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  1. Yes; I'm fully aware you believe that. But I'm also fully aware that you're an idiot, so it doesn't phase me.

    Regardless of our opinions on him, your post on him is what dragged me here, which was my point. Oh, and I live in Mitchell, too, just to add insult to injury.

    Looking at his policies you cant help but think he actually should have been a Preist in the Dark Ages. His idea's as so old fashion that its laughable. The scary thing is this psycho might some day get some real power and turn the country i live in into a country which is so extremely there will be people on the streets demanding the execution of someone who named a bear Jesus.

  2. I've been lurking for a while here (never looming though - don't even think about suggesting I've been looming!!!) so I thought I'd post here.

    I live in Australia, am good friends with the member "Sato" and joined after noticing this forum come up as part of my research on Alex Hawke (Australian politician). I knew Sato posted here so I thought it funny it would pop up in relation to Hawke, but it was of course good ol' ykick giving Hawke a spray comparing him to Hitler in one of the worst posts I've ever seen.

    Anyway.. I'll probably post in the Cafe section occasionally - most likely strange posts that no-one but Sato will get, making a real nuisance of myself. But in any rate, I'm here and I'm not looming, so hello. I'm not an actual F1 fan though so my posts will be limited to this section.

    Alex Hawke is a complete nutcase who im reasonably certain would support a bill proposing that any person of a non Christian religion should be burned at the stake.

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