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  1. If Alonso's actions were to justify anyone else's... you would still have to admit that saying things like other drivers have no balls or Hamilton's last tirade is disrespectful. You will have difficulty finding another driver that speaks like that.

    Now you are angry too, deep in some dark hour, and eager to tell the world about it. Well, there you go.

    Difficult as it may be for you to understand, your anger, your hurt, your obsession with Alonso, your insulting Hamilton and worshipping him, your saying one thing and the opposite at once, etc, are only of crucial important to you... I yawn.

    Winning a WC (or two) or being the youngest to do so means nothing if such value is given arbitrarily... which is exactly what you do. But it is that random approach you take what makes you the bore you are.

    It stands, though, that Hamilton lost his cool (if he ever had it) and did it like the cowards do. This is a sad thing and one he will regret. Consider what excuses he will be lining up if he doesn't take the WC... only a fool like you can celebrate things like this.

    High five brother!!!

    Hamilton is just lucky the best driver in F1 is driving a [email protected] French piece of Sh!t, and Ferrari have two over rated drivers...

    Ps. It is funny how the Shumi fans are still so bitter about Alonso sending the big chinned savor out of the sport with his tail between his legs in 2005/2006

    AND now as a result these same supporters are licking Hamiltons a$$. Lovely :lol:

  2. Lewis gets my vote for "Driver of the day" some other good drives on display, but Lewis showed them a clean pair of Bridgestones all weekend and deserved the win.

    But the Mclaren was so fast EVEN Tickey the clown would have won the race driving the car!!! (no wait, Tickey started 5th and didnt finish...)

    BUT seriously, it was by far the fastest car on the day!

    Here's hoping Ferrari continue their dominance of the Brazilian GP as has been the case the last few seasons...

  3. I don't like the whole "We in Europe and USA are poor so you have to help us"

    You want F1 like the millionaires in middle east? Then you have to work hard. Perhaps join the military.

    Go check which Grand Prix's get the biggest attendances to prove my point about who the true fans are!

    Australia had an attendance of 301 000 people over the race weekend of 2007 and yet if Bernie gets his way this GP will soon be axed too.

    Bahrain on the other hand barely got a third of that attendance and yet now Bernie has added yet another race in that region for 2009.

    Please guys, track selection nowadays is all about what suits Uncle Bern and his back pocket...

    If F1 is such a "global sport", why does the 2009 calender have no races on the continents of Africa or North America?

  4. Oh, life in TF1 has been like preaching in the desert. There are many false prophets around here but I see your word is truth. Why don't you send the non believers to hell? :lol:

    Murray first please. :D

    Don't worry buddy I'll be sure to bang some heads together!!! :sp_ike:

  5. That's because real fans were the only ones stupid enough to travel for miles and miles to see the most boring race on the calendar. Spa is almost as remote, but because it's a great track people flock there whether they're obsessive fans or casual fans.

    I don't buy this stuff about the Arabs not being "true" F1 fans. Even a multibillionaire doesn't spend 100 million for no reason. It's just cultural elitism- "we were here first so we're the only TRUE fans. You guys just have more money than sense". It occurs to me that even a multibillionaire doesn't spend 100 million for no reason. In addition, China doesn't have much oil. Nor, come to think of it, does Singapore.

    Magny Cours is gone because it was a crap track which everyone hated. Good riddance to it.

    No, Formula 1 is selling its soul!

    I guarantee you that there are more true formula 1 fans in countries like Canada, France, South Africa & America than any Arab country AND yet....

  6. Did he hit him with it? Lobbing, gozzing, call it what you like, but I hate to see sportsmen spit - I mean, what an example to kids.

    EDIT: Sorry paul, someone had to do it :P

    As far as I can remember it went over the keepers head and into the open goal mouth...

  7. Thank God. Magny Cours is a hellhole.

    Please please please bring back Canada and get rid of the Hungarosh1te.

    BUT... Although it was an average track in an area of France, so remote not even Hitler had any intention of taking it over back in the 1940's... At least it was a track that attracted some REAL formula 1 fans who had a passion for the sport and not a bunch of money thirsty oil tycoons who only want the Grand Prix so they can smile as the cars burn up thousands of liters of oil and increase the Oil/Doller index in front of their eyes B)