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  1. DBS is DB9's dirty sister, I will take the DB9.

    Jeremy Clarkson did a show on just this and started off by saying they seemed like the same car, BUT after testing the DBS changed his mind very quickly and said the DBS was a whole lot better! James Bond AND Jeremy Clarkson can't be wrong me friend ;)

  2. So, Barack Obama is continuing all the policies and military actions that George W. Bush started. Does this qualify Bush for a Nobel Peace prize as well?

    The Nobel Peace prize has always been nothing more than a liberal circle jerk anyway. It's a tool used to lend credibility to a liberal cause or to heighten the reputation of a liberal. If a conservative has ever been awarded this, I'm sure it was a fluke. The problem is that most people around the world perceive the peace prize as a legitimate award.

    Yeah I agree!

    One does wonder what exactly Obama has done to deserve this?

    Shows the award is a bit of a joke, Or as Puma rightfully said above at the very least.

    BTW. How you been keeping Puma, long time!!!

  3. Surely this topic should infact be titled Felipe 0 - Alonso 1...

    Lets face facts, all this shows is the following:

    1. Massa has no problem at making up big fictional stories.

    2. Massa a terrible looser as it wasn't Piquet that lost him the championship but rather his multiple errors throughout the 2008 season.

    3. Massa is already sh!tting himself at having Alonso as a team mate!

  4. As for my prediction for 2010, I'd like to see Kimi in the Mclaren giving Hamilton a good run for his money while im sure Alonso will handle Massa at Ferrari. Those two teams have got to be the pick of the bunch, although the ever improving Adrian Newey Red Bull with the ever improving Vettel could well be a dark horse!

  5. If my memory is correct, didn't we have no refueling in the 80s? And the result was they added refuelling to spice up the races?

    All the FIA is make one stupid rule decision after another, then backtrack and do the exact opposite. Slick Tyres, Groove Tyres, Slick Tyres. Or raise the front wing, lower the front wing.

    F*ck the FIA. There constant meddleing is atrocious. The rule changes are costing the teams hundreds of millions of dollars, and for what. Apart from the change to have engines and transmissions last for X number of races, not one of their ideas has actually saved the sport and teams money.

    And the golden egg... testing. In what other sport can you NOT test as a driver, or in sport in general, practice what you do to learn and get better.

    Thank God for the drivers I do support, because if they were not in F1, I would be more than happy to see the 30sec highlight reel on the nightly news.

    I think the no refuelling rule may be good for the sport, as now for a change the drivers will have to build up the courage to actually pass for position ON THE TRACK instead of some nerd in the pitlane working out fuel strategies on a computer for him. That was the case when refualling wasn't allowed up until 1993.

    I do think as a whole though the FIA are really bad for the sport the their rules regarding the wing changes in 2009 have done pretty much nothing but make the cars look out of proportion. The Singapore grand prix showed us that the new wings definitely don't help with passing!

  6. So I know there are a lot of threads touching on particular drivers and what teams they might or will be driving for in 2010,

    but since next season could possibly have move teams changing their drivers than ever before I figured lets make a prediction thread for it.

    So here's my million dollar predictions: (Confirmed = *)


    Alonso* and Massa*


    Hamilton* and Raikkonen


    Kubica* and Grosjean

    Red Bull

    Webber* and Vettel*

    Brawn GP

    Button and Rosberg


    Barrichello and Hulkenberg

    Torro Rossa

    Buemi and Klien


    Glock and Heidfeld

    Force India

    Liuzzi and Sutil

    Other drivers in with a shout...

    Senna, Sato, Davidson

  7. Alonso actually had 2 fast teammates. Trulli was one of them. Unfortunately he disobeyed orders(his spat with Renault was well-kown) and he got fired. If you ask me, they simply did'nt like him being faster.

    And lets not forget that neither Trulli in 2004 nor Hamilton in 2007 actually beat Alonso in those championships.

    Hell was it not for Alonso's joke of a penalty in 2007 Alonso would have been champion;)

  8. Well I'm sure you wouldn't be happy if you were promised something by McLaren (number 1 role) and they went against that.

    Indeed, not only did he not receive the number 1 driver role, he was clearly given the number 2 role to a rookie Ron Dennis had "a special" relationship with.

    Can't wait to see the best driver in the best car next season... The Red car with the horse and the Spaniard ;)

  9. Welcome aboard for as long as you stay :D !!

    Guess you'll be filling in for Brad!!

    This whole thing is a bit of a mess!

    Who is the good guy now and who 's the bad guy <_<??


    Oh yeah! -------



    ------->Lewis Hamilton<--------

    O YES... I can see we are going to get along just fine ;)

  10. I, for one, would like to welcome our new Spanish, former world champion driver!!

    He ain't the dearest among the Ferrari fans, but then again neither was Schumacher in '96 and we all know how that turned out!

    I feel a bit bad about Kimi, but I 'm sure he has his back covered and was fully aware of what was about to happen. He shone these last few races, but it was perhaps his longest competitive streak since 2007...

    I wish all him all the best and I would like to see him kicking a$$, even if it's Fernando's (damn this whole thing is just confusing)!

    Personally I don't give a damn about teams in F1, Fernando "El grande" Alonso is all I support which by default makes me a die-hard Ferrari fan in 2010!

    So, Tifosi!!! I look forward to "driving" for the same team as you next season ;)

  11. I should probably be writting in this topic And It'S Over, It'S Over!! , but as i don't post much i just took a shot and opened a new topic :)

    Well i can't believe it, but after 20yrs im about to become a Ferrari fan...again. I think it was back in the 1990 when Prost was driving for them and that was the only time i supported Ferrari F1 team.

