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  1. F1 official site, female contributor writes: Max outperformed Hamilton with the fastest car on the grid. (Where did I heard this before? Just a rhetorical question.)

    Wolf: Hamilton outperformed Mercedes (car).

    Yes, the guy is superhuman. Applaud everyone!


  2. D/T 2021.09.05 06:31 CEST


    Rumours spread through the paddock on Saturday that team owner Lawrence Stroll had met with Fernando Alonso and his manager, Flavio Briatore, to discuss the Spaniard leaving Alpine for Aston Martin.

    The team has denied those claims, insisting Stroll’s meeting with Briatore had been a social one and nothing more.

    *Courtesy by "Auto Motor und Sport". Generally respected and mostly credible source. 

    Yes, nothing more. Well, maybe so. If I have to choose however whom I should believe, AM vs AMuS, it is later hands down.

    I should have added, it is claimed further, that Alonso declined the offer for unstated reasons.

    AM of course denied the claim, stating it was just a social visit with a friend, Flavio. (Why was Alonso at the table remains "mystery".)

    Stories like these are growing like mushrooms. Why then? Who is holding contract talks with Vettel, and why? Is it possible that it is actually Sebastian who is having second thoughts about this English team?

  3. 13 minutes ago, BradSpeedMan said:

    I wanted to write a complained on her commentary, based on her just avoiding any commentary on him. One can't be so fckn biased. English drivers are being glorified!

    Write? That would be waste of your time. They will not admit to it, and you will receive just some half-dumb excuse as an explanation. After all, I am sure someone is proof-reading it, and if editorial has not detected bias, writing to them will not fix it, otherwise it would had been corrected long time ago. 

    Even today you can read often responses to articles where topic is Vettel, and hatred seeping through content of some responses commenting on article are deserving almost psychiatric intervention. On some other forum (you may know which one I am ref. to), someone claiming to be solicitor, marked Vettel as a criminal. How one can react to that? (I gather solicitor is British designation in legal profession).

  4. 7 minutes ago, BradSpeedMan said:

    I picked up that exact thing!!!!! No commentary on him, It's amazing

    This is why I've arrived to conclusion some time ago that running F1 from England is not a such good thing. Now they are pushing for two British drivers at MB, as there is no one else. Cases like that are behind my decision once Vettel retires, so am I. I had enough of it.  

  5. Based on body language, it is rather easy prediction there will be almost certainly change of driver's line up at Mercedes. The potential replacement shared with media, that he was told already where he will be driving next year.

    Seb's future meanwhile is uncertain. I hope they reach agreement for next year, and he settles somewhere for next 3 more after that.  

  6. 34 minutes ago, lipstick79 said:

    Hello, Y do U think Seb WERE hired by AM in the FIRST instance? 
    >Multi WDC holder does ... 
    INSTANT awareness created 2 the AM brand

    Well, then you know more than I do. I do however recall Otmar Szafnauer responding once in an interview on a question why Vettel was hired, that expectations from management was interjection of winning attitude. From back/midfield team to front field thinking. Seb was there already, we haven't, concluded TP. Vettel was expected to lead the team to the next level of performance, mental focus, and winning attitude. 

    Maybe he was hired for reason you are stating, but then Otmar forgot to mention it. (Or is it something they are hiding from Vettel? Secret, sort off?) James Bond driving AM was suppose to lift brand up. It was a lot of hoopla from media about it, how iconing brand is (whatever that means), but sales figures... I am still waiting. 

    Someone said it takes years of careful build up of a brand, and then you lose it in 5 min.  Giving a car to Top Gear for a drive after Clarkson got spoiled by top European brands, that wasn't smartest thing to do. His comment probably was those 5 miserable minutes. (To be fair, he actually shot down Bentley as well, but not that much.)

  7. 12 minutes ago, lipstick79 said:

    Whoever WILL generate the MOST publicity 4 the AM brand WILL replace Seb

    Such hiring criterion is totally foreign to me. Having said that, it is true that hiring manager will consider representation aspect, namely, how driver can represent team when speaking to media, outside paddock, etc. But, that is, I assume, just a one item on a long list constituting likelihood of good fit by a driver into the organisation.

  8. D/T 2021.09.03 17:09 CEST

    Sebastian Vettel is not yet committed to returning to the Formula 1 grid in 2022.


    And yet there have been rumours that - owner Lawrence Stroll's son Lance aside - the Silverstone based team has been reluctant to say anything more than that the 2022 lineup will be confirmed "soon".

