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    9 min to go. It might be difficult now. 2 laps after restart.
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    Beyond words (a headline) WTH?
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    D/T 2021.08.28 12:40 CEST With a heavy heart I have to ask, whether Yuki is on the bubble? I am hearing some noise to that effect, but I also do continue to think he has great potential, if properly guided. A mentor like Dr. Marko was to Sebastian would be good influence. On the other hand, Yuki might not accept any advice, and lead life his way. Loosing him would be pity. I wish Japanese representation lasting as long as series exists, and Yuki is the man for that job at the moment. Seb in FP3 is saving his tires, so much is obvious. He looks in peace with himself.
  4. All the so called "experience" was of no use to anyone this year, until Alpine changed massively his car to match his driving style. I find it it ironic to make of it as positive development, especially when next year they will need to change a car again to new specs and on limited budget. Once he leaves, hard to say for whom they are planning to sell that development, especially when expenditures will be at short supply. Fact is, contrary to old wife's tales, Alonso is not being able to drive just any car, so much was proven, but he is not alone. I've heard this me-experience-song once before, when a British driver was busy with self-promotion as the indispensable consultant to Honda upon their return, yet that experiment has turned out at the end to be nothing, but expensive crash at great cost to Honda. These aren't anymore normally aspirated engines, and construction of a vehicle is a job for engineers, with peripheral minor changes according to input from a driver. All modern drivers are capable of it, yet if the car is designed from ground up for one driver's style, then that could be an issue for next guy who will take that seat. That happened at Ferrari when Alonso was there. Alonso is/was a good driver, I am not doubting that, but so are others on sidelines, who are waiting for lack of available seats; call them F1 future, if you will. At his age of 40 one could safely say - he had his chance. IMO, clinging to the past is not making much sense at more than one level. At the end however Alpine is free to spent their money anyway the wish. Good luck to all of them.
  5. I think Alonso was under consideration to replace Perez. It appears Alpine figured out that offer was only in early MAYBE, thus played their cards right, and forced the issue. ... or is it really a WIN for Alpine? I do actually have my doubts. Alonso should fade off the stage gracefully in his age. It's easy to second guess difficult strategic decisions, but I would have choosen DR instead (had he wanted to return), or even better, maybe superb Gasly (or Perez?).
  6. Alonso is certainly teasing his sizeable flock with coded messages. (Novel way to stay in headlines.) Perhaps he is really getting married and stays with Alpine after all. As a late addition to this post I have to admit to later adoption of same views as some thoughtful folks, that we should not have a twitter at all, medium I believe some drivers are using. I had no opinion about it until recently. Medium such as twitter seems to be destroying fabric and core common sense in us. (I am quoting L. H. Lapham, old school (Yale), and BTW brilliant thinker). Meanwhile I am slightly worry about forthcoming race. Unless there is significant attrition rate on the first lap involving front teams, this is hardly AM's track to place well in normal race conditions. I do expect both drivers to place in the race outside of top 10. No more secret: Alonso has signed for 1 more year with Alpine ( D/T 2021.08.26 13:54 CEST )
  7. Inclusion of this note was not meant to be news, as you mistakenly believe. Point is being made, if "big news" Alonso is promising is him changing teams, than for reasons stated, he could perhaps switch with DR. Please read my initial post again, this time slowly, and you find it also in there. The truth to be said, I am however sceptical McLaren would take him. I am under impression that relationship between the team and this driver is broken. We will have to wait.In terms of upwards mobility this would be however the only team which could realistically open door for him. ...or... maybe he is getting married and continue where he is...(I think he is still single)
  8. D/T 2021.08.25 16:51 CEST Well, he makes himself a centre of attention. Can't wait. Alonso actually made an attempt to ride next to Verstappen, said Dr. Marko. (Also next to Hamilton, but I doubt Hamilton is interested in that scenario). He could also switch a seat with DR. McLaren is not happy with DR, and that could go both ways.
