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1945-1965 Grand Prix Car History

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From the 1987 documentary about the great dominant cars from Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati and Cooper witch wrote Grand Prix racing history :

I. The front engined evolution

1] The Italian Jobs - about the domination of the italian red cars

- the great domination of Alfa-Romeo till 1950; all those without an Alfetta where hopeless

- then the successful Ferrari challenge in 51

- the switch to F2 regulation for the World Championship leads to the total domination of Ferrari/Ascari (moreso then even the Schumacher/Ferrari domination)

- the formula will be changed for 54 and an old name returns

2] Well, they're back - about the domination of the german silver arrows

- new formula, 2.5 litre NA

- MB return and in 54 and 55 (with a few exceptions) totally trash the field, just like in the good old days of the 1930s after the death of Auto Union's Bernd Rosemeyer

- they introduce mechanical direct injection, windtunnel streamlined bodies; and where planning to use 4WD system witch allowed front wheel auto-gearing to a form of mechanical traction control - launch control

- for those not driving a silver car it's quite hopeless

II. The mid engined revolution

3] The Funny Cars - about the domination of the british mid-engined green funny cars

- after MB withdraws, the italian domination resumes but some funny cars unlike anything seen since before WWII apear

- 1959 the front engined brigade headed by Ferrari (but also including Aston-Martin, BRM) don't seem able to keep up with some small underpowered funny cars powered a water-pump engine positioned in the wrong place

- 1960 the "revolution continues" the funny cars from Cooper (T51, and new T53) and now also Lotus (the mark 19; with fully adjustable suspensions) now totally destroy the stubborn front engined boys;

- but the lack of reliability from Lotus means that Cooper cars dominate even moreso then in 1959

- for those not driving a mid-engined car the situation is completly hopeless

- 1961 Monaco, a new 1.5 litre NA formula, almost the entire field of funny cars, the "revolution" has triumphed

- 1964/65 talks about a new formula - the return to power

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