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  1. Is this the most balanced start to a season we've had for ages?

    4 races down and variety of faces on the podium is wonderful for a non-partisan follower like me.

    I'm having a great time.

    4 different drivers have won races

    4 different teams have won races

    8 different drivers have filled the 12 podium spots

    6 different teams have had podium finishes too

    3 races have been won by 3.3, 2.2 and 2.1 seconds (with one win from Button Rosberg by 20 seconds).

    And not just that but the racing has been action packed too.

    Could I just make a note here that only three teams have won... Mclaren, Mercedes, Red Bull and Alonso.

    Ferrari deserve absolutely zero credit for the Alonso victory!

  2. Then they should stop worrying about FM, unload SD and FA then use the money to sign Adrian Newey.

    For the wage they're paying their current drivers, they could easily tempt Newey + Webber +Button

    Every line fiat read on the web about any of their drivers only helps to mask to pile of sh#t that they have produced AGAIN!

    Ferrari's true pace is closer to where Massa currently is (behind RB, Mclaren, Merc, Renault, Williams and Sauber).

    King Fernando is worth a good 2 seconds a lap, and dragging that piece of Italian rubbish through the point positions, he is worth his current salary times 10! contract.gif

  3. my god Wez, I was wondering where you been???

    Ah, you'll fit in with the Alonso crowd then, also expect him to perform better as they have a major upgrade for that race!!!

    and I know I'm not answering your q

    Hey Buddy, yeah thought I better pop past good old TF1:)

    I'm not going to hold my breath regarding the new Ferrari updates as it's going to take more than a few updates (more like a new car) to make the F2012 competitive. Perhaps the Spaniard fans and myself can blow at the same time to give the Ferrari some half decent straight line speed?

  4. Wow virgin must be the 'fastest' improving team in the history of the sport, they were a whopping 17 seconds off the pace on the first day of testing, and were mightily impressive to improve 7 seconds a lap to 10 seconds off the pace the next day, then the they were only second slowest on the last day beating the world famous Alguersuari!

    Not quite the same as slapping some leftover Virgin stickers on the Brawn GP is it Sir Richard ;)

  5. Sorry to disappoint:

    The works team always had yellow wheels. Back in the good ol days, the majority of the teams made their own wheels too - Lotus had a full web wheel for most of the first half of the sixties; a bit slow on the uptake of spoked wheels which is odd for the team that first used a monocoque. The wheels drifted away from yellow once alloy rims and wheel manufacturers began supplying the teams.

    The livery chosen by Lotus 2010 is that of the early 1960's, and that was BRG, yellow stripe and yellow wheels. And a red leather dashboard too :P

    Good post, THANKS!

  6. Hey, I'm a fan of one of the girls... Cheryl Cole, pity she's married, but what a beautiful woman

    I think she could be back on the market again soon, apparently her knob of a husband has been caught cheating on her again (goodness knows why), so you in with a shout there Brad ;)

    Is that koptite girl still blabbering on about her insecurities since I put her on my ignore list for being probably the most pathetic braindead scouzer I've ever met?

  7. Only four have achieved the ultimate accolade. Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton and Button. Only one-non Ferrari driver in the 2010 line up ever got close to Schumacher in his heyday - Button in 2004

    Ummm I fail to see the point you trying to make here?

    1. Alonso hasn't actually competed in a race in a Ferrari as yet.

    2. Alonso beat Schumacher to the title in both 2005 & 2006 driving a Renault!

    As for this topic, it's clear the author had a vendetta against Button and that's old news, the fact is that Button isn't a bad driver by any stretch of the imagination. To win the title, no matter how fast your car you need to have talent. Button had the fastest car in 2009 and took advantage of that, Massa had the fastest car in 2008 and blew it.

    That said Button isn't one of the top 3 drivers in the sport.

  8. Who cares what was or wasn't said by Massa, the simple truth is that Alonso is probably the best driver in formula 1 at the moment and Massa is very much over rated.

    I lost all faith in Massa when he totally folded and blew it in the 2008 championship. Alonso WILL wipe the floor with the Brazilian this season!!!

  9. You should be happy, Brad, you and Kimi think alike!!

    I agree that Alonso is the most complete driver on the grid...unless the middle-aged old fart proves he's still got the goods. I have to say, as a person looking at 40 next year, I do want the old [email protected] to make a good showing.

    Webber is a bit like Kimi (don't read this, Brad!!) in that he's rough with his toys (not good when we're talking about Newey's toys). I predict he'll be giving the BBC mid-race interviews almost as much as he'll be beating Vettel. Newey needs to be a strict aero-guy and leave the Technical Director's gig to someone more quality control oriented...Purnell perhaps?

    Always one of the wisest posters on the forum good old Mike!

  10. Thats funny lol, i haven't fallen out with anyone!

    But if wez think's I'm into him... -falls about laughing- thats sweet! But i told him before, he can't reach the platform I'm on.

    I don't do charity though so no chance of me hitting on you.

    Anyway, now I'll only chat about Formula 1, Mclaren & the big headed Mclaren number 2 in this thread... before I get attacked by the Button fans, I'm referring to dear Lewis By the way ;)

    Also, what has happened to the biggest Button (and Girls Aloud) fan this site has ever seen, he's been shockingly quiet!

  11. Well...that means even my father's assistant's 50cc mopet would beat it.....damn..You guys are lucky...

    Im sure of it!!! :lol:

    Hey....incase if they do catch me, would they beat me up?:mellow:

    Im sure you can bribe them! HAHAHA

  12. A. Pick on someone your own size, Gobby - clearly, your testicles are where your brains are meant to be and B. Hamilton isn't good enough to kick anyone's arse except with the possible exception of Luca Badoers' and yours. mf_tongue.gif

    I dont believe I was talking to you and I worry about your obsession with mans testicles, but I do hope you right about Hamilton not dominating in Mclaren this season. But im a realist.

  13. Fowl mouthed is correct. Chicken, chicken, chicken, duck, turkey, chicken.

    No honey. You'll not 'argue' with anybody who is quite clearly far more intelligent, attractive, and superior to you. In other words - KING Wez.

    But thanks my good friend for the compliment. The rest of your post was just bullsh1t to me. However, If you wish to reply feel free, i don't mind lowering my standards to make you look the fool you are.

    Have a nice day now. :)

    Alrrrrrrrrriiiiigh :rolleyes: if you want to fool yourself and believe that then I guess that means we can move on and discuss a nice mutually neutral comment like politics in Iran or Schumachers chin?

  14. You are from South Africa?

    Its a place where I would like to visit before I die...Just wana ride a superbike really fast along the coast somewhere around Cape Town...:wub: I prefer something like an R6 or a Speed triple R...:wub:

    Yeah it's pretty cool here and if you want to drive really fast you just remove your number plates and make sure you driving anything faster than the cops 1300 Ford Escort :P