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  1. There are problems with objectivity, and you are no exception. At Oxford they have a full course in philosophy on subject of objectivity, should you be intreated.
  2. My imagination runs on a different track to a different tune.
  3. Read this From where I sit, teams should have massive majority to say how the sporting and technical affairs would be run. It's their money they invest into this sport. It's their work they sweat day and night. Teams deserve autonomy over manner series is run. Liberty should be just a silent partner, whilst FiA a hired gun to police pre-agreed rules of the game. Masi did not break any rules. Some people just do not like his decision, that is all to it.
  4. I guess Liberty is interested primarily in selling viewing rights on work performed by teams, and track support personnel. Sky is blocking any and all free viewing on selected locations in Europe, be it TV, YouTube or other outlets. To some extend viewing is made not available to many in EU even if they wish to pay subscription. All this makes me so often say we need some other Grand Prix series which would be truthfully an international and free of nationalistic politics.
  5. Yes, they come in all sizes and odours.
  6. D/T 2022.01.29 09:32 CET I am not so sure this is entirely honest headline. From what I am hearing, Mercedes (Germany) is actually inclined to end whole farce. The F1 team is owned today by 1/3, having minority control only. Balance is owned by Wolff (Austrian) and some English company. It's time Wolff should come clean who is really driving this nonsense, and stop making mockery from a decent brand Mercedes actually is.
  7. I think Masi wanted last race for once to finish under competitive conditions. Two protagonists were together, no more free and cheap handovers for Hamilton. If you claim to be that good, prove it. His in-race radio message to Wolff suggests that was exactly his state of mind. Hamilton lost, as a new dragon emerged. World is not ending. Not yet. It might any minute, but not because of that race result. The dubious process how Hamilton was able to level his score with Verstappen going into last race is still not being addressed. Stewards of the Race are the ones who should be replaced IMO.
  8. D/T 2022.01.28 13:22 CET Not surprising. They really make difficult to like them. Masi is a victim of all what Whiting left behind him, not a perpetrator, IMO.
  9. D/T 2022.01.28 10:59 CET Hamilton is very open giving Schumacher advice... Mick needs probably your car much more than any advice you can muster.
  10. D/T 2022.01.28 08:54 CET Sanity is back. Love you Jost. Refreshing thought after mass hysteria which is going on for far too long.
  11. D/T 2022.01.28 08:17 CET I thought people with gambling tendencies travel to that place in desert to sit at the slot machines, or roulette tables and couldn't care less what's going on the street. After whole night gambling surely sleeping whole day, and in evening hours then rushing back. No time for loud cars. Well, we shall see.
  12. D/T 2022.01.27 14:07 CET Singapore track stays on the calendar for foreseeable future (I think it was 2028). That's good. I like that track. Seb had good results there. Not all locals are however on board with that decision. Air pollution. Noise pollution. Lighting pollution. Energy strains. Some environmentally conscious Singaporeans aren't too happy. Somebody i know is living actually at track side, and she complains that for almost two weeks she can hardly sleep, as preparatory phase, race, and post-race clean up kicks in. Well, we all live with some burden.
  13. D/T 2022.01.26 08:04 CET Sky: So much for my desires for simplicity in regulatory field. Light regulations, freedom for teams to fly, and renewed spirit of WCC. Rulesets: technical, sporting, was added financial, and in all likelihood we should expect new one is comming soon. These boys like to write essays. One has to remember that with mandated budget, teams were at one time promised freedom from restrictions, yet where is it today? Instead, we hear there is even more autocracy and intolerance interjected into this sport. So, what is it? Path to US style standardization and destruction of original spirit for team originated innovation? Death of WCC? New deal as a source for false interpretations and endless lawsuits? This is probably not last time we will hear about that.
  14. D/T 2022.01.25 16:11 CET Again? I thought Brawn can speak and write english.
  15. D/T 2022.01.25 13:24 CET I don't know of course how many teams will be in trouble (err is human), but it is entirely possible that it may happen. This alone is however not a story for me. What I am looking for is something different from what we had in 2014. Teams need to be allowed to work on their mistakes, and recover. Will they be able to do that? I think that is the true story behind such fears. Sophisticated and advanced engineering is full of fallen products (just ask Apple), but F1 seems to be the only place I know where only people who do not make mistakes are allowed to participate. Such was implications of rules we had until now.
