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  1. D/T 2022.02.11 19:53 CET This is huge. One can only wonder if the F1 will still exist (in this, or other form).
  2. D/T 2022.02.10 10:58 CET I beg to disagree with the second statement. I do distinctly remember incident in the past when Jason Button asked his team on the radio during a race to have Whiting look at something (and presumably punish Vettel). Button drove Vettel off the circuit despite that Sebastian was already aligned with his front wheels to Button's rear axle. Vettel was subsequently penalized. Mr. Brundle did not express any degree of discomfort then, as far as I recall. Yes, as Vettel's fan I do remember a lot of things which seems today rather tawdry.
  3. There is no a such thing. It's all nonsense. The same as Karma. People use such expressions often, but it doesn't mean anything. For qualifiers of this kind you need to create a set of criteria, which do not exist to best of my knowledge. Just because Brits repeat it often, that doesn't makes it any more factual.
  4. Not everybody believes that. Occasionally I have my own doubts. Disgraceful years since 2014 hardly speak about prestige.
  5. Prestige? What prestige? The one which you can purchase it for your son? Is that's what you are talking about?
  6. D/T 2022.02.09 12:37 CET The Yomiuri Shimbun: Singapore Cost seems quite high for what is essentially less than 2 hrs show, and a lot of ra ra around it.
  7. D/T 2022.02.09 10:13 CET If so, I think humanity is perhaps in deeper trouble than previously thought.
  8. D/T 2022.02.08 20:56 CET Albert Park seems to have done some significant improvements to the circuit. Looks good. Predicted speeds on changed section are insane (330 km/hr), considering proximity of water front.
  9. I beg to differ. There isn't a single rule for every occasion during an Event. What actually FiA created is a set of rules which are applied for different stages of the Event. From A to Z. I thought you might have heard about it.
  10. D/T 2022.02.07 10:07 CET It's coming!! Some odd 41 days or so to the race.
  11. We should return back to racing. Enough of philosophy. In conclusion, my point is, we will always face controversy in a sporting arena. Not a single controlling rule will cover every potential situation, and that's where consensus plays its role. The TRUTH is often a fuzzy concept which enters the play after we all agree there was anomaly in the race (drivers crash, or similar), however when it comes to "who did it (identifying an instigator)", for now most of time we depend on human interpretation with all its imperfections. When I think of current Race Stewardship, and compare it to other sports, FiA has open itself to harsh critique (probably rightly so) often with glaring and unashamed bias. Perhaps they could also consider turning off Sky's microphone declaring definite conclusions and passing blame even before investigation started. That's about all from my side.
  12. The truth is defined by quality of observation and its interpretation. That's where problem starts.
  13. Yeah, but those were honest people. Times changed. We live today in the world full of alternative realities.
  14. There are actually smokeless fires too. Where my learning about human character is reaching new lows is an observation, that the same people who are trying to degrade Max's WDC, do not give a squeak over history of last cheap 7 WDCs in someone's cabinet. BTW, I didn't see Massa going into seclusion for a month or two when his WDC was ripped out of his hands on the last lap. In 2021 we have seen an encounter one on one, which was so badly needed and missing in so many years. So far I can tell, there are people who did enjoyed last race.
  15. D/T 2022.02.04 10:31 CET I was over winter gathering strength to stay a few days longer, as Sebastian continue his racing. I am also trying to stay positive that things cannot be that bad, yet I dread however that men without soul and character will kill all I am in love with for most of my life. Internet continues daily attacks on Verstappen's way to WDC title, as it was he, who has done something unlawful or dirty, and therefore his achievement has no value. One can get violently ill just reading some of the accusations and finger-pointing.
  16. We still don't know how much decision freedom Krack will be afforded. My guess - not that much. I am sure he will be available when someone will have to be blamed.
  17. I don't put too much weight on it. The man who had Seb's back doesn't work there anymore. Coincidentally the same happened at Ferrari. We aren't privy to private discussion between the owner and a person he put there to serve him, so, we simply don't know what the plan is. We need to follow hand, and forget words.