  9. D/T 2021.08.25 14:17 CEST If Daimler will increase their ownership share of AM to 20% (their man is now firmly at the CEO helm), several outcomes might be in the offing. Firstly, Mercedes don't do random. There is always large objective, and my guess is most likely full ownership of AM sooner or later. AM could serve as complement to the brilliant AMG line. AM could be also spruced up, so it looks like a car which can appeal to some buyers. I guess not too many are selling right now when a better alternative is available. (Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear once drove one, and he was grumbling in pain about - well - everything, including getting in and out of that James Bond contraption.) Question on my mind is, what happened to F1 competitiveness? RBR and Minardi was bad enough, so I thought, and now MB and AM sleeping together? The situation might in the background solve some problems, but creates new ones, and perhaps just as serious. But then, maybe I am wrong, and latest generation will respond, who cares about those things? If you don't like it, go away; problem solved.
  10. D/T 2021.08.25 08:51 CEST It doesn't make any sense to me, and perhaps it is worth a note or two. There is no unified norm (as far as I am aware off) on definition of “most complete drive in motorsport ever”. From that perspective his words do sound a lot like self promotion and compensation for his deficit on WDC front in the F1. OK, I have only two WDC, but...blah blah blah. There will be always people who will find some new arguments why achievements of others should be stamped on and make those less shining, but that's just human selfishness in all of us, not just in him. People like Schumacher or Vettel, to pick just two examples, entered F1 to compete in the F1 and win, and so they have. No one said to them OK, but now you have to win another n-th series to be a complete professional driver. F1 media have too much of free time and they have to say or write something to get paid. I see it in football as well. I like Messi and Ronaldo, and I am in awe over their skills, but to hear commentators salivating is pain...OK, Messi will be now great too, because he will be playing for more teams than just Barcelona,...blah blah blah. Why not just to stay still in silence, and watch master at work. One opportunity of lifetime to see a man who should receive a Nobel price for his work in this sport. (If there is not one, make one.) Alonso had Alpine to change his car according to his preferences (so he said), and that allowed him to progress rapidly. Vettel after all - rightly so - acknowledged his great comeback. Speaking of Vettel, his team is not French Alpine, and it is obvious to us on the outside as well, but that doesn't makes him a less complete driver. Not in my eyes.
  11. I have different vision from you how a technology series should be organised and function. None of the stuff you cherish that much, I despise advertising manipulations and lies/misrepresentation. I have zero tolerance and respect for PR departments (over)selling flawed concepts, and covering up bad manners. In my world products and people need to speak that language through quality, access, affordability and usefulness. This is as much time I wish to spend on that subject.
  12. D/T 2021.08.21 18:19 CEST Words and realities. Jost has expertise, integrity, and he doesn't say much, but when he speaks, I tend to listen. He seems more grounded than people of AM, and unfortunately for Seb, he might be destined to struggle for rest of his career (unless he moves again). I thought initially 3 years should be enough to enter fight for podium on merit, but now I am not sure anymore. Specs are changing, rules are changing, so we will have to wait.
  13. Hard to argue that, however before you begin to blame all teams, you need to talk to FiA, CVC/Liberty, Brawn, Brown, Williams, McLaren,...all who are pushing for standardisation, choking innovation for financial reasons. Tokens, decrease on hours behind computers, fazing out wind tunnel, no training on the track, and much more. Just talk - we are the best. These are all facts, no second hand guessing. Sometimes I think about new definition for brainwashing. How many times I've written on these pages - if you cannot afford membership of this club, then get out. In fact, Todt once said the same. World economy and in-house financial planners would tell CEO how much he can afford spend on promotional budget. That's natural course of business. Today transformation to - more like US Indy - is so bad, voices are louder and louder, that WCC trophy has become meaningless, hence faze it out. Transformation from technology sport to mostly business kill it. This is outcome in the world, when advertising has taken over and become more important than engineering. I seriously doubt this would happen under German management of Association of Constructors. (Almost happened decades ago; remember Mercedes boss Hubbert?) Yes, that's the one. RBR and Ferrari however pulled a rug beneath his feet, and the idea of new series died quickly. BE made sure of it.
