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  1. You bet.

    In fact, I intentionally didn't mention Webber to see who would stand up for him.

    Overall, I think Alonso is the best driver left out there. So I'm hoping for an able and diabolical beast from RBR to level things out and have Vettel and Webber chase Alonso down, down, down.

    Ahhhh I'd be happy for the final championship standings to be Alonso, Webber, Vettel...

  2. There were no mind games against Hamilton alone, Hamilton was always backed by Ron Dennis no matter what. I hope Button gets some more chances, he might be beaten by Hamilton but next year a GP could be better handled by the him.

    I wonder if Lewis and Ron are still shagging even though the grumpiest man in formula 1 isn't in the sport anymore?

  3. :roll:

    Whats up? You left your hormone replacement therapy tablets at home again? Or is it the viagra just wont work for you?

    I have to point something out. No, not the size of your small bell end but rather your illiteracy and mis-spelling of the word Scouser. You see, as a mancunian supporting fan, who is from where, South Africa or should that be suud afreaka (see, even that has the word freak in it - suits you well) pretty much spells out G-L-O-R-Y-H-U-N-T-E-R to me.

    My dear Wez (or iz it really zpelt Wes) I had mentioned the other world champions in my previous post. But I guezz your illiteracy got the better of you again?

    Never mind. Here's to JB kicking seven shades of Sh#t out of Lewis, and AC Milan tearing Van Der Sourkraut a new one.

    You are the weakest - sorry - weakezt link. Goodbye.


    I never argue with an idiot (especially one with 3 years of schooling to their name) as they just bring you down to their level then beat you with experience.

    I'll speak to you again at the end of the season by which time your Spanish speaking Scouzer team will already be out the race for the 2010/2011 championship, and Button will be consigned to being Mclaren number 2 for the rest of his career after being spanked by Hamilton (as much as I don't want the latter to happen it's inevitable).

    You my dear fowl mouthed friend are infact the weakest link.

    Ps. If you would like me to simplify any of the words used here just let me know, AND no South Africa is not a part of South America. :thbup:

  4. Definately your eyes...that thing is boxier than a box thing. Looks about five seasons out of date....which is about the same age of the plans Gazza had were!

    Seriously, Gazza couldn't design a shoebox.

    Oh wait. He did.

    It's that Lotus.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  5. Ha. Says the scum cheating diving dirty club supporting muppet. I sincerely hope Beckham makes you cry.

    So. You're now the forum psychic are you? I'll take you up on your little prediction and laugh as you're licking my alpine all star bike boots clean.

    The end. Thank you. -takes a bow-

    I'd actually like to see a monkey drive an F1 car. When do you sign on the dotted line m'dear?

    Edit. Doll money :roll: - i just saw that! Thats your area of expertise though right, as a real woman is too much for you to handle? Tell me. Do you blow her up with your mouth and lungs or use a pump?


    I usually am referred to as a supporter of the greatest club on earth from a city where people dont live in counsel houses, but thats another story for another dear sweetie pie miss Kopite.

    I do agree that seeing a monkey drive a car could be great fun, but clearly you havent been watching F1 long because there have infact been a few monkeys racing in recent years, most recently one that would cause accidents on purpose to save his Renault career then play the victim.

    I glad you seem to see that Button is infact not as good as the other world champions I mentioned as you've tactfully avoided replying to that ;)

    As for doll woman, I actually only go for classy woman, but girls on the doll and scouzers a like apparently swallow, cook and pop out babies at a rate that would impress any rabbit so maybe that's an avenue I should give a try.. what you doing this Friday, I wil obviously not leave without paying :ph34r:

  6. LOL, I was revving you up abit. Nothing like the good old days I say. :lol:

    anyaway, have to support someone else now that the Iceman has left... Vettel or Hamilton? :eusa_think:

    HAHA, Nothing wrong with a bit of a rev up there mate :)

    I tell you what, Vettel is a good bet to support as he's sure to be a future star, he's down to earth and exciting to watch in action (damn that sounds gay).

    Also you can say you supported him before he was champion ;)

  7. Are you a muppet by choice or where you born that way?

    Class B driver Indeed. What more does the guy need to do?

    As I recall there's 4 world champions on the grid. Class B driver happens to be one of them.

    Sorry mate. Class B post I'm afraid.

    A Liverpool fan calling me a muppet, Go get your doll money and stop with the cheesy name calling scouzer.

