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  1. Can you guys get a room please 😁😁
  2. Ok, cards on the table up front, although not a FanBoy, I do like Hamilton and would prefer him to get his 5th title ahead of Vettel. Was never a big fan of SV during his RB days, however, he has mellowed over the years and comes across as far less arrogant than he used to imho. As for Monza, I was surprised that he won given that it is a power track and with the Ferraris the fastest car at the moment, with a front row lock out, I thought the best Hamilton would get barring any incidents, would be a podium, most likely 3rd, but even the haters have to give the man credit for the way he raced!! Bottas showed what a good team mate he is by delaying Kimi forcing him to take life out of his tyres for 6 laps, allowing LH to reel Kimi in for the win. People have criticised these tactics, but they have been widely used many times in the past, especially by the Red team...Schui/Irvine, Schui/Barrichello, Alonso/Massa etc. Bottas was around 0.3 seconds slower than LH all weekend, so was a no brainier that he would help if needed. My main complaint was the behaviour of MV, who after collecting a justified 5 second penalty, then stuck two fingers up at his team, and the whole RB workforce by conceding not one, but two places through his petulant behaviour of refusing to allow Bottas past, and in th process allowing SV to close in and also jump MV with the time penalty. Hopefully Christian Horner, and Helmut Marko will have read him the riot act after the race behind closed doors. ok...that’s my two pence worth of opinion..happy racing guys n gals πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š