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  1. How many people you need there? Was it 18 or 20 with one policeman (in red) watching? With budgetary restrictions I guess this will change. 2 jacks 2 side pods 8 right wheels 6 or 8 left wheels
  2. That's funny. When Sebastian was in similar situation in 2014, we all know what was said about him. Fraud, DR is so much better driver, beating socks out of him, and so on. Blah, blah, blah... When shoe is now on the other foot... Point is, comparing Vettel vs Ricciardo should have happen in 2013, than I would believed DR was a better driver. 2014 was merely a transitional year with many shades of problems, and not good ground for far reaching conclusions. I am not sure if Norris is beating DR today as optics do suggest. What is merely clear that DR is out of his skin for past several years. This car, and also in his time with Renault - problems everywhere. RB was closest to his liking, and even that was partly a false flag, because when Verstappen came on board, he liked the car even more, and DR became a defeated man overnight. As far what future holds for him - hard to say, but he wants to overcome his difficulties, re-learn how to drive that car, and as long as he doesn't gives up, there is chance he might succeed.
  3. I am not sure what you are on about, but Michael won all his titles in competetive field. Any team could work on their car, change things around and challenge him. In my memory there never were such atrocious conditions we have experienced in F1 since 2014. Like Alonso, like Kimi, like Mika, Hill, Prost, Senna, like Jaques and Michael...none of them had such cushy layer of protection LH had/maybe even today has. Teams are not really permitted to do the work which is necessary to level playing field. Anyway, I have no intention to rehash history, which is known to us all. Difference is, some of us realising impact of regulations on competitive field then and now, others don't want to think about it.
  4. To avoid any misunderstanding, let me clarify; I think Verstappen will win his WDC in clean fight in a competitive field, just as Michel did.He will not need his employer to hide him for 7 years behind bunch of protectionist measures from any competition, including internal , and behave pretentiously how great he is. That's about all.
  5. I rate LH at Häkkinen level, and Verstappen potentially at Schumacher's level. (And I mean it).
  6. On speeds circuits they will face challenge to stay in top 10. That car is not speedster, so much is obvious.
  7. Hi there Yeah, camera is not what was expected. I do agree with that. I was trying to find on You Tube close up shot of Vettel racing wheel to wheel with Gasly on exit the pit lane up the hill to Casino Square, but while there is truck full of stories about how LH feels, but I did not find (yet) what I was looking for, despite that particular encounter was real action on track which one could call hard nose racing. Pity.
  8. Sweet. Nice to have you back KM.
  9. Date 2021.05.23 Time 19:43 (UTC) I have to add praise (for change) for pit-wall support. They really went on my nerves in almost all races since day one, but today all is forgotten and forgiven. Good job today, and they deserve chunk of glory attached to P5 for Seb. I am hoping team's mood was lifted up.
  10. I think Mercedes was hardly in contention. Hamilton merely put his character again on display, complaining, and blaming everybody...As soon he is not having a superior car, he is not playing. His 6 WDC are smelly joke and slap into face of all previous, honest winners. (I will give him that lucky win while with McLaren.) Max won, as opposed to inherit win. Leclerc was no show, and so was Bottas out of contention because of that pit stop problem. I also believe that Verstappen would have won today even if both, MB and both Ferraris stood on the grid next to him. His car was good,. track suits them, and he was hungry. I am not fan of Max, but today was his day. Period.
  11. DOTD Sebastian Vettel - 23.6% Sergio Perez - 17.3% Lando Norris - 14% Carlos Sainz - 12.1% Max Verstappen - 9%
  12. Date 2021.05.23 Time 14:45 (UTC) Results are in, and I am lost of words. Balm for Sebastian over pain he suffered in last a few years. I am delighted. Congratulation to Max Verstappen. Hamilton suddenly looks very plain, when his car is not 3 miles better over everyone else. I am sure he will blame everyone else for his own deeds.
  13. Date 2021.05.23 Time 4:16 (UTC) I haven't seen yet final grid, but looks like Ferrari will change Leclerc's gearbox negating risk. Sebastian at P8 is probably best for him this year. Who would know three years ago I would term P8 as a beautiful place to be, considering recent struggles. Young Mick Schumacher had really bad luck, but that's what Monaco can do to a driver, if your car is unstable. Names like Alonso, Ricciardo...they are looking for answers. McLaren has done reasonably well, Renault cars have not. Ocon ahead again of Alonso by a margin. But then, race is only about 8 hrs ahead, and Monaco is unique, and only one. Cards will shuffle again for some teams once they return to more classical race tracks. Ferrari is definitely better than last year, and Sainz fits in nicely. Yuki needs to come to terms with Helmut, follow his counsel and proving a race in, race out that he is ready for big show and replacing Perez in the future. The thing is, RBR needs to be convinced, you deserve that promotion.
