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  1. Cavallino is special...... short bus special that is!

    otherwise how can you explain he conveniently forgets about Jan. 2008, and the very public apology that Honest Ron had to give Ferrari in order to avoid being expelled from the 08 championship do to the development of no less than 4 systems in the Mclaren 08 car taken from the famous Ferrari dossier, and how does one explain the fact that there where at least 4 senior managers from Mclaren in the know?

    Oh yes because alonso single handlely manages to impersonate Mike, steal the docs, use them t upgrade the car, and nt tell anyone at mclaren......... :lol:

    Cavallino, it must be sad to be you

    Wow, in that case ALonso is even more talented than we give him credit :rolleyes:

  2. Don't care. Liam Gallagher loves them, A member of Guns N Roses loves them, and offered his band for their tour next year to be their live band. The rock music press love them, the tabloid and broadsheet press love them, and clearly enough of the public do since The Promise is the fastest selling single of 2008 so far! 'Nuff said!

    Probably because the girls are Oasis groupies???

    I could never forgive Cheryl from girls Aloud for marrying that Ashley Cole piece of Chav sh!t <_<

  3. Funny thing...


    ... and, in the comments, a fellow writes...

    Nothing new here. Maclaren have always been a one man team. The one man that happens to be Ron Dennis's favourite at the time. It was the same with Hakinnen, Raikonnen (when he drove for them) and these days Hamilton. Their respective team mates never really stood a chance. I'm not a fan of Alonso, but he was the only driver out of all these 'number 2's' who had the balls to stand up to Fuhrer Ron and expose what really goes on within the Maclaren hierarchy. Personally, I hope Hamilton chokes yet again, and Ron gets to eat his words yet again.

    I don't hope that Hamilton chokes or even hope that he loses out. I'm too indifferent about this sorry season to bother. But it's gotta be said that Hamilton better win or else...

    Indeed :congrats:

  4. But you forget what Alonso does when he doesn't get favourable treatment... Ferrari simply don't want that kind of competition from teammates. They prefer the way Massa and Kimi handle situations, and thus have extended their contracts till the end of 2011...

    What, you mean like Massa & Kimi making endless amounts of c0ckups and throwing away the 2008 drivers title?

  5. Hello everybody...

    Well, I have to tell you that I have started a migration program to live in Australia, the process is long and slow, but I think that maybe in a year My familiy and me will be going to live there... The city that the migration agency told me I will go, its going to be Sidney...

    How is the living in Australia? :lol:

    Ecap, Im looking into moving to Sydney myself... I was hoping to move in 2009 but Ive delayed it a bit for various personal reasons.

    I've never been down under (no you pervs, the country), but I have heard good things!

  6. Those are 2 of the best already :thbup: ... Tune in to House on Monday evenings Wez, sort of comedy, but delightfully weird. Other than that, I don't follow much

    Nice one thanks bud! Actually I've heard a lot of good things about house.

  7. The absurdity is not that they've signed Kimi ahead of Alonso, that one can debate but it is understandable I certainly do prefer Kimi to Alonso. But Massa? Massa instead of Alonso? Even the most delusional lewisterics are now screaming up the value of being a WC and the youngest to boot in anticipation of Hamilton's victory... forgetting that it is precisely Alonso who is _right_now_ both.

    Yeah Alonso & Kimi would indeed be a great pairing... Ferrari's best since Jody Schechter & Gille Villeneuve infact!

  8. I wouldn't say you are the angriest member when some of your buddies have spewed all sorts of bigotry...

    But the, again, I really cannot connect with all this anger that fill you guys up, to be honest. I do find it amusing, even funny in some cases, that is quite true.

    You cannot take cavallino serriously, ever. He will say anything to bring attention to himself. Don't forget how much he btched about the low quality of the competition this year to now claim that it proves Hamilton is the fastest driver (ever?) or how he praises Hamilton for being the youngest WC (yet to see) while unable to comprehend that the youngest WC right now is precisely the object of his hateful obsession... Alonso.

    O believe me, I understand ;)

  9. Considering that Ferrari's last hope is to get ahead of Hamilton in Brazil and then hold him back for the field to catch up and force Hamilton to fight for position...

    Considering that Ferrari has become an embarrasment to look at...

    Clearly Ferrari don't infact want to win titles...

    Well the fact that they have resigned Massa and Kimi ahead of Alonso confirms this infact! ^_^