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  1. Red Bull`s IDIOTIC remark

    lol. I just read that. We will only know in melbourne
  2. Vettel WHO

  3. Alfa Romeo Racing

  4. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Ha ha ha
  5. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Max Verstappen won the Mexican Grand Prix in commanding style, on the same Sunday Lewis Hamilton wrapped up his fifth Formula 1 World Championship a feat which the Dutchman believes any of the top drivers would have been capable of had they a Mercedes at their disposal. Speaking to Blick after his mighty win in Mexico, Verstappen was asked what made Lewis Hamilton such a force in Formula 1, to which the 21-year-old replied without hesitation: “His car!” And added, “Of course he is extremely good. But even Vettel can win in his car, Ricciardo can also win in his car – and I can win titles in his car.” Indeed Hamilton has had an enormous run of success in the Mercedes, winning four of his five titles with the Silver Arrows and racking up an impressive 50 grand prix victories since he joined them in 2013 – more than Vettel, Verstappen and Ricciardo have managed combined. Recently Fernando Alonso also suggested that just about any top driver could win the title with the Mercedes.
  6. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Yeah and hopefully ricci wins it today. Goodbye gift from the bulls. He has a good chance if he starts well.
  7. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    And he still has 4 world championships to his name.
  8. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Your golden boy had the opportunity to become the youngest pole sitter and was fastest the whole weekend and messes it up at the very last moment and wen mattered. Sorry about that. Well done to Ricci. Very well done. Horner s face when his golden boy was defeated. Lol
  9. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    I dont think so. I agree max is good but dominating is too much. Leading a championship needs consistency which i think max needs to work on. And i think verstappen is not the fastest driver on the grid . Currently Lewis and Vettel are the fastest . Alonso is the most consistent.
  10. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Let's see what verstappen could do next year. He is already speaking a lot.
  11. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    You are happy right that he is losing. Then why are you complaining.
  12. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    I think it's simply not his year. His moves are not working at the moment. It's like when things are going good wat ever you do seems to work and when it's not watever you do seems to fail. And the team is terrible with their calls as well. Even mercs lost the Australian gp due to their strategic call. Happens with every other team. That's the sport . Without the support of the team a driver can do only so much. Hopefully Ferrari gets their strategic calls right next year and Vettel goes on to win the world championship next year .
  13. Mclaren-Renault

    Yeah you are right . Poor memory.
  14. Mclaren-Renault

    Lots of it. Like i have already mentioned about bringing in key people and also the intention to be competitive. As you have already known nothing works faster in F1. Mclaren have been in decline for a period of time with also honda being a part of their issues as well(learning the hybrid technology). Takes time but eventually they should come back stronger i guess. You dont like them , thats ok. but i cannot convince you to like them. good that seb is not driving for them right Sauber yeah they are coming up because they were dead last for a couple of seasons now i guess. Frederic was fired from renault i guess (poor memory) and now he is doing a good job. They can only come up now right with the expansion going on( financially and management wise as well)
  15. Mclaren-Renault

    Well I dont hold any value to Magnussen's words. So i dont care about what he says. And definitely not Mclaren and Co.Also good things are not expected from after he was fired. I think if Dennis is still with Mclaren, the honda divorce wouldnt have happened. But he is not. Doesnt mean they have to go back to him . No one is irreplacable. Zak is doing alright bringing the right personnels. (planned ricci to replace alonso, Key and De ferran) . The intentions to become good is there. Currently they are in a mess they will come out of it is my thought process.
  16. 2019 Silly season

    Looks like he is signing for 2 years. Considering the current form i guess
  17. 2018 F1 season - discussion

    Ha ha ha. True. He is trying so hard to sell himself but sadly for him no top teams are ready to hire him.
  18. 2018 F1 season - discussion

    Stroll to spark line up changes in Belgium. Stroll to Force India Ocon to Mclaren Vandoorne Out. Is this even possible Crazy season Alonso - big announcement on 14.08. Wonder what he is upto?
  19. Alonso

    This too.
  20. 2018 Ferrari SF71H

  21. 2018 F1 season - discussion

  22. 2018 F1 season - discussion

    As per the latest interview from Zak, they are looking for 2 drivers. I am sure if alonso goes to indy, perez is a good option for a seat considering vandoorne is still struggling for form. And looks like Toro rosso wants Norris for Key. So yes they need 2 drivers and good ones are hard to come by. In perez s case he doesnt want to be Stroll s second hand. So i am sure he is looking for a move. Perez drove for Mclaren , So what, Mclaren has new team principal and CEO. There is no reason they wont want him
  23. Alonso

  24. Alonso

    I dont know it feels like great things has to come to an end. I feel like we wont be seeing great drivers once alonso, kimi , lewis and seb retires. i am not able to see the same things i saw in those drivers. Max is alright.Ricci and ocon is ok to an extent others i am not so sure.
  25. 2018 Ferrari SF71H

    why this article comes up suddenly? Mark is not even in the picture and this happened long time back. It was clear that redbull gave preference to seb, a much younger and a hungrier driver. Its the same case with all teams. Once ricci stepped in he was given much preference and now max. Horner sometimes says silly things. I still remember what horner said when seb left for ferrari, "Seb will be seeing the back of our cars" now we know better .