  14. Oh good, and I was worry it was him who was driving a car.
  15. Date 2021.05.22 Time 14:28 (UTC) Monaco Quali. Is Hamilton upset and sulking because he doesn't has best car in this race? I thought this would be the opportunity to show whole world that he can drive anything, and he is that driver what his fans say he is. After small spec change, MB had to revise their aero. Today comments from drivers - it's terrible. Was comment addressed to Mr. Allison who is allegedly the aero genius?
  16. Date 2021.05.22 Time 11:24 (UTC) FP3 Sebastian Vettel too estimated initially that he might take about 5 races to decide whether he will adapt to his new car. So far his prediction has been validated by better placing in practices on streets of Monaco over earlier races. Fingers cross he will move forward from now on. This is a guy who drove on streets of Singapore close to 300 km/hr in his RB, while about 1/2 m adrift from a wall. Monaco however for him in a new car is something else. Much can go wrong very quickly.
  17. Date 2021.05.22 Time 9:10 (UTC) Latest - we (Daimler) will keep 1/3 ownership. Internal organisation is being negotiated between partners. Very confusing initial publicity; probably due to initial statement that team is for sale, and their shares were held under lock. Hard to say where this is leading into. In my own opinion sale will ultimately happen when conditions are right. I am in serious doubt MB will play second fiddle to a chemical company. I think what happened is there was no possibility to finalise sale at the moment, so, they wait until a buyer is available.
  18. Sakae

    Ferrari 2021

    Date 2021.05.21 Time 10:06 (UTC) Monaco, FP2, Ferrari at the front. Despite (my) anger and turmoil of most recent years, my congratulation.I am not sure to where this recovery leads, but direction taken seems effective (for now). Thank you for proving quick cars can be built outside UK despite all UK based bloated and obnoxious propaganda where experts live. Binotto has (sort off) salvaged his reputation. It seems that his management skills aren't completely useless. Is SF fast because in Monaco team doesn't need fastest cars due to course characteristic, or success in FP2 is not the last one and it is solid? Lastly - world title is elusive, regulations are volatile, and the end of struggles is not in sight. We should not forget it is very long time when SF could drink champagne, but maybe...
  19. Date 2021.05.19 Time 10:32 (UTC) I believe this is more than just idle speculation. Team ownership was always a subject of internal controversy. Not all shareholders were happy about F1, and I think Covid-economy slump was the final straw. First sign that not all is going well as some (intended calming) rhetoric suggested, was selling of team's ownership shares. I have always thought that MB wants full control, or nothing, and reducing their voice to 1/3 of full control indicated something is on behind the scenes. Voices were heard from MB' insiders wanting leadership to follow BMW path, as global markets for years working well, suddenly for past 5 years were badly damaged by combination of Force Majeure, and hostile politics. Then, there is push for new approach in vision of green world requiring technology shift. Laws are on the books already. In addition, I have no doubt that F1 paddock politics played by some made a lot of people in Stuttgart sick. This is all speculation on my part, but I would be really surprised if MB will stay a minute longer after a buyer is available in this what's now seems really toxic environment. BMW had made their move long time ago, Honda is tapering off, and MB is next in line. I am really sorry, because formation of pure manufacturing series was always my dream, but it was not meant to be. Not at the moment. Future of motoring is here? Well, I am not sure. For me this is still transitional technology. Producing electricity is killing green vision maybe more than hybrids do. I am still stuck on hydrogen as source we should be shooting for.
  20. Now when you mention it...
  21. Someone arriwed for a race in Monaco..
  22. Date 2021.05.17 Time 8:31 (UTC) Hamilton deal only possible if Verstappen isn't at Mercedes Why? Scare from a bubble bursting and we might learn the truth?
  23. Date 2021.05.14 Time 8:01 (UTC) Wolff: '15 guys and an empty building won't do it for Red Bull Well, that's exactly my point. Intent is one thing, and it generates good headlines for some on sidelines, however people with even remote experience in this kind of industry know size of the challenge. I said this before, and I am willing to repeat it again, Alpine was a safer solution for RB. Until they return to old style of motors, hybrids are expensive and sophisticated killers. Just ask Honda. (They must be scratching their heads back in Japan).
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