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  1. D/T 2022.01.12 14:23 CET Mercedes denied accusation. Sulking? I think the car #44 was beaten by a better strategy and a better driver when cars were approx. of similar strength, and when it counted. Lovely. I am not a fan of Verstappen, but he deserves the WDC. He was robbed (IMHO) of points in previous races, which permitted Hamilton to close gap to his rival. That of course bothers very few of the same people who are whining about last race. That's life. If Hamilton leaves F1, I will celebrate. That much is certain.
  2. D/T 2022.01.11 15:25 CET Yes. There are more of us on the same page.
  3. Ah, please. Prost is thinking and occasionally also talking. Technically, he is more involved in hybrids than any Sky people with microphones who are just talking. I don't hear any complains from your side about depth of their knowledge of hybrid technology. Why would that be? Between them, I take Prost's opinion any time. BTW, Prost didn't committed any serious mistakes, if you are ref. to his team issues. Simply put, his sponsors pull out, and left Alain holding a bag. That happens occasionally even to best people.
  4. D/T 2022.01.09 12:46 CET I do consider current power-plant as technological marvel unrivalled in motorsport. Nothing wrong with that system. Problem I think is rather limitation of human mindset, and perhaps also for some lack of money to participate in unconstricted manufacturer's series. That however is not fault of equipment. Greater issue as I think about that are people like Newey, and him alike. They are trained in aerodynamics, and they do their do-do on cars, which conceptually flawed cannot follow each other, very unstable side by side, and unless a driver adopts mindset of a bomber, it is difficult to overtake. Cars of past years aerodynamically were failure. People complain about engines, yet who complains about shattered body work? Front wing, once I heard being quoted at 120 - 150 000 [€] each. We see enough of those through the year wasted on roadside. And there is more... I am not sure what we will see in two months with new specs. Warmly I do recall races (in attendance) when Alain, Michael or Ayrton were close to each other, and without necessity to dive-in à la carte, Dutch style they could pass. It would be nice to see that again.
  5. lip., your logic defies answers. My (unsolicited) recommendation for German brands - don't do it. F1 lives on borrowed time in its current form, as images of Manchester rust belt comes to mind.
  6. We are discussing potential new engagement in F1 by one or two German brands, as opposed England in 18th century or something like that.
  7. Audi, Porsche, ... I believe it when i see it. There is one person on this forum, who is constantly selling to RBR Brown's interest in Cosworth. I say - go ahead, having in mind what one military guy (NB) said long time ago, namely, "never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake".
  8. D/T 2022.01.08 11:06 CET I am have no rational understanding purpose of tokens, other than protecting Hamilton from competition (catching up to MB) for several years. I would compare token system to treatment of Covid-19 with household bleach. Effectiveness and outcome of such approaches is about the same.
  9. It was my pleasure reading this, altho with respect to conclusion, I fear it's too late for that. They are (were?) running from one extreme to another under arbitrary set of regulations which make sense to no one. Tokens? Cannot work on the car when needed to the extend its needed? Preposterous. There is no need to list all in here again. Fact is, F1 was never about equality, and that was essence of its beauty, however regulations under which F1 operated past 7 years helped destroyed my trust that F1 is run by sensible people. Choking competition put out of existence one big country in recent times. F1 needs to be careful emulating so hurriedly failed systems. Maybe people who do read history are dying, or are pushed aside, and now we have only those who get their ideas from the Facebook (now Meta) on a phone.
  10. D/T 2022.01.06 08:19 CET Scary I would rather say repulsive, but otherwise agree. Problem is years in making. Bellicose, pugnacious attitude transcend political lines and spills into sport. Surprised? Not really. Most young people in many countries don't know any better. Most games played on computers (as I see at home) are just about war, aggression, killing people for pleasure playing game without clearly stated (defensive) reasons, and lack of tolerance is overwhelming. Writing was on the wall for very long time. What do I wish for New Year? End of manipulative headlines, less words, and more analysis from qualified people. One can dream...(in any age). There aren't many on TV and internet who know what facts are, confirmed, or unconfirmed.
  11. D/T 2022.01.05 12:01 CET In re: A. Prost and his association with the F1. Despite toxic nastiness we encounter on the Internet, Prost’s driving credentials are undisputed. Quietly brilliant, subject of denials and misrepresentation by loudmouths and detractors then and now. For me he is sharing spotlight with Schumacher as two of hard to dispute greatest drivers of all time. The non-executive director of Alpine F1 Team, and as an ex-WDC, in my mind he has more rights to hang around F1 than most people we see in the Paddock with access to public waves. Longue vie et prospérité, Alain.
  12. D/T 2022.01.04 12:19 CET Old school. My first real hero on the grid when I started. Great men think alike. I love Mr. Prost. He makes more sense in my mind than 90% of those in the F1 paddock. Long live Professor! F1 need more of those like you.
