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  1. To Save F1, What Needs To Be Done ?

    Lol. I bet they would.
  2. To Save F1, What Needs To Be Done ?

    Thanks for the welcome.
  3. Alfa Romeo

    Yeah mate then again Ferrari may try and wrangle out of it.
  4. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Hi all hope everyone is ok. My name is Nick. I've been a f1 fan for over 20 years. My current favourite driver is Seb Vettel. I've been watching him in red bull. My favourite past drivers are the late great Ayrton Senna Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen. My favourite team is Ferrari. I was recommended this forum my my mate Emmcee.
  5. To Save F1, What Needs To Be Done ?

    @radical-one that's a bit harsh assassinate Bernie lol
  6. To Save F1, What Needs To Be Done ?

    For Bernie Ecclestone to sell up and not be involved at all.
  7. Alfa Romeo

    It's good that they're helping out them but couldn't help out Red Bull with an engin. What will happen if Alfa Romeo gets bigger and Ferrari hits a sticky patch will they abandon them?
  8. Are You Bloody Serious?

    Lewis Hamilton looks like an idiot wearing that. Since his world title wins he thinks he's better than everyone else. Never liked this person.