    Seb runs friction with F1 development, attitudes on social issues, stewards...and now this. It caught me by surprise, because I thought next year was done deal. Stroll sr. said some things which gave me pause (Vettel is most expensive, my son Lance is just as good as Vettel...). Is there friction in-house as well? 

    To be frank, I would not be surprised by Stroll kicking Vettel out. 40 MM "investment" or not. He actually said if Hamilton would want the job, he (Stroll) would have to consider it.

    I don't feel comfortable with Stroll's rhetorics at all. It doesn't sound friendly at all.

    Hamilton, DR, who else is coming to replace Seb..?

  9. D/T 2021.09.03 15:41 CEST


    Lovely. Hamilton is out with engine. Hard to say whether it is the same issue Seb suffer earlier.

    One of a few rumours - IF Bottas should replace Kimi, he might take MB engine with him. Interesting variant.

    Ocon is driving well.

    AM drivers are 0.4 sec ajar. I was expecting Stroll would do better, if he is as good as Vettel. Either way, that car in terms of capability seem lacking and ranking behind MB, RBR, Ferrari, McLaren, and Alpine. It might be satisfying for advertisers, but not good enough for any trophy. A person who writes commentaries on F1 official site hardly ever will mention Vettel by name. Obviously he is not good enough for her to spare a sentence or two.

  10. D/T 2021.09.02 20:38 CEST


    A surprise at AlphaTauri after all? Tsunoda uncertain about team's future

    Well, we all know (sort off) Dr. Marko could be hard nosed about his drivers performances. It has occurred to me recently whether Yuki will survive, unless his approach changes, and pronto at that. He needs to calm down. It would be pity to lose another Japanese prospect. Japanese are proud people, and for those who do follow this sport, his demise might be sad occasion for them, self included. Hopefully Helmut confirms Yuki for next season as well, however if he doesn't, I am not going to be angry with him. He is the executive in charge, and whilst I just nursing merely some emotions, he is responsible for much more.   

  11. There are drivers totally content with one WDC, there are others who through sheer competitive skills gathered in sweat more than one, and then there are others who were gifted bunch, and often as it is with gifts, greed is limitless, and they want more with best car, to be sure. Kimi is happy as a clam, and we wish him well, wherever roads take him. He has a beautiful wife, and kids, so he has his day lined up for him. Something to look for in the future.

  12. D/T 2021.08.31 13:03 CEST


    Russell to Merc, Bottas to Alfa, Kimi retires – report

    Report? Rumour (one of many) rather. None of key people said so, or confirmed so. I would get drunk with happiness if MB hires Yuki instead. Both, Hamilton and I will be delirious with happiness, for different reasons, of course.

    However, if true, I feel sorry for Bottas. Considering his subservient role he was delegated into (if he wanted to drive for MB), I thought he deserves better treatment.

    Kimi - I like the guy. When he signed for Ferrari, I've predicted he will be a champ one day due to his sheer speed. I am however not sure what happened after his WDC. Probably combination of factors. I do remain disappointed he has only one crown. 

  13. Pay attention. There are more people on the inside who think what happen yesterday should not be repeated. You can attack and malign Vettel as much as you want, but system rules will be reviewed with aim to change what a race director can, or should do nest time around should such conditions arise again. Brown was btw one of those who thinks a change is desirable..

  14. D/T 2021.08.30 10:01 CEST

    I am wondering what Stroll Sr. will tell FiA about his son receiving 10 sec grid penalty for changing a wing, while others are repairing cars without one. Fun is in the offing. Personally I think he will be hopping mad. (Probably rightly so. Rules are incomprehensible to most.)

    Speaking about people hopping mad, there is one; his name is Hamilton. He is one strange person. For now he is allowing MB to choose his teammate whoever that is (so says one headline). How gracious of him.

    I was wrong thinking that no one was happy, yet there is at least one happy person in this wet weekend - Russell. He stood on the podium with shining smile as he won some huge lottery. Obviously some people take it any which-way they can get.

  15. Ehh not really. Honda might, but Verstappen was grumpy and apologetic during interview. He didn't look happy at all, and I do understand that. Who needs for rest of his life some people remaining him of this gift, especially should he win a season by a half point.

  16. Verstappen declared winner. Well, I am sure he had something else on his mind, but he will take it as vindication for that certain race. I have no problem with that. It will teach drivers next time to be more careful how they qualify. Saturday turned to be a race for win.  

  17. Perez had a different idea. To give his guys something to do, he crashed his car. I bet Marko is checking with his lawyer - has he signed that contract yet? If you can, hold it off for a moment...

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