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  1. Welcome to the forum. Incidentally I met an aussie yesterday at work. He was quite friendly.
  2. Having read this I will ensure I never go to Australia. All my holidays are at English seaside towns (mainly Torquay/Paignton area) and it sounds like going to Oz would ruin all my favourite places forever lol. Wow just realised I've gone past 10,000 posts recently. I guess that makes me the biggest nerd on the internet.
  3. Listening to the accent all day? Only joking. I love the thought of a non-Brit going to blackpool and thinking 'what the actual f*** is this place'! It's the epitomy of tacky british seaside resort, and I love it
  4. Welcome Andy, and I think most of your comments in that post are all current themes that most of us agree with! Whereabouts in Pom-land did you originate?
  5. so what was your old username? by the way I noticed your signature - and I must point out that Schuey was penalised to the back of the grid monaco 2006, so there! FIA is not his buddy!
  6. great videos eric, that patrick depailler video looks like hard work!! And the JPM video reminded me that I miss him - he's my kind of driver
  7. fantastic battle, some super-duper-aggressive defensive driving
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