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  1. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    Interesting but true actually...
  2. Shanghai China

    Indeed.. between Ron the backstabbing [email protected], the British press & Spewis, I would say they have all been begging for this
  3. I'm Glad

    Yeah and he was cla## Where is Ykick by the way? Usually any bad comment about good old square jaw brings him into action like Spider man to the rescue.
  4. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    Then again, Ive seen more [email protected] driving this season than ever before! Like I've mentioned before, this seasons champion will most probably have a record low for a champions points tally.
  5. French Gp Cancelled - Thanks Bernie !!!!

    Formula 1's track selection is quickly becoming a joke. No USA, Canada or France... And yet we go to weird places like Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Turkey... Clearly Bernie's greed has consumed him!
  6. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    Of course he's not going to take him out! It's merely the f**ked up British Press taking what Alonso may or may not have said out of context. Besides, Spewis will probably take himself out under the pressure
  7. I'm Glad

    Yeah fair enough
  8. Why Doesn't Anyone Want Alonso?

    High five bud!
  9. Why Doesn't Anyone Want Alonso?

    Shame Cav is still bitter about Alonso thumping Schumacher for his last two seasons in F1... I guess the psychology didnt work hey?
  10. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    You still alive, DAMN!
  11. I'm Glad

    Not necessarily... look how many people hate DC!
  12. Why Doesn't Anyone Want Alonso?

    I just saw your post saying pretty much the same thing as me... clearly great minds think alike!
  13. I'm Glad

    Good good... Im still an Alonso Fan of course Cooking up a storm as in partying hard, working hard and having 25 hour days...
  14. Why Doesn't Anyone Want Alonso?

    Hey don't get me wrong, its exciting alright and we have probably had the most winners in a single season since... (a long time ago), BUT the point is that the 2 Ferrari drivers and Spewis have made endless errors all season and to be honest none of them are worthy of winning this years championship. I actually think on merit the championship should go to Kubica who has not only been the most consistent driver but also made few errors while being bloody fast!
  15. I'm Glad

    Ah Glad to hear! Yeah im still in good old Joburg and cooking up a storm! So who you support nowadays?
  16. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    Yeah that is pure legendary right there!!! Like Senna vs Prost of the old days...
  17. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    Maybe the FIA should make the entire grid come though the pitlane for a drive through at the end of lap 1 of every Grand Prix just to resolve this...
  18. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    So Rodders is a Hamilton fan in other words
  19. I've Decided Alonso Is Awesome

    Ah yes, but of course the man that toppled Schumacher then stood up against the evil scum that is Spewis Smugton is a legend. You can't blame him either, was it not for the FIA, Mclaren and Spewi's antic's in 2007 the Spaniard would have won the championship.
  20. I'm Glad

    Where you been Ash??? I presume Ash & Ash1 are one of a kind... Like alter egos or Batman & Robin or something like that right?
  21. Thread Delete

    Those damn small toys in the McDonald's Happy meals!!!
  22. Fuji Gp

    Rainmaster is pure genius! AGREED!!!
  23. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    Wouldn't the correct answer be this... It was pretty much a racing incident with Bourdais being more at fault than the Ferrari driver however. That said it should NEVER have been a penalty... THAT SAID, im glad it was and I hope that 1 point costs that piece of sh!t driving car number 22 the title.
  24. Why Doesn't Anyone Want Alonso?

    AHH yes eCap!!! Alonso is great, and everyone behind the wheel of a Ferrari and Mclaren this season is clearly overrated! How on earth does the championship leader only have 82 points from 16 races? HAHA!!!