  18. D/T 2022.02.03 08:34 CET 2022 car rules ‘hard to understand’ – Piero Ferrari So, it's not just me. I am relieved. That bold part (my change) could be good, but will be that? Whilst we read literally truck load of stories about sad driver, I am yet to find an article which would tell me how Brawn and his crowd actually tested concept they converted into spec. Did they run two cars? In which configuration, which tires, on which track, with which drivers? When? Two years back, or just yesterday? What about design validation phase? On the other hand, perhaps they did nothing of that kind and specs are based merely on a computer sim. If so, let's hope program was without fatal mistakes. It wouldn't be first time with that (garbage in, garbage out). From past comments, a few leading drivers like Vettel remain skeptical. I guess we need to wait how this ends up, but reading enclosed transcript of the interview with a man who knows a thing or two about race cars, there are probably a few more in paddock who are hiding stress and fear behind smiling faces. The truth (or something close to it) will be known soon. I rather suspect we should expect some finger pointing under the blanket. Wrong spec, no, your car is a stupid dud... that sort of thing.
  19. D/T 2022.02.02 18:34 CET I have taken a bried look into history, and I find Hamilton rather an amusing (or sad) figure. In 2008 when he won his first championship, he won by a point or so, on the last lap, going against Glock who drove on tires in poor condition. No one lost a tear for Massa, who ended up second. Fast forward... In 2021 Hamilton lost WDC (by 8 points?) on the last lap, allegedly on tires in poor condition. Talking about history repeating itself, and not always best way. Two months later we still don't know whether we get through this, or rather Army, Navy, and Air force will need to get involved before it gets all sorted out.
  20. D/T 2022.02.02 12:02 CET Angel distances himself from bad wolf, who has done so many "bad things" to him over years? Oh well.
  21. D/T 2022.02.02 11:08 CET Red Bull question Russell's race pace ahead of Mercedes debut RB is probably right. We simply don't know. He earned the promotion? No kidding. How did he earned? By being British? Why not for change choose French Gasly, or a German driver?
  22. D/T 2022.02.02 07:53 CET It's becoming harder by an hour returning to the headline subject, but what else is there to talk about? Point is, I am beginning having doubts whether world went collectively bonkers, or it is me who is lacking proper respect for a chosen one. I don't follow rally (or any other motorsport), but I was given understanding that Sebastien Ogier is a big cheese, winner, and someone who knows a thing or two about racing. OK, good, but what now? I am not backing of my previously stated opinion, that this is all nonsense, and feeling of self-entitlement has unpleasant odor. I have nothing which would show me otherwise. Hamilton was propelled on score board in questionable manner in previous races, something Sebastien has chosen to ignore. Verstappen was singled out by stewards; act which one or two (non-British) former racers critiqued as unfair, and inconsistent with decisions rendered in other, similar incidents. Hamilton was behind, badly, and help was on its way by slowing Verstappen's progress. That's how they went into the last race. MB team gambled, and it has backfired. In final stages of the race Hamilton and Verstappen had a go one of one, and the chosen one lost when a rival appeared on his tail with a car which was of similar qualities to a car #44. No more repeat of year 2014 and beyond. Verstappen stepped on it, and moved on. Blaming tires, race director, and Latifi? How about your own skills and your own support team? People might not have noticed, but we do continue to have sunrise and sunset as before, despite all whining and crying.
  23. D/T 2022.01.31 14:27 CET Commendable, if one believes rich people will decide who gets their money, and who will not, while governments are washing their hands from responsibility creating policies leading to economical disparities and destruction. Back to this case, isn't this act a conflict of interest and should had been avoided as long as Hamilton is racing? Sky is actually commenting on races and influencing public opinion about the sport. Shouldn't they stay neutral? But then, being bias never stop them before, so I am not sure why such in-your-face s*** irks me.
  24. Objectivity is a loaded concept based on what you believe is the truth. That itself is problematic, and I would suggest not to dwell on that too much as personal bias creeps in.
  25. D/T 2022.01.31 09:06 CET Indecisiveness is our watchword? Looks like they do need couple of months (or maybe even more?) to evaluate decision taken by the Race Director in last race, while Masi's name is smeared all over the place on daily basis in (mostly) British media. My past idea of having a new GP series at F1 level with membership consisting mostly of manufacturers, sans FiA, and sans any and all London offices is desperately needed.
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