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  1. Top 4 Drivers Of 2005

    I dont agree with that at all! Apart from an error in Canada, Alonso has been superb this season. Remember that he is 26points clear of Kimi, who is in by miles the fastest car in the pack. and also remember that Alonso's one "gifted" victory(Europe GP) come from Kimi making several mistakes during the race when under pressure from Alonso and damaging his tyres. Alonso Would be a well deserved World champion this season!!!
  2. Karthikeyan's Future Unknown

    I think both karthikeyan & his team-mate Monteiro are are quite [email protected] to be perfectly honest. They are both proof that with enough money behind you, nearly any racing driver can make it into the likes of Jordan/Minardi. We Even got to see a useless driver on the podium at the US gp. WOW
  3. Montoya's Quote On Hungary

    Ferrari have infact used team orders more recently than you think to help Shumacher. Remember the US grand prix this year when the team told Rubens he was not allowed to over-take Michael after the last set of pit stops... Aparently their drivers cant challenge each other after the last stop, well thats fair enough. But then think further back this season to Monaco, when Shumacher overtook Rubens on the 3rd last corner of the race & nearly caused an accident in the process. Double standards or Team orders from Ferrari??? No never!
  4. Williams To Use Bridgestones Next Year

    Well I suppose, Bridgestone couldn't possibly make Williams any slower than they are at the moment, especially since they are loosing the only decent part of their entire package next season. Their BMW engines.
  5. Heidfeld And Bar

    Yeah, BMW are going to have trouble filling their two seats now If Heidveld isn't available....... I recon go for Wurz & Albers. Wurz showed us he is still quick when he got his chance this season, & Christian Albers although largly unproven, deserves a chance I think.
  6. How Old Is Everyone

    HAHAHAHAHA... Im sure
  7. Hi From Sa!

    Hi All, Im Wes from South Africa, Ive been a massive Formula 1 fan my whole life. Nowadays I suport Fernando Alonso & Anything BMW (This season Williams, next season Team BMW). I am still to the day one of the biggest ever fans of the late great Ayrton Senna (Whom for me was the greatest driver ever & better than Shumacher). Ive been to 2 South African Grand Prix's before, back in 92 & 93. Anything else you want to know, just ask... No there are no Lions running around in the streets of SA Cheers!
  8. The times are actually quite close (apart from China)... Should be a very exiting series.
  9. How Old Is Everyone

    Thanks to all. Wierd... I dont feel any older today!!!
  10. Montoya's Quote On Hungary

    I think the rest of this season will be very interesting to watch how Renault & Mclaren play their "team orders". Trickey topic!!!
  11. Top 4 Drivers Of 2005

    I agree... the top 4 from the championship. have been the best drivers: 1.Alonso 2.Kimi 3.M.Shumacher 4.Monty I recon Montoya has been quite unlucky this season, & in the last few races has shown he is just as quick as Kimi if not quicker. Honorable mentions to Button & Heidfeld, who have both out-driven their team-mates in tricky seasons for them.
  12. Fisi, Webber In Renualt Swap

    Yeah, Alonso & Button(rather than Webber) in the same team... What a team that would be! Personally I dont rate Webber much, And although over past seasons I have rated Fisi, I think he's been very dissapointing this season.
  13. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    EXACTLY, 1990 was just revenge for 1989!
  14. Worst Ever Season Ever

    Mclaren won 15/16 in 1988, but it wasnt really a boring season as even though the car was far superior to the oposition, the team-mates Senna & Prost took the championship down to the wire. I think 1994 was the worst season coz F1 lost its greatest driver. I do agree 2004 was quite boring because of the Shumacher domination(for non-Shumacher fans of course), It would have been good if similar to mclaren in '88, a driver like Kimi or Fernando were put in the same car and allowed to race him.
  15. Montezemelo Thanks Rubens

    O' Damm, what have I started... Ive got the Ferrari clan fuming. haha. To be perfecty honest Mclaren did a bit of team orders themselves this season when they called Kimi in the pits first under the safety car even though Monty was leading. In the same race though Fisi held up Alonso when I thought Renault should have told him to get out the way of their quicker driver, So its a tricky topic I suppose...
  16. Hi From Sa!

    Thanks guys! Good to see the diversity of fans here... Alonso, Mclaren, Button, JV, and an entire Ferrari clan
  17. How Old Is Everyone

    Im 22 Tomorrow... Damm, I was just thinking, im just two years younger than Alonso... I had better get my big breakthrough into Formula 1 soon. HEHE
  18. Who Is Your Favourite Driver Of 2005?

    Yeah, I gotta agree with you. My boy Alonso has been superb this season. I still quite like Monty too, i think he's been very unlucky this year, & has shown on several occations he can match Kimi. Good to see the Young guns beating Shumacher every weekend now.
  19. Best Ever Driver?

    For me, no contest Senna was the greatest! Im not a fan of Shumacher, and im not denying he is a great driver but here are some reasons I feel Senna is better: -Senna had competitive team-mates who were allowed to challenge him during his career(Notably Prost), Schumacher has not once had a team-mate who was allowed to do this. -Shumacher has had a competitive car throughout his career, this was not the case for Senna who raced for Toleman(who were well off the pace) & Lotus(Similar to a BAR type pace in comparisen nowadays). -People say Shum has the records but he has raced far more races with less compitition. Senna raced up against Prost, Piquet, Mansell... Shumacher against Villeneurve, Hill, Hakkinen(Who were no-where near the class of the above). Only in the past season or two have superb drivers like Alonso & Raikkenen come onto the F1 Scene. I recon the best two contenders to his crown.
  20. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    I dont hate the guy... I do think he is a bit of a pr*ck though! O yes and he's a CHEAT, Anyone who does'nt agree with that must go watch the final race of both the 1994 & 1997 seasons! lUCKILY jv STUCK HIM RIGHT BACK IN 97.
  21. Your Favourite Ever Season

    The best ever was probably '88, although dominated by the Mclaren team(They won 15/16 races). The racing between Senna & Prost was supperb, With Senna winning his 1st ever championship! Otherwise the '97 season was Awesome... The best part was Shumacher trying to blatently Cheat to win a championship agian (like he did in 94) , but it all backfired when he had to retire and JV took it in the last race... JUSTICE!
  22. Montezemelo Thanks Rubens

    I heard the letter went something like.... "Dear Rubens, Thank you for not once over-taking shumacher in your Ferrari career & moving over to let him over take you every second race. We are quite sure your hand must have been extreamly sore waving him past all the time. A big thank you to you to helping us throw the race at indy this year. Our great Shumacher drove brilliantly for his only victory of the season beating 2 super Jordans & 2 lightling quick Minardi's and thanks to you Rubens you obeyed us on the radio and didnt pass him. Thansk again for being the only driver in F1 that was paid to loose for 6 year Kind regards President Luca di sh*t head Montezemolo "
  23. I see my Country (SA) were 9th quickest... I saw the car testing at Kyalami last year(Sounds very similar to A F1 by the way). On that occation Alan van der Merver was driving, he's rumoured to race it. The catch here is that he hammered Piquet Jnr & completely outdrove him in the British single seater championship they raced in last year. van der Merver won the championship & Piquet finished 3rd. As far as I can see the only reason Piquet is in GP2 and van der Merver is not, is because Piquet has a world champion as a father & obviously more cash. Thanks a lot jjoseph for the time list, very interesting stuff, I just though i'd mention this young South African.