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  1. I heard the letter went something like....

    "Dear Rubens,

    Thank you for not once over-taking shumacher in your Ferrari career & moving over to let him over take you every second race. We are quite sure your hand must have been extreamly sore waving him past all the time.

    A big thank you to you to helping us throw the race at indy this year. Our great Shumacher drove brilliantly for his only victory of the season beating 2 super Jordans & 2 lightling quick Minardi's and thanks to you Rubens you obeyed us on the radio and didnt pass him.

    Thansk again for being the only driver in F1 that was paid to loose for 6 year

    Kind regards

    President Luca di sh*t head Montezemolo


  2. I see my Country (SA) were 9th quickest...

    I saw the car testing at Kyalami last year(Sounds very similar to A F1 by the way).

    On that occation Alan van der Merver was driving, he's rumoured to race it.

    The catch here is that he hammered Piquet Jnr & completely outdrove him in the British single seater championship they raced in last year. van der Merver won the championship & Piquet finished 3rd.

    As far as I can see the only reason Piquet is in GP2 and van der Merver is not, is because Piquet has a world champion as a father & obviously more cash.

    Thanks a lot jjoseph for the time list, very interesting stuff, I just though i'd mention this young South African.

  3. Hi All,

    Im Wes from South Africa,

    Ive been a massive Formula 1 fan my whole life.

    Nowadays I suport Fernando Alonso & Anything BMW (This season Williams, next season Team BMW).

    I am still to the day one of the biggest ever fans of the late great Ayrton Senna (Whom for me was the greatest driver ever & better than Shumacher).

    Ive been to 2 South African Grand Prix's before, back in 92 & 93.

    Anything else you want to know, just ask... No there are no Lions running around in the streets of SA :)