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  1. You have obviously access to business information which I don't. In contrast, I think those who do want Ferrari and have financial means for it, they will go and buy a damn car, regardless whether Leclerc in a race takes Vettel and himself out, or someone else.
  2. D/T 2021.08.14 19:51 CEST When Verstappen and Hamilton were involved recently in the accident which almost cost Max his life, at which point it was the insurance company's shining moment as they were receiving publicity? At what point in that event it was good/bad publicity for RB drink or Mercedes new car line up? Not at all..?
  3. I am not familiar with insurance business, but with each crash there has to be some significant adversarial cost impact upon the team. Take Ferrari as an example; Binotto is advancing suggestion for budgetary exemptions on cost of repair, and wants to treat such incidents outside of budget limits. Insurance contributions obviously aren't enough to recover full cost and it must be biting into team's budget. Ferrari is not the only team to have such issues. In the future budget limits are suppose to be lowered even more, so it will get worse. Clearly FiA and Stefano needs to address it one way or another.
  4. True. Family name Steiner is probably Germanic, however you can find it in German speaking Austria, and Switzerland as well. (Not everyone whose mother tongue is German is actually German national - to state obvious). In the case of this fellow, he was born in Italy. In EU we move around a lot. Binotto is in media described as Italian, yet fact is, he is actually Swiss born and educated (might be already naturalised Italian; I'm not sure). ... but, no one cares. I am OK with this arrangement.
  5. Thank you for the above. BTW Guenther Steiner is not a German, therefore definitely not Herr. He is either Signore, or Mr. His domicile is in US, born in Italy, and holds US and Italian passports. He is fluent in several languages, German among them, but that's not enough to make him one. Cost of repairs was always burden, however this year more so because of budget. Recently no less than 4 teams raised related concerns. Ferrari, Haas, AM, an RBR. Is anyone listening?
  6. Well, you know, I do belong to old school, when clear eye, and handshake meant more than pages of meaningless legalese gibberish.
  7. D/T 2021.08.11 21:01 CEST Mick should have a private talk with J. Todt, and solicit his realistic views regarding own future. JT is a friend of his father, likes Mick, and he has rational measure of drivers market. IMHO Mick needs to get away from Binotto as far possible, and as quickly as possible, even if he ends up leaving F1 for lack of better offers. Believe it or not, there is life on the outside. McLaren, Alpine, RBR and associates, Ferrari and associates, and add Mercedes as well - no one is hiring. Not now, not next year, or year after that. Check contracts. Meanwhile, oligarch family is trying to get him out from Haas.
  8. D/T 2021.08.10 08:15 CEST - This was then. This is now: D/T 2021.08.11 10:06 CEST It appears FiA had enough of AM. Taking it a step further, I think AM got out of this wrangling with regulators quite cheaply. In the past some teams were made to pay after challenging divine rulers of this business.
  9. D/T 2021.08.10 08:15 CEST Maybe they are planning to drag Supreme Court, Boris Johnson, and Donal J. Trump into this, all for receiving even more publicity (according to someone on this forum). The thing is, sometimes "publicity" cost money.
  10. D/T 2021.08.09 19:46 CEST That's that.
  11. D/T 2021.08.09 16:20 CEST Both statements are most recent; one by a driver who seeks promotion in Ferrari ranks, and second one by a key decision maker. Difficulties with convergence are rather obvious.
  12. D/T 2021.08.07 16:03 CEST Seb is the victim of this incident, and as it is out of his hands, he cannot fix it. The fallout is between AM and FiA. I am just hoping it is not going to get worse than it is, if AM looses the appeal. The car is impounded, and it would be first, if FiA allows AM to take a car apart and mount a new pump. FiA is capable (and known to) stiffen penalty if they feel the appeal is frivolous, like it or not.
  13. D/T 2021.08.07 11:27 CEST Technical aspects explained. IMO an article worth reading.
  14. D/T 2021.08.06 19:57 CEST It would be nice if Seb gets his place back, but I have my doubts. My memory is not what it used to be, which is perhaps a reason why I am failing recall a single case when FiA would back off, after they didn't extracted correct amount of fuel as stipulated by the technical directive.
