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  1. The Fittest Member Of Girls Aloud

    I wonder is the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls can cook???
  2. Dwc 2008

    The funny thing is... IT IS TRUE
  3. Why Doesn't Anyone Want Alonso?

    Wow, in that case ALonso is even more talented than we give him credit
  4. Why Doesn't Anyone Want Alonso?

    Agreed... Alonso = Double world champion and the 2007 victim Spewis = C**t
  5. Favourite Songs In Another Language

    Paul Potts is bloody good for a reality TV winner singing in Italian even though he's a Pom...
  6. General Music Thread

    Probably because the girls are Oasis groupies??? I could never forgive Cheryl from girls Aloud for marrying that Ashley Cole piece of Chav sh!t
  7. Dwc 2008

  8. Why Doesn't Anyone Want Alonso?

    What, you mean like Massa & Kimi making endless amounts of c0ckups and throwing away the 2008 drivers title?
  9. Living In Australia

    Ecap, Im looking into moving to Sydney myself... I was hoping to move in 2009 but Ive delayed it a bit for various personal reasons. I've never been down under (no you pervs, the country), but I have heard good things!
  10. Pics Of U!

    KATY, you are going to give the old men on this forum heart attacks posting sexy pics like that...
  11. Crash

    Nice!!!!!!!!!! For possibly the last race EVER I will be supporting Massa... Now we just need Hamilton to do what he does best under pressure
  12. The Film Thread

    Nice one thanks bud! Actually I've heard a lot of good things about house.
  13. The Film Thread

    Guys, What are good TV series at the moment??? At the moment Im watching Heroes, Prison Break, Dexter & Dirty Sexy Money... All of which are pretty good!
  14. Shanghai China

    Yeah Alonso & Kimi would indeed be a great pairing... Ferrari's best since Jody Schechter & Gille Villeneuve infact!
  15. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    O believe me, I understand
  16. The Film Thread

    Agreed!!! Really good story line and superb ending.
  17. And Senna still finished ahead of the Ferrari's in his Cosworth V8
  18. Shanghai China

    Clearly Ferrari don't infact want to win titles... Well the fact that they have resigned Massa and Kimi ahead of Alonso confirms this infact!
  19. Hamilton Or Massa For Dwc

    Or so you hope because clearly you see Alonso el grande as a big threat to whoever you supporting this week...
  20. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    High five brother!!! Hamilton is just lucky the best driver in F1 is driving a [email protected] French piece of Sh!t, and Ferrari have two over rated drivers... Ps. It is funny how the Shumi fans are still so bitter about Alonso sending the big chinned savor out of the sport with his tail between his legs in 2005/2006 AND now as a result these same supporters are licking Hamiltons a$$. Lovely
  21. Dod

    His team mate is so [email protected] he makes Nelson Jr look like Schumahcer though!!!
  22. Shanghai China

    Can't argue with that...