  13. D/T 2022.01.02 08:54 CET Source GP247: To kick the new season off my first question with respect to new specs is, how this ratio will change when lights go off in December this year? A few thoughts: perhaps all depends how such stats are interpreted, however ending races only with 3 to 5 cars out of 20 remaining on the lead lap has to end, and that's what new specs are suppose to accomplish. Last season was marred with only a few drivers were fast in quali and in the race, regardless of car setup. Will this change? Hard to say, but qualified drivers have their doubts. Qualification for the race needs overhauling, however I fear F1 is heading into US style pre-race sprints, and we may find this suits only to fastest cars and best driver. Max not only will remain in P1, but he will be mighty difficult to overtake him. Having several chances grab a pole, as it used to be, is what is needed. Ambient conditions presented with semi-wet and drying track, or so often seen this year which was track interference for drivers on a hot lap is lacking in so many fronts. For example, how it helps Vettel (or anyone else) when his hot lap is adversely affected with a guilty driver, who in turn is "punished"? It doesn't. Damage is lasting and unrecoverable under current procedure. Precisely why we need changes in qualifications procedures and whole system of punitive measures for changing engines, etc. It seems to me that some weaknesses of the past will be just carried over to this year. New FiA president has therefore chance to stamp his mark and bring back some sanity. Will he meet my expectations?
  14. D/T 2022.01.01 18:26 CET We look forward to new beginning on many fronts. Minds behind latest technical specifications are promising dawn in new era of competitiveness. There is much to look forward, or perhaps "plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose" [Karr]?
  15. He knows where his future lies (and it is not driving an F1 car for next 5 years). His positions resemble in some way US politicians speaking their mind only on their way out of politics. Having said that, despite my past (not very best) feelings about him as a person, today I do appreciate that he has decide to speak out. His words would have however carried much more weight of course had he said those things earlier in his career. As the cliche goes, better later than never.
  16. D/T 2021.11.10 08:09 CET You see it too..? Well, I think this trend has been noticed already decade or more ago. Funny that Alonso is speaking only now, whereas I am ranting about it at least 15 years, if not longer.
  17. That's not what expert-Vettel haters- said.
  18. No kidding. How many years again it took you to arrive to this conclusion? Well, better late than never.
  19. D/T 2021.09.18 18:48 CEST Lord help me, otherwise I will end up liking this man. Unfortunately (I think) Brawn and his crowd wan't listen to a reason. Alonso is referring to Sprint races, which already were given thumbs down by several drivers and TP alike in public. How many more remain in silence is of course another matter.
  20. Are we back to Senna vs Prost argument? That's another case in which media playing large role than they should. It is proven through repeated studies, if people hear a lie or some nonsense continuously repeated, it just became reality for them. Media, mostly British, hated Prost, and Senna for very long time could not do wrong for them. But was he really that good? Senna had - like Hamilton has today - exceptional cars to his disposal through his career. He was to some extend like Verstappen, but rather more nuanced. Max might perhaps achieve that state later in his career. Story of Senna greatness however grows every time as his name comes up. I can imagine that will also happen with Alonso, deservedly or not. The thing is, I was at the track when those two raced. Yes, I am that old. Three times, and I think Prost - 4 WDC to his credit - was a better driver. Nickname professor to his name was there for a reason. Just ask another old fossil, BE. He thinks the same as I do - Prost was better driver than Senna, not that crazy diving into everything, whether he gets credit to his name in some segments of media, or not. That doesn't matter.
  21. I think at this point I have to apologise, but I have exhausted all my enthusiasm analyse Alonso and his adventures, be those on or off track.
  22. Tinted glasses is a nonsensical term, therefore I don't see any usefulness discussing it. Crowd repeating manipulative articles published by (mostly) bias media is not that easy to shake off. It's everywhere. "Most people know" follows usually with claims which clinical psychology is warning rest of us not to accept due to their overwhelming falsehood. I've read today opinions so called self-appointed experts judging the major incident involving two protagonists. Not even them cannot agree on one common statement of truth based on facts. They just spewing their personal bias in public domain, and now it's being repeated by masses on sidelines. I don't have any problem with anyone admitting they do like Alonso's driving, and his personality. Any claims beyond that really bore the heck out of me.
  23. There was the incident which end up with Briatore leaving F1. That one was related to on track action. He is BETTER - that's a subjective judgement and hard to argue for or against. Clinical psychologists do not accept conclusions based on public opinions. Alonso is probably a good driver. Is he better than last four or five WDC? I don't know how to answer such questions because we each look at this sport through our own senses how we view and accept state of perfection. I should add case of Grosjean. When he was under threat missing a race due to having over 12 penalty points, many drivers really behave nastilly because they knew he could not risk proper defence and be misjudged. Vettel was in similar situation when stewards were competing among themselves who gives him more penalty points. In that period DR really pull a one or two dirty fast ones on him, and easily got away with it. You see, this will not happen to Alonso. He screwed (sorry) Sainz, he screwed Vettel once or twice, yet he gets always away with it. Figure that one out. Precious work of art at Mercedes the same. There is no force on this Mother Earth stewards would dare to call foul against him, especially when he was closing on Schumacher. Not everything is pretty in this world, and some of us do realise that.
  24. Agree. That was then, and this is now. Things change quickly, and Brown is collecting all accolades. I assume it will be too much to expect when things will go wrong one day, and they certainly will, that he will accept responsibility and resign (as opposed to blaming and kicking out Seidl). It was Otmar who put down any speculation about DR moving to AM (so he said); obviously based on alleged tension in McLaren camp.
  25. Yes, Alonso is Saint who has never done wrong.
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