  14. D/T 2021.08.17 12:46 CEST The thought occurred to me several years ago. Based on the article posted this time, it seems some brains working slowly, but they might get there. Constructor championship was over when whining about cost began. WDC was over when MB got their drivers protected from competition, which is past 7 years.
  15. D/T 2021.08.15 22:20 CEST Sounds good (if true). 40 years...and everyone is still there? Ferrari is sometimes very forgiving.
  16. Are you sure about it? In some case people might be just too polite to say what they are really thinking.
  17. You have obviously access to business information which I don't. In contrast, I think those who do want Ferrari and have financial means for it, they will go and buy a damn car, regardless whether Leclerc in a race takes Vettel and himself out, or someone else.
  18. D/T 2021.08.14 19:51 CEST When Verstappen and Hamilton were involved recently in the accident which almost cost Max his life, at which point it was the insurance company's shining moment as they were receiving publicity? At what point in that event it was good/bad publicity for RB drink or Mercedes new car line up? Not at all..?
  19. I am not familiar with insurance business, but with each crash there has to be some significant adversarial cost impact upon the team. Take Ferrari as an example; Binotto is advancing suggestion for budgetary exemptions on cost of repair, and wants to treat such incidents outside of budget limits. Insurance contributions obviously aren't enough to recover full cost and it must be biting into team's budget. Ferrari is not the only team to have such issues. In the future budget limits are suppose to be lowered even more, so it will get worse. Clearly FiA and Stefano needs to address it one way or another.
  20. True. Family name Steiner is probably Germanic, however you can find it in German speaking Austria, and Switzerland as well. (Not everyone whose mother tongue is German is actually German national - to state obvious). In the case of this fellow, he was born in Italy. In EU we move around a lot. Binotto is in media described as Italian, yet fact is, he is actually Swiss born and educated (might be already naturalised Italian; I'm not sure). ... but, no one cares. I am OK with this arrangement.
  21. Thank you for the above. BTW Guenther Steiner is not a German, therefore definitely not Herr. He is either Signore, or Mr. His domicile is in US, born in Italy, and holds US and Italian passports. He is fluent in several languages, German among them, but that's not enough to make him one. Cost of repairs was always burden, however this year more so because of budget. Recently no less than 4 teams raised related concerns. Ferrari, Haas, AM, an RBR. Is anyone listening?
  22. Well, you know, I do belong to old school, when clear eye, and handshake meant more than pages of meaningless legalese gibberish.
  23. D/T 2021.08.11 21:01 CEST Mick should have a private talk with J. Todt, and solicit his realistic views regarding own future. JT is a friend of his father, likes Mick, and he has rational measure of drivers market. IMHO Mick needs to get away from Binotto as far possible, and as quickly as possible, even if he ends up leaving F1 for lack of better offers. Believe it or not, there is life on the outside. McLaren, Alpine, RBR and associates, Ferrari and associates, and add Mercedes as well - no one is hiring. Not now, not next year, or year after that. Check contracts. Meanwhile, oligarch family is trying to get him out from Haas.
  24. D/T 2021.08.10 08:15 CEST - This was then. This is now: D/T 2021.08.11 10:06 CEST It appears FiA had enough of AM. Taking it a step further, I think AM got out of this wrangling with regulators quite cheaply. In the past some teams were made to pay after challenging divine rulers of this business.
  25. D/T 2021.08.10 13:45 CEST Uhh, British media discovered that The Earth is not flat. British bias is prevalent in F1 for decades. There is no point to pretend otherwise. When Mosley left, his klan (Whiting etc.) stayed behind with cushy jobs for life, instead being replaced after serving a term. There is no performance evaluation, no accountability, etc. Just - we are trying our best. (I thought 6 years a term per person would have been just enough.)
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