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  1. ...oh, so soon...and now, being close to each other, after race we will braid each others hair. Dream come true.
  2. Who cares about British newspapers? Your theory is flawed. Netherlands hardly ever mentioned F1 until Max showed up. Now, when he leads WDC, people went crazy, Covid or not, the land woke up. Put in Gasly who will show Hamilton how to race, and France will wake up, and sell more newspapers. Happy? Hamilton after 6 years is now big yawn, and nothing much more.
  3. ...says a British person, ...unfair, greedy, disappointing, says this non-British person. Gasly could have been available, if some effort was put in. For now he is more successful than one they choose. Why not Ocon (and a few others)?
  4. Agree, which is exactly my point; why then they need two drivers of the same nationality? From F1 there are more than just factories on the island. Headquarters recently set posh offices in London, and much to my changrin, most of relevant changes are emanating from that office, instead in FiA offices.
  5. Well, I got it. What I don't get, what kind of strategy is that, when almost everyone near to him on track knows exactly in what condition his tires are. He is not fooling anyone, least RBR strategists. He could be saying this thing to explain media, why he is behind Verstappen; actually could be anything.
  6. Yeah, and several posters accused Sebastian from whining a lot. Sounds childish from Hamilton.
  7. Having a Chinese driver in the series would nice big deal, but I will believe it, when it happen. Talks about it are old about 3 or 4 years for a row now.
  8. I "like" both drivers. French is a beautiful language, some say most beautiful from them all, and internet is too small to name all lovely things one can find in the land of treasures. Lastly, Gasly is Gasly. Yuki is a small version of Miyamoto Musashi, and I am in love with Japan. Regarding luck - you figure out which one. Do I have to do all thinking around all the time?
  9. D/T 2021.09.07 09:22 CEST Yuki is in for 2022 - confirmed. I wish him more luck. Little Zen meditation, and calm mind...
  10. What you seems to suggest, that F1 is by, and for British only. I can see that. Brawn is termed in media as F1 chief, Stefano as CEO is ignored. I have no problem with that, but then people should stop claiming it is an international series. If you recall an old rant of mine, in which I've suggested it was rather unfortunate that Manufacturer's series was squashed. Had that passed, you could had your own British series, and I would have had my global series (maybe heavily European with some excursions to far lands). Professor Jürgen Hubert, former CEO and Daimler's board member was one of the main proponents of the change. Obviously he foresaw rocky future F1 was heading, and tried to salvage GP for what it should be. Fine man, and this case merely demonstrates, that not all good or superior ideas are converted into reality.
  11. OK, but check Ocon's accomplishments this year. Midfield car, and he is almost all the time placing in top group. He has actually better record than Perez, yet RBR is keeping him down. It is somewhat hard to understand them. Meanwhile, what has Williams driver achieved? Politics of nationality..? Russell will prove himself next to Hamilton? Well, Gasly has proven himself already before seat fitting at MB, yet it doesn't matter.
  12. I do agree that Hamilton was fortunate with his employer. My point is however whether MB after catering British audience for many years should continue with another British driver, or make supposedly international series really international, and choose next to one Brit someone else. Gasly next to Hamilton would look good.
  13. D/T 2021.09.06 15:46 CEST From one side, good for Alfa. From the other side and several angles, I find this transaction appalling. Toto has lost last bit of respect I had for him. Bottas IMO has done well in what is fundamentally environment which caters to Hamilton. Bottas did what MB expected him to do. Demotion from top tier to lower midfield company is cruel, and hard to swallow. I am not sure why British crowd think Russel must get that MB seat. He will probably get it, his body language is far too easy to read that he knows, but what did he do to deserve it? I am not aware of any of his accomplishments which qualifies him for that seat. This will be also situation when both drivers in one team are of the same nationality. I do not find such self-entitlement demands for best seats in the house interesting or humorous at all. Why not Gasly, for example? The man is proving again and again what he can do with midfield car. Meanwhile Russell:
  14. Vettel's post-race comment is now available. Car performances in midfield are not too different of each other, however on a track where overtaking is at premium, bad starting position sticks its ugly head on Sunday. I might be at minority, but I still don't like current qualification procedure. I think drivers should have a full hour available to them, limited attempts, fastest lap counts. Reason is simple. Car is not perhaps ready for a trial and team needs a few minutes more, or track ambient conditions are changing, and I like to see more fairness on Saturday. What happened to Vettel is really bad system on display. Under old conditions he would simply take another hot lap and had a better race.
  15. I don't agree, but whatever. Max is Max, and Hamilton and his crowd better get used to it. Protection by establishment for car #44 is on OFF position.
  16. You not need to tell me, rather tell him.
  17. Article was full of ambiguity, and all what I can say on my own behalf, I think world is full of liars these days (perhaps more than ever). AM perhaps was trying to get rid of Vettel and hire Alonso, or Report is not accurate, and it was really just an innocent meal together, or Seb left AM hanging without commitment, and AM is trying to develop a plan B, just in case Seb says bye bye. I am not sure what to believe.
  18. Could you be more specific and elaborate which reports are you referring to. During summer break I've heard Seb talking broadly and with expectations about plans he has after F1. That interview gave me certain impression, but I could be wrong, of course.
  19. Hamilton is already blaming his team, as expected.
  20. Yes, he was. I saw him. This might sounds as an excuse, but it is not meant to be. His quail hot lap was compromised, and had he qualified higher up, race might had been different one. In the race, his tire in the first stint had sudden drop off, which was bummer as well. For marginal differences in performance, track characteristics was not lending itself to overtaking. For more I will wait for his comment.
  21. D/T 2021.09.05 16:45 CEST So, Max got it. Now, when Mercedes crowd is on about the same level with RBR, suddenly Hamilton doesn't look so big and mighty. Race - 3 drivers alone on a lead lap speaks volumes, and a good way. Driver of the day in my eyes, and probably most underrated from them all is Frenchman Gasly. He has a midfield car, and shows way to mighty Ferrari. I am beginning to like this guy. My respect. You deserve a better treatment, bro. Stroll did good. Sebi had a bad day. Haas - did you screw Mick deliberately in pits just to please loud, whining and unpleasant Russian? I am not sure that I like that track as much as drivers do. Machinery is not built for it.
  22. D/T 2021.09.05 13:06 CEST Otmar reiterates: OK, if both parties intend to move forward together, what's the hold up then? Contract, says Otmar, establishes latest date, which I interpret as contract can be signed any time before that date. How about this afternoon? Somebody is holding the matter back, and I am dying to know why.
  23. Choice of words like some overtaking was deliberate on my part, bearing in mind, F1 entertains races with some overtaking for decades. It is still a race, you need to do a job on Saturday, and take your chances on Sunday. It is just not a very attractive race. I do not blame a track, however. Like weather, track is there for all to see, take it or leave it. Responsibility for making a race attractive remains with a commercial owner who selects where to race, promoters who are responsible for peripheral issues, regulators writing technical specs, teams who develop machinery in line with specs, and ultimately drivers who do work what is handed to them. They are all involved. If you want to blame someone for a boring race, leave the track out of it.
  24. Yes, drivers do like it, however at the same time concerns by drivers popping up overtaking could be difficult. Promoter thinks otherwise, so we have to see. A race without some overtaking usually doesn't get too many thumbs up.
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