  16. D/T 2022.01.25 10:29 CET Hamilton was just lucky. (Got a best car). Yes, I think so too.
  17. D/T 2022.01.25 08:09 CET And there is more... I do not understand point of this article. Is author really sure that Haas car is better than drivers archived? I would say no to that. Unless he/she drove it, than this is nothing more than just another vitriolic talk from the same windy sources. Article also suggest that both drivers are to blame for personal friction between them, to which I say, tell me more what Schumacher has done wrong. He is polite, measured in responses to question from media, and he is faster than Mazepin, which doesn't sits well with the owner's son. It seems as just his family name is in dark place with some people who adopted attitude of their fathers, but have nothing new to say of their own.
  18. D/T 2022.01.25 07:49 CET Poor baby.Bad people hurt his feelings.
  19. D/T 2022.01.24 17:51 CET Sorry Pierre, but you need to be strong mentally. You are correct in gaging your career with this sport, however I am not so sure about that return to RBR, even if your 2022 results exceed last year mark. I have great respect for Dr. Helmut Marko, but this fellow has one nasty habit, namely giving most people just one chance. There are no re-do's with him, so I don't know whether you will be on the top of his list. Such is harsh reality. This of course is only path you might have, so, try your best, and pray a lot.
  20. @lipstick79 lip., you might be under illusion, that I want to discuss meritocracy how your fellow countryman is getting one of the best chairs in the house. Well, I really don't. For me this is just one of those many atrocious and indignant incidents in this sport. There are a few on my list, and more important than this one. Deal is done, and let's hope it will work well for you.
  21. True, but thus far from what I see, Gasly is performing extremely well, and at another level compared to Russell. Funny thing is, you doubt Gasly, and placing your trust on someone who is not really fighting for podium race by race, but merely getting tonnes of free publicity from a broadcaster of the same nationality.
  22. You have your opinion, and I have mine. MB wants to promote MB. Russell is just a tool which can be used or tossed. Gasly, given a chance, is however a higher quality tool IMHO. British side is heavily promoting one of their own, regardless whether he deserves the MB seat or not. Promote Gasly with the same verve, and world turn its eyes on him, instead the other man. Besides, Gasly proved - hopefully to more people than just me - he deserves a better seat over where he is now. I have a hunch his qualities are at another level, whilst I cannot say the same about Russell. That one is moving on from (often) last team to the top team. Something is not right with that process. It's time we have another party promoting F1 internationally.
  23. D/T 2022.01.24 10:23 CET I believe so too. He had a really good year. Issue is, whether this personal effort will be converted having a better seat in near future. Pierre Gasly, not Russell should be driving for MB and show his mettle. His partnership with Verstappen is not guaranteed either. I am not sure whether Dr. Marko wants any mental disturbance for Verstappen, but then, Max seems mentally much stronger than Hamilton. We can only hope once Perez hangs his helmet, perhaps Pierre gets his promotion which he so richly deserve. Maybe Gasly could push Verstappen to a new level. One however doesn't know yet who managed to make best of new specs. Chances are, RBR will remain a good team to aim for.
  24. D/T 2022.01.22 10:56 CET Rumors are rumors, however there is an interesting slant in them. It's off-season, so lets consider couple of those. Porsche to RBR, and Audi to McLaren. How does that would work? Both brands are owned by the same company. Can they compete fair and square, or if needed, head office can covertly decide which one of their brands should be in spotlight in any given year? I am not trying to suggest they would do that, but... It would pain me to see Audi with McLaren. Auto Union is my family brand, whereas McLaren is not. DKW my father owned was my first car I drove as a small boy, when my parents left house. Short hour of absence was enough for me to drive the car out of the garage, but I couldn't hide my "crime" and drive it back. Next to surprise of my father I am not goin to describe what followed... (I was 10 or even younger, cannot recall exactly). Audi was a first car I paid for and owned as a working man.
  25. D/T 2022.01.22 08:50 CET Oh I don't know, Jacque. Is there such thing as "Good Loser" in the F1? Gracious defeated man, maybe, but second place finish is a great achievement on its own. Wolff has done a lot for Hamilton over years. He has done a lot for people at works as well. I am not sure he deserves too much of critique. Nerves were ditched in last stages of the race, but that's easy to understand. Before we absolve Hamilton from being bad loser, perhaps we should hear reason why he was absent from FiA gala when Verstappen was crowned WDC. That alone rather re-confirms what we know for years, who is what.
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