    Button will get a hiding from Hamilton this season (AND thats taking into account the fact that I can't stand Hamilton).

    As for 2009, A monkey could have won the championship in the illegal 2009 brawn :naughty:

    Chat again at the end of the season :rolleyes:;)

  8. Without doubt Hamilton is a great driver but his arrogance and the simple fact that he is a [email protected] makes it very difficult to like or even stomach him. As for Jense, I actually think he's one of the nicest drivers in the paddock, a more that decent driver and a driver who deserved to win the 2009 championship. That said he is still what I call a b-class driver and no where near the likes of the a-class drivers like Alonso, Hamilton, & Shumacher.

  9. Here's the pic


    Brilliant looking design! It's just a pity it's going to have a scumbag driving the one car, an over rated world champion driving the other and a bunch of pr!cks running the team. The only consolation will seeing the number 2 driver in the number 1 branded car ;)

  10. Merc's 2010 car unveiled.

    Not too happy about the livery, the Petronas green is fugly, as the lovely Elgo said. Still Schu's orange helmet makes for a nice contrast against the car.

    Snore, Why is it Mercedes in any form of racing have the imagination of the common rock rabbit??? Yes I know silver is their (and Germany's) colour, but good gosh this is about as exciting as a stoned Operah interviewing Kimi!

  11. Stefan's Crafty Container Bid

    Serbian F1 hopefuls Stefan GP announced they have sent a container of support equipment to the Sakhir circuit ready for the first race in Bahrain. Although they haven't received an entry for the race they are hoping they can step into the gap should USF1 or Campos Meta fail to turn up for the race. Nobody at the team was prepared to explain what the 'support equipment' was but a Customs official in Belgrade said the container manifest listed, three folding chairs, an eight-man tent, a pallet of Serbian beer, a week's supply of pot noodles and Kazuki Nakajima.

    Coughlan Returns To F1 - Almost

    To emphasise just how ready the Stefan GP team are to take up the F1 challenge, they issued a photograph of the team HQ to international media. The photo showed four men sitting in an office, one of them being former McLaren designer Mike 'Spygate' Coughlan.

    Stefan GP have aquired Coughlan's services along with the rights to run the 2010 Toyota chassis. Toyota weren't going to let them have it at first, but then they caught Mike in a photo-copying office just outside of Cologne...

    In Brief

    * After 40,000 people turned up simply to watch Fernando Alonso test a Ferrari in Valencia, organisers of the Turkish Grand Prix have asked him if he is prepared to switch nationalities.

    * Vitaly Petrov has revealed he is providing 7% of the Renault budget in 2010. The cash-strapped French team have also saved $1.2m by buying the Jordan paint scheme from 1997.

    *Peter Sauber has revealed that the VW motor group have made enquiries about taking a major shareholding in his team. This would make it the BMW-Sauber Audi Ferrari.

    d#ck Dastardly GP

    Stefan GP have slammed allegations that they are aiming to rename their F1 team d#ck Dastardly GP as highly defamatory. There have been suggestions down the pitlane that disgraced former McLaren man Mike Coughlan was going to team up with sacked Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney in a "cheats superteam". They would recruit Nelson Piquet as their No.1 driver and employ Flavio Briatore as team boss. Fernando Alonso would be reserve driver.

    Launch Virgins

    There were red faces all round when the new Virgin motorsport team tried to launch their new digitally designed race car through a digital medium - the internet - and it froze. The embarrassment was doubly felt because Virgin media are an internet services provider. Subscribers to the Virgin broadband service predict the car will be very much like their internet service - increasingly expensive and nowhere near as fast as they say it'll be.

    The Car In Front Is A Ferrari

    And finally, after the first week of testing in Valencia Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenical has admitted that the rumours "swirling around" the Italian press are true. They are going to be introducing a B-spec car very shortly. A slower one to let the rest of the grid catch up.

  12. 1 Alonso Ferrari 1:11.599 29 laps

    2 de la Rosa Sauber 1:12.094 21 laps

    3 Schumacher Mercedes 1:12.438 30 laps

    4 Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1:12.576 37 laps

    5 Button McLaren 1:13.498 +1.899 14 laps

    6 Petrov Renault 1:14.009 +2.410 47 laps

    7 Hulkenberg Williams 1:14.121 26 laps

    Not only was Alonso the fastest on Wednesday, he was significantly faster than the weeks overall fastest time set by his team mate...

    Bring on Bahrain ;)