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  1. Most of cost cutting measures were implemented under pressure from small teams who could not afford it. Cutting on testing IMO is false economic measure on several levels.
  2. Date 2021.06.08 Time 15:22 (UTC) One of the sideline experts (I think it was Rosberg, not sure of it) was busy letting whole world know how Vettel has lost trust of his side of his garage, and how relationships are at freezing point. Seeing however crowd reaction immediately after race once Vettel parked his car, it did not look to me frosty at all. The team was elated.
  3. Date 2021.06.08 Time 11:30 (UTC) I don't have more insight into internal workings at MB, than anyone else, but there is heavy feeling in the air, that Bottas is on his way out. I think he needs more than just hug (Brad), I think he also needs a new contract. Didn't someone say that he was on the phone to Williams?
  4. Date 2021.06.08 Time 9:37 (UTC) Torger has declared that Hamilton doesn't make mistakes. Bottas will be happy to hear that, as he drove a man-step away from a hard wall, being guided towards abyss by his teammate. Wolff was falling into despair when he saw his favourite toy taking garden route in dying moments of the race. I thought it was amusing. Bottas need more than a hag. Perhaps, for start, equal treatment his teammate is receiving.
  5. Date 2021.06.08 Time 7:24 (UTC) Brawn is being quoted commenting on Vettel's race, as this driver is "reborn", basically suggesting that psychological impact Ferrari inflicted upon this driver put him on downwards slope. Maybe so, I am not sure. Many, including Rosberg and others declared Vettel as a person who is ready to retire because he is finish with racing (I am assuming not good enough to keep up). Rosberg, BTW somehow has receded into background, at least for now. I do not agree with either "self-appointed experts". Being trashed by media, pundits, and fans is not really a good situation which improved his mood, but I think to leave out Ferrari car as an innocent bystander in this very personal period in life of this driver would be injustice. This year, more than ever, we see clearly how a driver and his car have to sing from the same music sheet. For far too long Vettel was perceived as incompetent, however now we see Alonso, DR, and a few others to struggle as well. Car, car, car... The point? I am thinking about claims that first task of the driver is to defeat his teammate. Does that make any sense? Never did to me. I am returning back to duo Alonso and Kimi. One had a car designed for him, other one struggled. In my definition driver is there to bring a car in one piece him, and collect as many points as he can, and if he gets high on podium, so much better. Any thoughts?
  6. Eternal optimist, aren't you? 😁
  7. AM in its current form is a City Bus. On speed tracks I fear I do expect worst.
  8. I don't feel sorry for Verstappen. I am not small minded, but Verstappen has done some bad things in the past in a few races, and didn't pay price yet. Hamilton - not worth debating. Checo was magnificent. He won't get many such opportunities as he was gifted yesterday, but I am glad when one comes alone, he knows what to do. It was great. Gasly is a man in waiting for an opportunity. He seems to have qualities required to excel, despite some hiccups in the past. He is not the only one in waiting line, and there aren't too many openings. Mercedes most likely will not take him, Ferrari will definitely not take him, and RBR? Dr. Marko somehow is hard nosed for some reason about him. I think what he needs to do is to take his Minardi machine, and scare Jesus out of RBR guys. That might become centre of talk in the paddock, paving perhaps road to better things to come. Seb today - back to reality. Car is still too slow, and winning races due to attrition of your opponents is not what happens every time lights go off. Podium was IMHO best medicine for him and the team. It was exactly what doctor prescribed. Healed mindset might help in forthcoming races. I see AM perhaps not defeating RBR, MB, or Ferrari yet, but it might split McLaren. We have to wait how rest of the season will pan out. I am slowly getting tired of talking heads who are consistently writing him off. He started with AM, and initially races weren't really representative of car/driver potential, yet English media were talking about sacking him, despite some other transfers weren't in much better place. Perez and Sainz were perhaps the only two who have adapted quite quickly. Just recall how many times we heard that Vettel cannot overtake, he wins only from a front position and with best machine. Hamilton made recently claims that when in Ferrari, Vettel had for two years a better machine than he had in Mercedes, yet no one had called him out on that. I am not sure what Seb has done to anyone, but bias against him is really strong even today.
