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Short Documentary About Bernd Rosemeyer In German

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The first part is about a race he won where he hit his back wheel on a rock about 2 km from the pit and limped back only to have the wheel fall off about 200 meters out and how he drove into the pit on three wheels.

the second part talks about how he was a house hold name in Germany like Schumi is nowadays and how He would joke sarcastically that his wife had it easy with her stunt flying because driving is much harder.

The third part is about how he first broke the land speed record and then was killed a year later when he did his run even though he was warned of the windy conditions

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no, but they did say that were beasts to drive because often times races would be 4 or 5 hours long and drivers would end up with bloody hands from the vibrations of the steering wheel

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Cool ...

Rosemeyer was a fantastic driver, the only one to trully master the mid engine Auto Unions.

Fangio complaining about vibrations of his car in the 1950s would seem like a crybaby, ditto for Clark and the peaky-ness of the DFV.

The greatest drivers were in the 1930s, those the titans, everyone that followed were at least one step bellow them.

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There were many people living together in a one-block

complex. One of the wives complained to her husband, (wow power leveling,)

"Look here! All of our neighbors' husbands call their wives

such sweet and romantic names.(wow power leveling,)

You never call me one like that."

So the husband said, "What do they call their wives?

I never heard anything!" (wow power leveling,)

The wife said, "The one who lives on our right,

he calls his wife 'apple pie'. The one who lives next

to him calls his wife 'sweet cherry blossom'. (wow power leveling,)

The one who lives to the left of us calls his wife 'rosemary'.

(It's a very fragrant kind of spice you put into your food.)

The one next to him, calls his wife 'my lovely pizza'.(wow power leveling,)

The other one says, 'Oh my diamond, my glorious diamond'.

And you! You never call me anything so sweet

and romantic like that!" (maple story mesos,)

So the husband shook his head and said,

"I am sorry, but the one who lives on the right,

he is a baker. The one next to him is a gardener,

he plants Japanese cherries. The one who calls his (maple story mesos,)

wife 'rosemary', grows herbs! And the other one calls his

wife 'diamond' because he is a jeweler. I cannot! I am

a shoe-repairer. I can't call you 'my broken shoe'. " (maple story mesos,)

It was good that he wasn't a coffin-maker. Otherwise,

he called her, 'my solid coffin' to give her the

sweetest name that she desired

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