  15. I am happy for Seb when opportunity knocked on the door, he took it. I've read about his struggle behind the race leader, despite having slightly faster car. Then he did not make it into pits on the last lap. Pitty. This is what Seb said: AM has some work to do.
  16. OK, but these are (I think) separate issues which FiA is not addressing. Seb's challenges with overtaking are not issues they talking about. They also not concerning themselves with alleged gains in speed due to "lighter on weight" car. They want - per regulations - after race 1 litre of fuel, and the didn't get it. That's the reason why the car was disqualified. For AM to claim NO, fuel is there is rather strange, especially when FiA already gave the team several chances to recover that fuel for them. AM is not the first car which had trouble with overtaking in dirty air; that happens all the time, yet that 1 liter of fuel must be always available. In any car after race. We will see how this ends.
  17. D/T 2021.08.06 08:26 CEST I am not sure about wisdom of this strategy. FiA is known to take dim view on what they consider frivolous claims. What do we know from reports about this incident, AM was given every chance to correct the situation on the spot. FiA also offered to impound the car until a new pump can be mounted, but my understanding is, that AM rejected such offer (for reasons on their own). Is it then frivolous claim? I don't know, but it will be probably very unusual favour to Stroll if they reverse the decision, which was not available to other teams as far as I can recall. If AM succeed, in that case there will be some teams mighty unhappy about it. Damage is done either way, and my bet is, that Seb probably is sick of it already, and who knows whether he still cares.
  18. D/T 2021.08.05 11:57 CEST Ralf is correct that there is (assumed) correlation between vehicle weight, and fuel consumption. It puzzles me the accuracy he dares to estimate the gain Vettel presumably benefitted from lighter car. Ralf would need to know a lot of data to make the claim, despite having some knowledge with similar calculations performed when he was racing, hence his sense is probably not far off, however cars are heavier now. Vehicle weight, conditions of tires, and so on, it all makes the difference on rate of fuel consumption. Perhaps then speculation of this kind are not very useful. AM had relevant data in real time, yet they miscalculated, and I think so is Ralf. Car No. 5 was disqualified not because Vettel was faster over Hamilton (yeah, and on which race lap he began to benefit???), but because FiA needs a sample of certain size for fuel profiling after race, which is 1 litre.
  19. This is unfortunate incident, but rules are black and while, lady says. Well explained. I feel sorry for Sebastian, but he is tougher than I am, and he will live.
  20. Too many redundant headlines about AM is going to appeal decision to exclude car #5 from last race. They would loose that appeal, and AM knows that. FiA already stated that AM was given every opportunity to prove compliance with regulations, however AM failed at that. Sebastian lost his points due to shortage of about 3/4 litre of fuel. He is however leaving Hungary with reprimand for wearing unapproved piece of clothing. I do not agree with Seb about that, but it was his decision not to comply with orders. I like Seb, but I am against dragging politics of any kind into the sport arena. Hamilton didn't receive reprimand for his politics. (Noted.) I didn't watch the race, but I can read post race comments, and my initial reaction (above) was rather premature. Certification of race results is there for a reason. Main thing is, now Hamilton and his clan can be happy. Some fans critique Vettel for not being able to overtake Ocon in a "superior" car. (I am not sure how do they know car was superior, despite Seb admission, he could go faster.) It's pity, but not really surprising, that Hamilton was not subjected to the same criticism despite driving in really proven superior vehicle yet. I read headlines - Ocon defeated Vettel (nothing about Vettel defeated Hamilton keeping him behind), and so it goes...that's F1 of today.
  21. Good day for both, Esteban and Sebastian. They will have something to be happy about over summer break. Good stuff.
  22. Hello, hello. I have been wondering about your well being... very nice to hear from you, radical-one. About Yuki - he is talented, no doubt about that, but little gun-ho. That is not necessarily bad. He deserves his nomination. I fully support that. Mick seems to be more measured. He is unfortunatley just in a different company.
  23. D/T 2021.07.25 12:50 CEST No need for two Vettel's in one team. I don't want to read tea leafs, but I am hoping such declarations aren't preamble to explanation later on why Vettel will be replaced with another hopeful.
  24. My favourite driver. My favourite person in F1.
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