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  1. Thanks. I found some advice on another site and....I’m all booked! Upper grandstand T on Rascasse. Flying out on Saturday night, stopping in a hotel near to the airport, train in to Monaco and then flight home at 10.45pm. Can’t wait.
  2. Hello everyone. I’ve just joined up as I am looking to attend my one and possibly only GP. I’ve been promising myself a trip to a Grand Prix for as long as I can remember and I've always fancied the glamour of the Monaco GP. I’ve been to Monaco three times in the past - once on a Med cruise (had booked an excursion of a trip around the circuit but it was cancelled due to the Tour de France being there on the day we berthed) and two further times on motorcycle trips - a couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks after a GP and it was pretty busy those times too! I’m not getting any younger so I’m looking to go to this years one and have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer. First question is where should I buy the tickets from - is there an official site to buy from? I don’t want to get there and find I’ve been scammed for a couple of dodgy tickets! I’m taking my son as a treat and I’m looking to pay around the £500/600 mark per ticket and hopefully that will get us half-decent seats (I'm too old to stand!). Any suggestions on the best seating area’s? Also, travel to the circuit from the UK. My plan so far is to fly out on the Saturday night, stay over in an airport hotel near Nice airport and travel to Monaco by train on Sunday morning. Return home late Sunday night. I’ve got as far as reserving a hotel and I’m looking to get the train nearest to the hotel which is the stop before the main station in Nice to hopefully avoid the crush for seats. Does that sound like a reasonable way to go about it? Any and all suggestions welcome.