  9. Englishman's perception of Vettel's effort. As long as they can put things in some negative spin... Why not just simply to say, Perez finishes ahead of Vettel, especially when Vettel was never in direct contention to RBR machine. Vettel could inherit win, but never win that race on merit, since his car is not on the same level Checo was driving.
  10. So I hear. It is again proof that the old adage propagated by Schumi / Murray Walker - driver cannot give up any time, until he passes the Finish like. Things can happen any moment, and they usually do. Checo did not finish cool down lap due to machine related problem. (Machine is changing my spelling for me).
  11. Yes, she did. Britta actually works for Seb who has hired her many years ago. Normally she would be assigned by a team, but she likes the job, altho past couple of years must had been hard on her.
  12. I do realise there was chunk of luck involved in today's result, but I take it. After Ferrari days, and all that crap I had to read day in, day out this year, it is great relive; for me, and surely for Seb as well, not to forget Britta Roeske..
  13. In that car, I must agree. Both Seb and Pierre fought hard their own personal demons.
  14. Could be, but I am not sure it's only up to him.
  15. English press was trying to portray LH as "cool, calm, and collected" when compared to Verstappen, but I think it's all nonsense. In the past, and I think also today, when thing don't go to the plan, go goes through personal meltdown. I am telling this to MB for couple of years, get rid of him ASAP. I am not sure why only UK guys need that car. Choose someone else on the grid and win with Hulk or someone like that. We need German guys in the grid. Mick is in no man land, and Seb's future is uncertain.
  16. The English lady commentator on the official F1 site has hardly mentioned Vettel, but that's OK. He didn't look like "spent force" today. Unfortunatley car seems to like city courses, and not much more, but I will be glad to be proven wrong.
  17. I am on my knees, begging Seb for forgiveness, thinking he would be in P8 in this race. I need to calm down before I can say anything even remotely sensible. From P11 to P2? We don't see that too often.
  18. Bottas has played #2 and it was on his back LH got pull to the front on Saturday (just like Leclerc pull fast one on Vettel at Imola). Funny thing is, this new GOAT at MB seems very ordinary driver when his car is not so much better than everybody else.
  19. Cult of a self-appointed guru replacing democracy? Like Aristotle, I am not certain democracy is the answer, but in his vision, guru was clever, and deployed his wisdom carefully. We do not have it right now.
  20. Was F1 full of bickering as it is at current level? Despite my following F1 for significant chunk of my life, somehow either I didn't paid attention, or simply I didn't know, and only with advent of the internet much of formerly hidden is now bubbling over and out of the pot. Wolff calling Horner a windbag starving for attention is nice, and not that I disagree, but somehow that kind of language escaped me in the past. Team owners are fighting and arguing. Team principals - fighting, arguing, and using acrimonious language. Drivers aren't exactly happy with each other. Alonso is being quoted that some drivers are driving over their capabilities. Mazepin is not happy with Hamilton (who is?), and so on. Well, in many sports players aren't exactly on speaking terms with each other. Is this situation gave birth to term for paddock "Snake pit"? For some reason I think this situation is much more, and not exactly healthy. Sport needs consensus on many issues, not dictatorship by a single office.
  21. Perez is really good. Sebastian continues fighting a car. Hamilton is sad because he cannot win in a lesser car and is demoted to the level of his subjects. How unfair life is, and it's all Toto's fauilt (probably). Or Bottas. Leclerc doesn't do errors (you know, like Vettel), he just likes to hit barriers. It seems to be hobby of his. Media haven't noticed as yet. It's all down to finding limits, bright boy declared after getting out of the car with another 100 000€ damage at the front. So, what else is new?
  22. You need to talk to Mr. Allison who leads development of your car. Maybe you will be in better place than Ferrari was, when he was there.
  23. Date 2021.06.04 Time 7:02 (UTC) Well, Bottas is not the only one who is scratching his head over explanation given by the team.
  24. It took too long, and he should have been in already. Adding Asian drivers is a step into right direction.
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