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Found 1 result

  1. 2014 Car Designs?

    As a lot of people are, I'm curious as to how the 2014 cars will look and sound, so I thought I'd make a little mock up of how I think the Mclaren may look that year, taking into account the low noses, lowered bulkhead, the possible front rollbar, slightly further forward sidepods and the thought that turbo F1 cars in past years have tended not to have the airbox on top, which may be an option for teams in 2014. From this angle you can't see the other features such as narrower front wings or missing rear Beam Wing, but according to the regulations I imagine the Mclaren might look like this: Now I'm not fully versed in F1 technology or anything, so I have no idea if it'd look anything like this, but I kinda hope it does to be honest because I think it looks rather good actually! (This article explains the changes and such) As for how they might sound, judging by the type of engine, size and power, it could sound pretty similar to this: If anyone else feels like making their own interesting mock-ups then feel free to post them here!