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  1. I fear that Mick's career will not be even remotely successful as his father's. English over-representation in F1 has no interest in promoting his career, and I think the same could be said about Italians. He is with a wrong team, and rumours have it, that he might jump from one paddle of dung into another next year. In his age he should have been a leading candidate at AlphaTauri as a potential replacement for Perez at RBR when time is ripe. In reality, he is nowhere near that situation. Ferrari is not hiring, MB the same as they are preoccupided pandering to British interest, and RBR is out of reach. I think Mick should talk to his family, and re-orient his career into different direction. Go to school, become an engineer, built your own car. I certainly will move on once Vettel is done. I had enough of fans, Braun, Brown, so called journalists, talking heads, and FiA baked convenient rules, flexible law, and so on. Enough is enough.
  2. On 2021.07.06 15:24 (UTC) That's an impactful change. Under budgetary reductions, several teams will go through staff reduction, consequently people with F1 experience should be available for hire. Challenge for AM is filtering those people who have experience that is needed, and are they monozukuri oriented. Resources built up is a step forward.
  3. This was first time in many years I have made a deliberate choice to do something else, and did not watched the race.
  4. I do suggest before you critique Vettel (again), that you first pick up some reading on the subject. Vettel did not blocked Alonso as you claim, safely or otherwise. Not all media like facts, and vilification of this German driver is their favourite past time. Vettel has merely followed protocol agreed and accepted by all drivers. Vettel is a clear victim in this mess whoever got ball rolling, but FiA cannot be bothered. Drivers or a team - no problem for them. Vettel lost position and got another penalty point on his crime-sheet. This almost certainly would not happen to some other drivers. Drivers who broke that agreement actually were let go Scott free by the same FiA officials. Alonso absolved Vettel from any wrongdoing.
  5. I've passed the angry barrier some time ago. Vettel was also awarded another 1 demerit point over and above 3 places pushback on the starting grid.
  6. My error. I should have said in Q3. (Not Q1) Regarding the other stuff...I find Korean dramas somewhat more pleasing.
  7. On 2021.07.03 14:02 (UTC) AM drivers are in Q1, however hard to say it's on merit. Grid is chaotic. Ferrari for example are out of place, and so on. In any case, I take it. It was not a bad day.
  8. On 2021.07.03 12:26 (UTC) There are at least 3 or 4 cars which can get ahead of AM in qualifying. I do suspect that Vettel gave all he has in that car. I am not sure about Stroll.
  9. On 2021.07.03 11:04 (UTC) After FP3 It looks like AM drivers could make Q2, borderline Q3. Yuki is good, talented, but for a Japanese guy unusually temperamental. As someone said, would yoga help to calm him down? I rather doubt it. He needs 2 years with a good team, like Verstappen. That will do it. Is Kimi retiring?
  10. You must have graduated from London school of economics. Nowhere else would teach this kind of - you fill the blank -.
  11. In your frame of thinking, Haas should encourage also Schumacher to spin more frequently to increase exposure. I am not sure if you are aware of cost involved. Spinning in Monaco last time (so I heard) cost Haas to fix at 500 k for one incident.
  12. On 2021.07.02 16:45 (UTC) Well, that didn't take long.
  13. On 2021.07.02 15:31 (UTC) In FP 1 - Austria A picture worth ten thousand words.
  14. Apparently those reports were accurate. That was his intent. Wolff was in the interview a week or two ago, and he confirmed he was going to move on last year. I am not in full understanding why he changed his mind. Could be that Allison's plans has something to do with it.
  15. On 2021.07.01 14:45 (UTC) AM didn't have any serious problems to finish races, so I am lost over your position on this subject. By definition then, dwelling on the same spot (P-something at the back) is not a move forward. I would be speaking about progress, if Vettel and AM regularly finished every race somewhat better than the previous race. At this stage, Vettel should be in P4 - P7 range. That's my expectation, however instead, it is big fat FAIL As stated the other day, Sebastian had some sort of minor success on city street circuits, but was very weak on the Austrian speed track. I do not expect from next race any miracles, unless AM mounts some good upgrades. Why Stroll is liking the car, and Vettel is not, that is an unanswered question.
  16. On 2021.07.01 9:43 (UTC) With almost equal car we have Verstappen on his way, and unless bad luck strikes, he will get it this year. I am not sure what has happened to GOAT what's his name.
  17. On 2021.06.28 19:51 (UTC) Based on Vettel's after race comments, I don't see, or can think about anything which would make me believe that last race was just one off. Car is at midfield level, and if tires go bye bye, so goes race too. I would be surprise if we see next race anything else. He seems to do well in city races. Speedsters - not so much (yet).
  18. On 2021.06.27 18:48 (UTC) Yeah well, Pierre, Leclerc is not Vettel. Your expectations didn't let you down. That's FiA for you.
  19. On 2021.06.27 14:38 (UTC) 4 cars from 2 stables on a lead time is a story of our time. For some reason I've expected something else from Sebastian. Instead, we are back where it started. DR finishing behind car 5 is not much of pleasing result for anyone. Vettel in P5 would have ratify his and team's progress (Ferrari was out of it.) Instead, we get P12 No comment.
  20. P14? That result surprises me. Vettel almost didn't make it into Q2. I am not sure what kind of devil hand plays role in this, but that's not normal. This is not just due to poor driving.
  21. I find rather amusing that no one is holding LH responsible to his past boastful rhetoric that he can drive with anyone. He critiqued Vettel that he is approving his teammates (something that was never admitted or proven, as far as I know), whereas Hamilton openly refused to drive alongside Alonso at MB, and now again this. It is really difficult to like this guy.
  22. What do you think about MB' admission, that second driver (after Bottas) has to be approved by Hamilton. (I am hoping that my interpretation is correct one).
  23. In F1 one can find plenty suitable materials for developing doctoral thesis in psychology showing causative effects between aggression, and downfall from grace when formerly relatively decent people become nuisance to society.
  24. On 2021.06.25 18:31 (UTC) I don't wish to be vulgar, but this is BS. As of this moment, he is not of use to RBR. I would put him on gardening leave with immediate effect until Dec 31, and that's that. Nothing more.
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