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  1. Bmw Are Gone Gone Gone

    I doubt they'll do a brawn - brawn have only done as well as they have because of honda's development on the car - in 08 they gave up on developing the 08 car very early into the season and focussed on the 09 car - which paid off. BMW have done very little for the 2010 car - their decision to pull out was also earlier than honda's, so there will be no development in the 2010. So basically, if anyone buys the bmw team, the car will only just be better than the crap we have now
  2. Bmw Are Gone Gone Gone

    Statement by Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Press Conference on the Realignment of BMW AG's Motor Sports Activities 29.07.2009 Speech Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for joining us at such short notice here today. Yesterday, the Board of Management made the following decision: • We will realign our motor sports activities. • The BMW Group will end its Formula One activities at the end of the 2009 season. • We will remain active in the field of motor sports, focusing on close-to-production motor sports and promoting young drivers. • We will pool our expertise and financial resources in the fields of sustainability and new technology development. In 2007, we set the foundation for a strategic realignment of the BMW Group by adopting our Strategy Number ONE. Now we are rolling out this strategy in all areas within the BMW Group. In addition, we initiated an internal change process that goes hand in hand with a new mindset throughout our workforce. All measures and activities aim for the same goal, namely to ensure our company’s future viability. This is the focus to which we are dedicating our resources and capacities, while constantly adjusting them to new requirements. The BMW Group is the world’s leading premium car company in the automotive industry. We believe that this demands accountability • with respect to our products, • with respect to who we are as a company, • with respect to our social commitment, • and with respect to the premium business model. We are of the opinion that the premium segment has to remain a positive role model within our society. By launching our Efficient Dynamics technology program, we began early on to reduce our vehicles’ fuel consumption and emissions significantly. Today, our BMW and MINI fleet in Germany consumes a mere 5.9 liters of fuel on average. This is below the average of Germany's largest-volume brand. Sportiness and dynamics remain the key attributes of all BMW models, albeit paired with responsibility. At the IAA, we will showcase a concept car as a“CO2 champion” to demonstrate a whole new dimension of driving pleasure with regards to efficiency with performance. In line with our Strategy Number ONE, we are continually reviewing all projects and initiatives to check them for future viability and sustainability. We made this clear with the initial announcement of our Strategy Number ONE. And, naturally, this also includes motor sports. And I have always been clear about my position on making tough decisions that will help ensure the BMW Group’s success over the long run. As our company places stronger focus on sustainability initiatives, our participation in Formula One becomes less a key promoter of this engagement. It goes without saying that this step was very difficult for us—as well as for me personally. On behalf of the entire Board of Management, I would like to express our immense gratitude to Mario Theissen for his commitment and successes. Everyone knows that the BMW brand embodies sportiness with sheer driving pleasure. Sportiness and fair competition are firmly encoded in our DNA. This is why we will remain loyal to motor sports. But we will do this in series that enable us to transfer technology more directly and to realize additional synergies, while strengthening our brand values. This is in our customers’ best interest. As a company, we are making a paradigm shift based on our Strategy Number ONE. We are setting new priorities in an ever-changing environment. The focus of the BMW Group will be towards sustainable development over the next years and decades to come. Our vision remains clear: to be the leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. We will pursue this vision with resolve. Thank you for your attention.
  3. So Who Replaces Piquet?

    nico moving up
  4. So Who Replaces Piquet?

    ooooh, that would make me happy!
  5. So Who Replaces Piquet?

    now is when everyone wishes they would have gotten giorgio pantano when they could have done... cos he's pretty decent! If they can't get anyone, my bet's on grosjean.... hulkenberg if they could get him, but doubtful
  6. Bmw Are Gone Gone Gone

    this = massivley crap
  7. Prodrive In, Toyota Out

    Will gary paffett finally come to play? please?! (too old now probably though)
  8. Happy Birthday, Antonia!

    lol more like as long as i have kubica!
  9. Happy Birthday, Antonia!

    haha, yes, he is rather a travesty! Thank you all!
  10. Is Buemi Any Good?

    I liked Buemi in GP2. Question is.... how many sebs do we actually need in F1?
  11. Race Of Champions

    I recorded schumacher waiting for dc, very funny
  12. Honda Says Goodbye?

    What ever happened to prodrive? The grid's going to be looking pretty small if honda go
  13. No Car Access To Donington

    It's very easy to get to donny by public transport, that's what I'd be doing anyway.... just hop on the skylink, goes at least hourly every hour each day and drops you right outside the circuit! Just annoying that everyone else now has to do it...
  14. Mark Webber Seriously Injured

    I like mark, he's a nice guy and a great ambassador for the sport, such a shame
  15. Happy Birthday

    Hope you had a great birthday!!