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  1. D/T 2022.02.12 14:31 CET What is Stroll collecting..?
  2. D/T 2022.02.12 14:13 CET Lewis Hamilton to announce final decision on F1 retirement next week
  3. I have touched upon this subject not too long ago. To reiterate, unless cars can overtake, this so called close racing could turn into massive disaster. We have seen glimpses of it last season. A driver is a lap late for qualification, hits a wet patch, or is waved a yellow into his face, and his race is done, unless he sits in one of two top cars. Don't forget, PU performance is frozen until 2026 (if I am not mistaken). Good for Hamilton, not so good for Alpine. Concept of shame had been eradicated in this business some time ago.
  4. D/T 2022.02.12 11:07 CET There is critique of teams on the internet of team's tactics. Well, I think Scarborough is part of the problem which he is now shamelessly critique. I am long enough with the F1 to see him unashamedly spying, and through photos or drawings revealing innovations, making it available to teams like McLaren and alike. Fact is, I derive no pleasure seeing a prototype in development or the "real thing". What I want to see (and I am not going to get it, thanks Mr. Brown and Co.), are cars piling 10,000 km in pre-season testing, working on it day and night, and when first race-day arrives, I can expect cars which are race ready. But, I guess that's too much to ask for prices which are charged customers.
  5. What is Seb watching? Car will undoubtedly change. I doubt what we see here is the "real thing".
  6. I did see a flash of it. I am not on "social" media, thus not all news in attached links are available to me. I have not came to any feedback yet. Tight lips.
  7. D/T 2022.02.12 08:40 CET Stroll wants to built his own engines in 2026. I think that's good for UK. At last they will have their own industry at home. Uppps, I forgot, Stroll is a Canadian... Darn, no luck again.
  8. D/T 2022.02.11 23:19 CET I love it.
  9. D/T 2022.02.11 19:53 CET This is huge. One can only wonder if the F1 will still exist (in this, or other form).
  10. AM #18 had a filming day. So, who was driving it? British media from ingrown modesty rather not say.Aston Martin #18 had a filming day. Both drivers were scheduled to take a spin. I wish Seb would spill his first thoughts.
  11. Strictly speaking this is Sebastian teammate's car, but color looks good on this vehicle. Front wing too, despite not knowing how effective it will be. First impression - not bad at all, but we will need much more. As stated by a rival team's manager, this is just beginning, and what we will see actually in races will be something else again.
  12. D/T 2022.02.10 10:58 CET I beg to disagree with the second statement. I do distinctly remember incident in the past when Jason Button asked his team on the radio during a race to have Whiting look at something (and presumably punish Vettel). Button drove Vettel off the circuit despite that Sebastian was already aligned with his front wheels to Button's rear axle. Vettel was subsequently penalized. Mr. Brundle did not express any degree of discomfort then, as far as I recall. Yes, as Vettel's fan I do remember a lot of things which seems today rather tawdry.
  13. There is no a such thing. It's all nonsense. The same as Karma. People use such expressions often, but it doesn't mean anything. For qualifiers of this kind you need to create a set of criteria, which do not exist to best of my knowledge. Just because Brits repeat it often, that doesn't makes it any more factual.
  14. Not everybody believes that. Occasionally I have my own doubts. Disgraceful years since 2014 hardly speak about prestige.
  15. Prestige? What prestige? The one which you can purchase it for your son? Is that's what you are talking about?
  16. D/T 2022.02.09 12:37 CET The Yomiuri Shimbun: Singapore Cost seems quite high for what is essentially less than 2 hrs show, and a lot of ra ra around it.
  17. D/T 2022.02.09 10:13 CET If so, I think humanity is perhaps in deeper trouble than previously thought.
  18. D/T 2022.02.08 20:56 CET Albert Park seems to have done some significant improvements to the circuit. Looks good. Predicted speeds on changed section are insane (330 km/hr), considering proximity of water front.
  19. I beg to differ. There isn't a single rule for every occasion during an Event. What actually FiA created is a set of rules which are applied for different stages of the Event. From A to Z. I thought you might have heard about it.
  20. D/T 2022.02.07 10:07 CET It's coming!! Some odd 41 days or so to the race.
  21. We should return back to racing. Enough of philosophy. In conclusion, my point is, we will always face controversy in a sporting arena. Not a single controlling rule will cover every potential situation, and that's where consensus plays its role. The TRUTH is often a fuzzy concept which enters the play after we all agree there was anomaly in the race (drivers crash, or similar), however when it comes to "who did it (identifying an instigator)", for now most of time we depend on human interpretation with all its imperfections. When I think of current Race Stewardship, and compare it to other sports, FiA has open itself to harsh critique (probably rightly so) often with glaring and unashamed bias. Perhaps they could also consider turning off Sky's microphone declaring definite conclusions and passing blame even before investigation started. That's about all from my side.
  22. The truth is defined by quality of observation and its interpretation. That's where problem starts.
  23. Yeah, but those were honest people. Times changed. We live today in the world full of alternative realities.
  24. There are actually smokeless fires too. Where my learning about human character is reaching new lows is an observation, that the same people who are trying to degrade Max's WDC, do not give a squeak over history of last cheap 7 WDCs in someone's cabinet. BTW, I didn't see Massa going into seclusion for a month or two when his WDC was ripped out of his hands on the last lap. In 2021 we have seen an encounter one on one, which was so badly needed and missing in so many years. So far I can tell, there are people who did enjoyed last race.
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