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  1. The Most Beautiful Cars!

    Jeremy Clarkson did a show on just this and started off by saying they seemed like the same car, BUT after testing the DBS changed his mind very quickly and said the DBS was a whole lot better! James Bond AND Jeremy Clarkson can't be wrong me friend
  2. Barack Obama Gets The Nobel Peace Prize For 2009

    Yeah I agree! One does wonder what exactly Obama has done to deserve this? Shows the award is a bit of a joke, Or as Puma rightfully said above at the very least. BTW. How you been keeping Puma, long time!!!
  3. Felipe 1 Fernando 0

    Surely this topic should infact be titled Felipe 0 - Alonso 1... Lets face facts, all this shows is the following: 1. Massa has no problem at making up big fictional stories. 2. Massa a terrible looser as it wasn't Piquet that lost him the championship but rather his multiple errors throughout the 2008 season. 3. Massa is already sh!tting himself at having Alonso as a team mate!
  4. As for my prediction for 2010, I'd like to see Kimi in the Mclaren giving Hamilton a good run for his money while im sure Alonso will handle Massa at Ferrari. Those two teams have got to be the pick of the bunch, although the ever improving Adrian Newey Red Bull with the ever improving Vettel could well be a dark horse!
  5. I think the no refuelling rule may be good for the sport, as now for a change the drivers will have to build up the courage to actually pass for position ON THE TRACK instead of some nerd in the pitlane working out fuel strategies on a computer for him. That was the case when refualling wasn't allowed up until 1993. I do think as a whole though the FIA are really bad for the sport the their rules regarding the wing changes in 2009 have done pretty much nothing but make the cars look out of proportion. The Singapore grand prix showed us that the new wings definitely don't help with passing!
  6. Kimi'S Career

    And lets not forget that neither Trulli in 2004 nor Hamilton in 2007 actually beat Alonso in those championships. Hell was it not for Alonso's joke of a penalty in 2007 Alonso would have been champion;)
  7. Ferrari Fan

    Indeed, not only did he not receive the number 1 driver role, he was clearly given the number 2 role to a rookie Ron Dennis had "a special" relationship with. Can't wait to see the best driver in the best car next season... The Red car with the horse and the Spaniard
  8. Best Banner / Sign Thread

    Maybe Hamilton [email protected] himself when he heard Alonso will be driving a Ferrari next season?
  9. Ferrari Fan

    O YES... I can see we are going to get along just fine
  10. Happy Birthday, Ankit/Goferrarigo!

    Happy birthday lads!!!
  11. Ferrari Fan

    Personally I don't give a damn about teams in F1, Fernando "El grande" Alonso is all I support which by default makes me a die-hard Ferrari fan in 2010! So, Tifosi!!! I look forward to "driving" for the same team as you next season
  12. Ferrari Fan

    Ahh yes UrKo, And for the first time ever I shall become a Ferrari fan! Common, let the Alonso domination continue again!!!
  13. Is It Final Then..?

    Yeah you probably right, Maybe he needs a team mates like Barrichello then! I read an article and ever Rubens wife says he always comes second!!!
  14. Is It Final Then..?

    If Lewis continues to perform oral [email protected] on the Mclaren management like he did when he was team mates with Alonso, Kimi will have no chance and the FIA may even help out Lewis like Hungary 2008 just to help the poor little not so blue eyed British lad along the way. Ahhhh, COMMON KIMI! Didn't think you ever hear me saying that right?
  15. Is It Final Then..?

    This is honestly one of the best quotes i've read in a while! Ferrari should actually sign Alonso as their number 1 with Vettel as his number 2... That would work!
  16. Is It Final Then..?

    I sure hope he does though! What are you on about...?
  17. Is It Final Then..?

    Ahh yes!!!
  18. Is It Final Then..?

    I will never forget a sign I saw at the Italian grand Prix in 1995 when Shumacher agreed to join Ferrari, It read: "1 Jean Alesi is better than 20 Schumacher's"... The rest is history I guess you could say! I have no doubt Alonso will be a legend at Ferrari! Think of it this way (AND this coming from someone who hates Hamilton), but in 2008 the Ferrari was faster than the Mclaren and without doubt the best car and yet their 2 drivers consistently make errors to throw it all away. Alonso would have walked last years title in a Ferrari!!!
  19. Is It Final Then..?

    So how do all you Ferrari fans feel about this AND that fact that we will be like brothers in arms next season? HAHAHAHA
  20. Mosley: Race-Fixing Worse Than Cheating

    Ahhh yes Quiet One, he's only saying that because he has been guilty of the latter on several occasions!
  21. Piquet Jnr Must Be Punish

    Umm well. Im flattered! HAHAHA Bring it on :-P
  22. So, I'd love to know how good old Flavio the playboy Briatore gets a life ban for "causing" a deliberate accident when just over a decade ago a certain formula 1 great deliberately caused not one BUT two accidents and effectively got a slap on the wrist. (for the youngsters go watch Jerez '97 & Adelaide '94). Just food for thought. The other joke of this scandal is how the real culprit of the saga, Nelson Piquet Jr. gets FIA immunity? So basically if John F. Kennedy's killer comes forward and offers to tell the FIA/FBI who told him to kill the president he too will get immunity!
  23. Deliberate Accidents In F1

    For the record I actually have raced on a racetrack in a single seater and would never attempt to cheat like that AND I've seen the '94 incident on several occupations (Im not going to go into it further because that topic alone has been beaten to death for years) but Schumacher was as guilty as can be in that instance. Please tell me you were old enough to watch the incident live in 1994 though before we continue? As for the '97 fine, that was a joke as all Schumachers wins in '97 were still reflected on his name in the history books and the fact that he lost the championship meant being "excluded from the points was hardly a fine at all. ANYWAY, this topic is meant to be about what a joke the incident and punishments are. I hate Mclaren but this also makes there 2007 punishment look harsh... Basically that knob Ron Dennis should have acted guilty and resigned from the team then instead of at the end of 2008 and the team would have got nothing more than a slap on the wrist. AND Piquet is scum!
  24. Deliberate Accidents In F1

    I concur... Or as the great Total F1 Senna would say "INDEED"
  25. Piquet Jnr Must Be Punish

    O PLEASE NO!!! I'd rather see tickey the clown in F1!