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  1. So, I'd love to know how good old Flavio the playboy Briatore gets a life ban for "causing" a deliberate accident when just over a decade ago a certain formula 1 great deliberately caused not one BUT two accidents and effectively got a slap on the wrist. (for the youngsters go watch Jerez '97 & Adelaide '94). Just food for thought.

    The other joke of this scandal is how the real culprit of the saga, Nelson Piquet Jr. gets FIA immunity?

    So basically if John F. Kennedy's killer comes forward and offers to tell the FIA/FBI who told him to kill the president he too will get immunity!

  2. I read a lot about the Singapore Crash, also how Briatore and Simmons are out of renault, but I didn't ear a thing relates on the punishment of Nelson Piquet Jr. I'm agree Flavio and Simmons are the intelectual dou behind the crash but NPJ is the one who actually crash intentionally. he could refuse on the very first moment. I think Nelson Piquet Jr and father must be penalized with the complete exclusion on FIA racing because


    Well said, yes Piquet Jr is scum & barring his daddy dishing out stupidly large amounts of cash to buy him a drive, he will never sit in a formula 1 again. No loss to the sport either!

  3. BBC iPlayer doesn't show MoTD, damn.

    Anyway, yeah, i'm liking this as it's a complete reversal to how things were last season. It should all close up by Christmas.

    Tottenham are building a new 60,000 capacity stadium. Looks ok as well.

    60 000 people watching Championship football after they get relegated! WOW!!! HAHA

    No, Harry will save them and they actually look half decent now...

  4. ****

    I've just realised - why did it take me this long! - that the GP will be at 1am Monday morning - that means 4 hours sleep before I get up for work on monday in a classroom full of screaming kids.

    Either that or I try to stay away from the results and find a repeat to watch on the interweb. Any suggestions?


    It's revenge to the whole of China & Japan for making the rest of us wake up early for two weeks in a row in October!!! ^_^

  5. once Ferrari leaves F1.

    F1 will be nothing. Ferrari is much more iconic than Formula One so once that goes all the dubai and these new track investors will follow where they go. F1 will be left with nothing but small teams once all the manufacters go.

    Its like Celtic and Rangers leaving the Scottish football league.

    F1 is doomed under Bernie and Max...

    BUT no one watches the Scottish football league anyway :P

  6. No i mean the way they behave as teammates... Don't lash out at each other and maintain a kind of a friendship with each other...

    All im saying is it's not much use Massa & Kimi getting on well as big buddies if their multi million Doller team ends the season loosing the championship to Spewis...

    If Alonso was in a Ferrari this season they would have been champions already despite any potential arguments and inter team politics.

    At the end of the day it's ALL about winning!!!

  7. Hmmm, looks good, but is it me or she also looks really short? Not that it's a bad thing, just funny. I find it funny how in Spain(probably in France too) there are many short girls, and then in the UK there are many short* boys... XD

    *Short for boys would be more or less my height, 1,70m (I think that's 5'8" ?)

    Great for 69ers...

  8. maybe, who knows. But we can't be so naive to think that it's only the Mclaren team that ****ed up the relationship. Alonso confessed at the end of the season that he was given the same equal opportunity to challenge for the Championship, he confessed it. Surely that accounts for something....????

    No fair enough, BUT had Mclaren treated Alonso as the number one driver which they should have Mclaren would have won both 2007 titles and still had the sports best driver in their team. Personally I think both Mclaren AND Alonso lost out big time by Mclaren's inability to handle driver strategies, team politics & all that stuff.

  9. It was a decent year, happy the best guy won. Other than that I think next year will be better due to the presence of an on form for the whole year Stoner, a not-crashing-as-much Lorenzo, a Dovy on a proper bike, and best of all Hayden on a Ducati.

    I think Pedrosa and Honda really need to win next year, and I don't think they will against Stoner/Ducati and Rossi/Yamaha.

    I would love for the Pedrosa/Honda partnership to take 2009... Hey they were do brilliantly well this year until Pedrosa's accident and subsequent injury this season which really lost all momentum and let Rossi pull away. So 2009 is definitely not out of the question!

  10. sure they were in the know, but aint every other team almost guilty of it, they copy and paste designs(thanks Ash), look what happened with the Renault saga end of year. They had the info on cd, those are hard evidence to ignore, with the FIA's leniency towards them.

    But the problem is Alonso misuse of those kind of info(the gas of the tyres), entirely of his own doing, his audacity to challenge the management of Mclaren, his tantrums, attitude and things he said to the media.... a driver just can't behave like that....If Maclaren were guilty of anything, so is Alonso...

    And so was Hamilton guilty in that case!