    As always my favorite team was is and will be Williams but like it or not they suck. So i hope they'll come back strong and FA could then race for them!!! :lol:


    Ahh yes UrKo, And for the first time ever I shall become a Ferrari fan! Common, let the Alonso domination continue again!!!

  12. :DThaaat will never Happen. A guy of Vettel's status will never be a no2...he is a sort of guy who wants to hunt down the guy in the front at any cost, yes it comes with a price sometimes, but he is young, he is still learning. he is a champ of the future....if he is asked to drive like that, he would rather go back to Germany and drive cabs....he is a pure racer.

    Yeah you probably right, Maybe he needs a team mates like Barrichello then! I read an article and ever Rubens wife says he always comes second!!!

  13. Blah, blah, Lewis, blah

    I don't think it is a foregone conclusion that Kimi will wipe the floor with Lewis. He is too variable. Fast on his day but often disappointing.

    Agree with Adamstrags Lewis has matured, some way to go, but better. A spell in midfield should be a mandatory part of every driver's development (shame for Villeneuve that he stayed there) :)

    If Lewis continues to perform oral [email protected] on the Mclaren management like he did when he was team mates with Alonso, Kimi will have no chance and the FIA may even help out Lewis like Hungary 2008 just to help the poor little not so blue eyed British lad along the way.

    Ahhhh, COMMON KIMI! Didn't think you ever hear me saying that right?

  14. really!? honestly!?

    I'm a huge Vettel fan and believe he will be a world champion in a couple of seasons if he gets given a consistantly quick car and if he irons out all the small rookie-like mistakes. But to sign him over Alonso would be a crazy decision!

    Yes he may be nothing but trouble, yes he may sulk like a baby sometimes when things dont go his way and he may have unusually big eye brows. But were talking about Fernando Alonso here, the man who ended Schumachers reign, a two time world champion, many regarded (including me) as the best all round driver on the grid today and the man whos won in a Renault that shouldnt be winning races (ok maybe he actually shouldnt of won singapore :P but Fuji). The last non-Ferrari driver to win the WDC since Mika, I think Ferrari would want to replace a Champion with a double Champion, makes perfect sense.

    Throw out all the excuses and stop looking at all the negatives. Get the two best drivers you can in your cars period. Typical Ferrari, and I love it.

    They proved it by signing Kimi, he won the championship even though he treated the media like sh!t and was less involved than Schumi, but who cares if he brings the car home in first and wins you the championship?

    If Kimi does go Mclaren. How Brilliant would it be for Kimi, Lewis, Alonso and Felipe to be fighting it out at the front. Can not wait! Brawns driver line up of Button and Rosberg/Barichello is starting to look much weaker compared to Ferraris and Mclarens. Dont you think Kubica would suit Brawn overalls?

    This is honestly one of the best quotes i've read in a while!

    Ferrari should actually sign Alonso as their number 1 with Vettel as his number 2... That would work!

  15. He sure couldn't beat Massa, and he won't be beating Lewis the Great.

    I sure hope he does though!

    And you know I'm right, this one time in 1995, I went to the Italian Grand Prix with a sign reading "1 Jean Alesi is better than 20 Schumachers" and what do you know, I was 100% correct!

    What are you on about...?

  16. I do not like it. Alonso is trouble to have in a team.

    If it does not work next year in Ferrari, SD's head is going to roll although he was not the one to make the decision.

    If they want to kick Kimi, I would have prefered if they signed Vettel instead of Alonso.

    I will never forget a sign I saw at the Italian grand Prix in 1995 when Shumacher agreed to join Ferrari, It read: "1 Jean Alesi is better than 20 Schumacher's"... The rest is history I guess you could say!

    I have no doubt Alonso will be a legend at Ferrari!

    Think of it this way (AND this coming from someone who hates Hamilton), but in 2008 the Ferrari was faster than the Mclaren and without doubt the best car and yet their 2 drivers consistently make errors to throw it all away. Alonso would have walked last years title in a Ferrari!!!

  17. Indeed I didn't bother enough to even make it readable enough.

    Plus i 'm not English.

    What I meant (deep breath), is :

    1. If he cannot understand the differences or the circumstances that differentiate these events, i bet there quite a few other things he can't understand.

    Have you ever seen the video from adelaide '94?

    Have you ever raced in a track with opponents? Maybe you should take an unbiased look and tell me again.

    2. Also, if we were to compare punishments, we have a team principal who admitted to have ordered his driver to hit a wall so that other driver can win from the back of the grid and a race driver who had some "suspicious" events that can be considered as racing incidents or bad judgment at some very highly stressful situations (championship on the line, figure it out). There is no way to prove they were deliberate so it's plain bigotry in my book. MS was excluded from the results of the 1997 championship, quite a severe punishment and this still without concrete evidence.

    3. They have been beaten to death.

    For the record I actually have raced on a racetrack in a single seater and would never attempt to cheat like that AND I've seen the '94 incident on several occupations (Im not going to go into it further because that topic alone has been beaten to death for years) but Schumacher was as guilty as can be in that instance. Please tell me you were old enough to watch the incident live in 1994 though before we continue?

    As for the '97 fine, that was a joke as all Schumachers wins in '97 were still reflected on his name in the history books and the fact that he lost the championship meant being "excluded from the points was hardly a fine at all.

    ANYWAY, this topic is meant to be about what a joke the incident and punishments are. I hate Mclaren but this also makes there 2007 punishment look harsh... Basically that knob Ron Dennis should have acted guilty and resigned from the team then instead of at the end of 2008 and the team would have got nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    AND Piquet is scum!