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  1. Dod

    But the Mclaren was so fast EVEN Tickey the clown would have won the race driving the car!!! (no wait, Tickey started 5th and didnt finish...) BUT seriously, it was by far the fastest car on the day! Here's hoping Ferrari continue their dominance of the Brazilian GP as has been the case the last few seasons...
  2. I'm Glad

    OR they will take each other out and Kubica will win the race
  3. I'm Glad

    Shock horror!
  4. French Gp Cancelled - Thanks Bernie !!!!

    Go check which Grand Prix's get the biggest attendances to prove my point about who the true fans are! Australia had an attendance of 301 000 people over the race weekend of 2007 and yet if Bernie gets his way this GP will soon be axed too. Bahrain on the other hand barely got a third of that attendance and yet now Bernie has added yet another race in that region for 2009. Please guys, track selection nowadays is all about what suits Uncle Bern and his back pocket... If F1 is such a "global sport", why does the 2009 calender have no races on the continents of Africa or North America?
  5. So long as the engines still sound like Formula 1's and not like a Datsun Palsur with branches and a freeflow exhaust...
  6. I'm Glad

    Don't worry buddy I'll be sure to bang some heads together!!!
  7. I'm Glad

    :shock2: What has happened to our fellow Saffa!!!
  8. I'm Glad

    Exactly... AND I also had to come back and just remind the non believers that Alonso el grande is number 1!
  9. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    HAHAHA, OK right then
  10. French Gp Cancelled - Thanks Bernie !!!!

    No, Formula 1 is selling its soul! I guarantee you that there are more true formula 1 fans in countries like Canada, France, South Africa & America than any Arab country AND yet....
  11. Hamilton Or Massa For Dwc

    Yeah I don't really care much since both Massa & Spewis have been pretty average this season. I would like Kubica to sneak it AND just hope Alonso gets a decent drive next season.
  12. Dwc 2008

    High five!!! And congrats on reaching 5000 posts
  13. I'm Glad

    Do something about that!!! HAHA
  14. I'm Glad

    Im going to have to...
  15. I'm Glad

  16. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    Brad, what on earth has happened to that ruthless touch of yours???
  17. Dwc 2008

  18. I'm Glad

    O right... Umm thats what I meant...
  19. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    HEY BUDDY! I hope you have been preaching the word about the evilness that lurks in car no 22!!!
  20. Dwc 2008

    As far as I can remember it went over the keepers head and into the open goal mouth...
  21. French Gp Cancelled - Thanks Bernie !!!!

    BUT... Although it was an average track in an area of France, so remote not even Hitler had any intention of taking it over back in the 1940's... At least it was a track that attracted some REAL formula 1 fans who had a passion for the sport and not a bunch of money thirsty oil tycoons who only want the Grand Prix so they can smile as the cars burn up thousands of liters of oil and increase the Oil/Doller index in front of their eyes
  22. I'm Glad

    Paul, you know I cant leave you guys unattended for more than a few months at a time right???? Thanks mate
  23. Dwc 2008

    Back in Japan 2002 I saw Ronaldinho lob Seaman from 30 yards.... Bloody impressive to say the least!
  24. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty