Date 2020.05.23 Time 11:25 (UTC) Motosportweek has an article out quoting Sainz, that there was an offer for him on the table already last year from Ferrari. I am not anymore interested in morbid details of it all with exception of one question. Wasn't Sebastian worth some honesty from the team he supported for number of years, and couldn't they came up clean with us - public - in January, instead having us go through this distasteful charade? Drivers come and go, and Ferrari is not the only team with such dubious reputation. Williams kicked out Hill after he won championship. One can find quite a few eyebrow rising changes in F1 history. After all, I am not sure what happened with Schumacher first time around, when media - especially British - were screaming murder that he is winning too much and is time for change. I had nagging feeling end of 2013 Vettel received similar treatment from the same media sources. Yes, I was around, and I was Michael's fan, and I remember pain reading tabloids slugging this guy day in, day out, and all what followed on so called "reputable" forums. One guy, he claimed to be a solicitor by trade, called Schumacher a criminal. He is still on that forum, whereas I, when I made clear I was happy Webber retired, one Australian reported me as a hater, and my account got blocked for good. Long live free speech. To be clear, I am not upset that Ferrari wanted a change in their driver's line up, not at all, however that little theatrical performance called "we are negotiating" seems disrespectful of Vettel as a person, it is disrespectful to me as a fan. Teams want us to root for them, but I think they are making it hard by being that sordid towards to drivers and their fans, which are after all part of that large picture called F1.
  4. Button was going add some spice. Alonso was going to add some spice. DR will add some spice. Are you McLaren guys ready to open Spice & Condiments store yet?
  5. McLaren had Mercedes engine in 2014, and they drop it without much of remorse. It's hard to make up good story out of it 7 years later. Emotionally I feel actually sorry for Andreas. That's about all.
  6. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    Sticking to facts, it has been confirmed by Ferrari, that their drivers for next year are Sainz and Leclerc. I would only add, it is plausible speculation that the financial offer to Vettel would not had been at the same, or at increased level from where he is today. One can make a list of potential reasons for that, and also make a guessing game how low they went, but someone else can do it, if they get kicks out of it. Not me however. Ferrari is closed chapter now for this guy. I find nothing useful in trying better understand what motivated Ferrari, and they aren't going to tell me anyway. Perhaps I can close with recollection what Camilleri stated the other day (paraphrasing), "you cannot make a guy with 4 WDC to his credit play a second fiddle to someone who won 2 races". From long term strategy point of view, hiring Sainz makes then a lot more sense to them, as he might be more willing and be malleable than Vettel ever was or would be. Leclerc is a designated/chosen one. It remains to be seen how long it will take for Sainz to put up with it.
  7. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    I am not sure that I would go that far and called dismissal, but you have let us know how little you think about him, so you call it as you think of it. I am different from you. Sometimes, here after 5 years, people want to go into different directions, and things fall in place accordingly. Seb was never happy with cars after 2013. That's a fact. On the other side, for very long time there was pressure on Ferrari to have driver closer to Italian ilk, and Leclerc seems to fit the bill. Sainz will be probably less adversarial than Seb is, but Carlos will not be easy either. I watched him for some time in earlier years, and he got wronged by some people. Now it is his chance, and good for him. I really wish him well. act
  8. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    Date 2020.05.16 Time 4:05 (UTC) My mistake not providing link. The article was one of many which were rolling in large numbers after the announcement that Vettel is leaving. I was curious over it, because it takes usually very long time to negotiate two driver agreements. It makes me therefore think, whether there was ever an honest intent to resign Vettel in the first place. Sainz was in just in 2 days after the announcement about Sebastian's departure, and that's a story itself. There were claims made in Germany, that whole affair came to light when it was confirmed, because it was actually Vettel who forced Ferrari's hand to come clean sooner than they wanted, and make the announcement. I was puzzled why they held it back so long, especially after Vettel told them his conditions (no to 1 year, no to unofficial No. 2) from the very begging. I though about it as dishonest offer from Maranello, which he could not accept, and they probably suspected that much. My understanding also is, that negotiations never progressed to the financials, and ended as soon as it came to light what Maranello wanted. I would not be surprised to hear that McLaren was on it for some time as well, considering how quickly both transfers occurred. Renault however wasn't told, but then, that's DR. I am not sure why would be Abiteboul surprised over it, to which he more or less admitted in one interview. I further think Renault can do better than keeping DR with his constant whining. McLaren should not be jumping too high however with delight over his impeding arrival, because I am darn sure had Ferrari made a call, DR would have dropped dear McLaren like rotten apple, so it is clear they were his merely second choice, and he will drop them as soon as something better comes up. I am quoting here Bill Maher:
  9. All true, however Vettel never spoke about McLaren as something he wants. At least I've never heard him to talk about it. Speculations were made up by various people on the internet and in media, which is not that surprising. I should add, I've read now the interview in full, and what Brown actually said was that when it was confirmed that Vettel will be leaving, they were already deep in progress speaking to DR. Sainz apparently requested permission to speak to Ferrari, so they knew what was brewing. Consideration is however one thing, confirmation is other. DR ("nice guy") supposedly was placing unsolicited calls to Ferrari already in December last year, offering himself to replace Seb.
  10. or two media sources do claim that Sebastian actually announced his retirement from F1 already. I cannot speak to the credibility of that claim, but it is plausible he did, and something which I am inclined to believe. I do expect some guessing will go on whether DR was given nod only after Seb rejected the offer, or perhaps there never was an offer for Seb in the first place.
  11. Two days? Looks like this switch was then some time in making. I am not sure that I understand reason for delay of the announcement, that Vettel will be leaving team end of this season. With some regret and relieve at the same time, to avoid any misunderstanding in the future, Ferrari is not anymore "my team". Sebastian is leaving from Maranello, and so am I. Mind you, I still love Italy. Music, food, vine, leather goods, craftsmanship, history. That will never leave me.
  12. My guess is that he has some friends who do actually care. Editors behind headlines "Vettel signed for one year with McLaren" might not be looking too good right now. Sad thing is, its new normal for them, and they do not care whether they are making false statements, for there is no one to make them pay dearly for that. Looks like the retirement for (lazy, as one Brit marked Vettel) Seb is another step closer.
  13. Date 2020.05.07 Time 16:42 (UTC) This could explain some of the causes behind noises Mr. Brown has been making in past little while. At the end Vettel for a year could take a pay cut and stay at Ferrari longer. Would be there visible differences should he move to McLaren? Hard to tell.
  14. I think with that one we need Wes to assist us. I forgot earlier to thank Ruslan for suggestion to relocate thread from a racing section to Cafe, so I will do it now. We are lucky to have him.
  15. Date 2020.04.10 Time 7:53 (UTC) The thread has been moved from a racing section. Its purpose is, as the heading suggests, let you express on these pages what's on your mind (big thanks to Wes for allowing it). I have to thank everyone who has contributed in positive manner to earlier thread, and I have to apologies for not being able to transfer all posts. For the record, posts aren't deleted, just out of the way, so we stop adding to it. This was another thing, I could not "freeze it", but that's OK. We can carry on happily in here. I have to also thank to my partner Brad (a gentle fellow). Sakae @BradSpeedMan @Sakae
  16. Did you quite from the forum?

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